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    movie collectables

    yeah, i know its been awhile. long time, no see. i lurk every now and then. good to see forum is still (kinda) alive ...

    anyway, my question : i was the projectionist at a movie theater back in the early 2000s ... so i have a few vinyl movie banners and some authentic movie marquees (movie posters that are translucent for the light box) and im thinking of selling them, but i dont know where nor do i know the value of these banners/posters.

    besides ebay/etsy ... where would be a good place to sell these at ??

    also, i also have a few actual 35mm trailers from various movies then, star wars ep3, spiderman 2, LOTR, etc ... is there even a market for this stuff or have i been holding on to this for no reason ??

    any help is appreciated.
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    Long Time redbear, hope all is well.
    Yeah, times have changed, people just don't have time and resources have dwindled in respect to encode sources.

    As for movie collectibles, it's a toss, it all depends on the features.
    Star Wars for one is always in demand, I always see tons of stuff listed on eBay.
    You can always list it in a lot, but that's about the extent of my knowledge on Movie Memorabilia.

    You can always try listing it in this thread, who knows.

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