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    j7wild Guest

    Exclamation JPG not showing in full size.

    Pick any threads in the Babe forum.

    Pick any thumbnail image including any posted a while back and click on them and the browser only opens the thumbnails but doesn't open the full size image.

    Like the last set of photos in the Berenice Marlohe thread I just posted.

    I posted that same set with the same forum links in 2 other forums and they do show up as full size images when you click on the thumbnails, but not here.

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    Works fine for me.

    Thumbnail pic and the full size pic opens in two new tabs.

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    j7wild Guest
    It's Chrome!

    Chrome is only opening the tab with the thumbnail.

    What the?

    It has never done that before!

    It usually just opens the full size images and I never see a tab with the thumbnail.

    But I go to the 2 other websites where I posted these same images and Chrome opens them in full size using only one tab without showing me the thumbnails.

    Thanks Haazhel!

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    j7wild Guest
    It's not chrome.

    It's movie-list.

    It doesn't do it on any other websites with IE, Firefox or Chrome.

    For example, when I click on the IMDB logo in one of Jacques' posted trailer page, it wants to open the IMDB page in a new pop up window.

    So I will have 2 pages when I click on the IMDB link in this trailer page:

    1st page without opening a new window, in the same browser tabs:

    2nd page in a new pop up window:

    Same if I try to click on the Facebook or Twitter logos at that page.

    That's why the full size images wouldn't show when I clicked on the thumbnails.

    It wanted to open the full size image in a new pop up window also and the pop-up blocker was blocking it.

    Also, movie-list is the only website that when I click on the thumbnail, it opens a page in the same tabbed browsing for the thumbnail.

    The others sites I go to when I click on a thumbnail, it just opens the full size image in a the same tabs without opening the thumbnail page too.

    So it tries to open 2 pages each time I click on a thumbnail: one for the thumbnail image and then a new pop up page for the full size image.

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    If you're talking about clicking on the IMDB/Facebook etc... icons in my posts, then that's always been like that.
    I use Firefox, and from day one it always opened 2 tabs, the first with the Icon hosted at Imgur, and a second tab with the IMDB page.
    I'm sure there's a better way to do it, but that's the only way I know how using the tools provided in this forum.

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