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    j7wild Guest

    Exclamation Forum Exclusives Subscription

    Says I have to pay $5 to renew it to see the Members Submitted VOB and Blu-Ray trailers threads?

    But I can still see the VOB thread and open it to see the latest VOB Jacques and I posted.

    Is it not supposed to open for me or is it not supposed to open for new members?

    So if I don't pay $5, I won't be able to post new VOB trailers?

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    Some of the regular VOB, M2TS & Re-muxed thread "Posting" members have been granted free access for their regular participation.
    Personally I'm not 100% sure how it works since the MOD screen is slightly different than a regular view, but to my understanding it is free to browse and to post, but you need to have a paid subscription to DL anything from the "Exclusive" Section".

    So in short, if you can DL trailers from the "Exclusives", you are good, otherwise you need a subscription.

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    Part right.
    Contributing members have been given free access.
    Others can browse, but not view the actual posts (with the download link) until they purchase a subscription.

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