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    Most influential VFX Movies Compilation (80s onwards)

    Cinema lovers: spot the movies
    This is a compilation of the most influential VFX movies from the 80s onwards. It consists of 4 intense minutes that will challenge your memory and arouse your emotions. Try to enjoy it and spot as many films as you can. Itís been created with the love and affection that only a cinema enthusiast can have. Turn the volume up & display full screen mode for a deluxe experience.

    If you hadnít enough, here you have an extended version of it. 10í30″ of an absolute visual pleasure.

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    j7wild Guest


    I went through the extended version.

    Impressive effort at putting together a video montage.


    Some frames from the same movies kept repeating itself like 2012 and Matrix and Clash Of The Titans.

    Yet the maker of that video left out classic movies that defined SFX and VFX like 2001 and Terminator and Raiders Of The Lost Ark and Jaws and the original Star Wars Trilogy!

    Not sure why he only picked movies from after the 80's.

    Many of today's movies would not have made if it weren't for the Special Effects technological advances set by 2001 and Lucasfilm and the Terminator/

    These I couldn't figure out which films they are from:


    King Kong 2005?

    The Pianist? Or is it Stalingrad or Enemy At The Gates?

    These I don't even have a slight ioda of an idea:

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