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    Lightbulb MSG & TIP to Mark Strube posts

    hey, no offend, but u like making a way too many threads this days. why not open just like january, february, march etc. thread (see Kn'thrak & Apple thread) & put there your links to whatever trailer u post. THANKS...

    I mean: i'm thinking to merge all your threads into one. really.

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    Well, the way I see it, there's always a new thread in here whenever someone finds a new trailer or a new trailer is on the web... that's pretty much the way I'm doing it right now, it avoids confusion and people can see right away when they visit the forum if I've encoded a new trailer. Lets see what JP thinks. ::summons JP to thread:: hehe
    Another idea would be to make a sub-category within trailer news, just containing the forum-exclusive trailers. Can this be done JP?
    Or even ANOTHER idea... maybe make another forum maybe called something like "Forum Exclusives" that will be members only and just be mine and anyone else's forum exclusive movie previews and maybe movie-related music videos even.
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