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Thread: Seems Quiet

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    Question Seems Quiet

    Just thought I'd mention that the activity on the boards has gone way down in recent months. People finding other things to do? No good movies to talk about?
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    j7wild Guest
    I've been posting but many of my posts of late seems to either get edited or disappear mysteriously.

    There is a censorship gremlin in the forum.

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    Apart from j7wild's valid censorship gremlin issue, most of the traffic is on the main page of which no membership is required.
    Comments can be posted through various social networks and mobile devices which is the trend.

    As for the Forum, you don't need to be a member either to view, only to contribute, and for the most part the sources for trailers have dried up, by switching to secure streaming, Apple links being restricted in the forum further complicates matters. There are alternatives, but it is time consuming and most cannot be bothered when it can easily be obtained elsewhere without work.
    Personally, I reduced posting new threads for over a year now to focus on the VOB's and M2TS threads, one reason being "Time", and another being "Appreciation".

    Pick any new thread started by a member other than myself in the Trailer News and see how many people "Thanked" the posting member, a little appreciation goes a long way.

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