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    Past Tense

    [An earlier version of this PT was originally posted on September 14th, 2012 and March 19th, 2015 on JoBlo's "DVD, Blu-Ray & Home Theater Discussion" forum.]

    This week we get some cannabis, but it's purely medicinal *cough cough* in "Weeds"...

    "Weeds: Season Two" was released on home video on July 24th, 2007.

    It streeted against "Tod McFarlane’s Spawn: 10th Anniversary Signature Edition - The Animated Collection", "Benson: The Complete First Season", "Live Free Or Die Hard: Unrated" and "The Monster Squad: Two-Disc 20th Anniversary Edition".

    There were three inserts. The first is an episode listing. Next was an ad for the companion book "In The Weeds". The last was a rebate for $25.00 if you subscribe to Showtime; from July 27th, 2007 to March 31st, 2008.

    - - -

    There was a single exclusive from Target, a forty-eight page booklet, a sampler of a larger publication, "In The Weeds: The Official Guide To The Showtime Series" by Kera Bolonik.

    This came inside the slipcover, in fact the slipcover was thicker to accommodate the booklet.

    What you see above is pretty much the same cover as the main book, just narrower (I was going to include the image, but it's the same picture). The book (288 pages), softcover was published by Simon Spotlight Entertainment on August 7th, 2007 for $17.95.

    Anyhow, back to the exclusive, this set sold for $27.99.

    I remember buying the DVD. My store only had four copies. And I got glitter bombed (not brownied). I bought this on release day, took it to the car to inspect. Removed the plastic wrap and opened it up. Splash. There was dust/debris; the plastic equivalent of saw dust. EVERYWHERE. I had to get out of car and shake it off. I took out the discs and wiped them clean (both DVDs were mint) and clean out the digipack.

    Don't know what happened; if I was just unfortunate or if others had the same pixy soot.

    By the way, am I the only one getting a creepy vibe off that pix? She looks sinister, 'take a bite'.

    - - - - - - - - - -


    This became a short PT, so I'm gonna beef it up. Delicious filler!

    You think you've seen everything of a particular show, then something pops up that makes you pull a 'whahh!'

    Like when I found out there were a string of "I Love Lucy" (1951 - 1957; CBS) episodes I never saw before; part a mini post-season, one hour programs.

    I had another one of those moments in late December 2014, the 28th to be exact - that anal.

    Goofing off, I discover something I never heard of before. A long dead show called "Dusty's Trail" (1973 - 1974; syndication).

    What is it?

    It's "Gilligan's Island" (1964 - 1967; CBS) 2.0.

    You can't have three snakes in your hand and expect to make gravy.
    - Bret

    Take the famous show's concept and move it into the old west, circa 1870s.

    Not shipwrecked on an island, but lost in a journey; wagon and stage coach are separated from their main wagon train on their way to California. I'll let their theme song explain (written by Ross Schwartz; he co-wrote the "Gilligan" theme)...

    Let's follow the path of Dusty's Trail
    Oh, Dusty's trail, Dusty's Trail
    A stage and a wagon a-headin' West
    Part of a wagon train lost from the rest

    Dusty's the reason for their plight
    Thanks' to Dusty nothin's right
    Only the Wagonmaster's hand
    Keeps 'em a-rollin' to the promised land

    Oh, the goin' gets mighty rough
    But they don't seem to mind
    It's Californ-i-a
    That's the place they must find

    Deserts and rocks are in their way
    But they won't stop, come what may
    Mountains and hills that they must scale
    But they know they'll make it
    'Cause they just can't fail
    On Dusty's Trail

    Who's in the cast?

    You have Dusty played by Bob Denver who is rehashing his previous Willie Gilligan role.

    Forrest Tucker plays Mr. Callahan, their wagon master; a.k.a. "The Skipper", Jonas Grumby.

    You have Bostonian millionaire and his wife in Mr. Carson Brookhaven (Ivor Francis) and Mrs. Daphne (Lynn Wood); Thurston Howell III and Eunice Lovelle Wentworth Howell.

    There is Andy Boone (William Cort) a civil engineer; a.k.a. Professor Roy Hinkley.

    A country schoolteacher from Iowa, Betsy McGuire (Lori Saunders); Mary Ann Summers.

    And rounding out the cast is Jeannine Riley as Lulu McQueen, a dance-hall girl; Ginger Grant

    The show was created by Sherwood Schwartz. Yes, the same guy who did "Gilligan's Island". He tried to recapture his success with a reboot. Twenty-six episodes were made (though the original intent was thirty, but it got canceled), all aired. The half hour show was broadcast on 7:30PM on Tuesdays in syndication.

    "Dusty's Trail" hasn't been seen much; the total episode number is low - stations prefer a hundred episodes for rereun broadcasts.

    Oh yeah, those images above are from a YouTube video I downloaded.

    The only characters with any depth and I use that term loosely is Callahan and Dusty. The rest of the cast is so ultra generic. Like you're watching the beloved characters from "Gilligan's Island" being played by models from the Sears catalog. They could be played by different actors each week and it probably wouldn't make a difference.

    The complete series hasn't come out on home video. It has fallen into public domain. There was a DVD set (from Brentwood Home Video; 2004) holding seventeen episodes. It appears that the remaining shows have become lost to time.

    This show should have a proper release by Timeless Media Group if they can find the remaining nine.

    So what where some of these episodes?

    An indian chief sees a birthmark on Dusty and believe the idiot is his long lost son. So what to do? Kidnap Dusty to bring the guy back to the tribe - to return to Native American life.

    The gang runs into a traveling magician who gives them a free show. Why? Easy, the assistant is attempting to steal all their valuables.

    Their small wagon train has taken a break from their travels. Gathering supplies Dusty discovers the gang is situated over a volcano, but on the way to tell his friends - Dusty fall on a rock and develops amnesia.

    While out and about to Californ-i-a, they find a young woman. She is brought to their camp and odd things start happening, leading them to believe she's a witch.

    Looking for a route through some mountains, the gang encounter a murderous outlaw on the lam.

    Could go on, but you get the general idea. This IS "Gilligan's Island" 2.0.

    In fact there was a "Gilligan's Island" 3.0 produced in 1982, "Gilligan's Planet" (CBS). A cartoon show by Filmation, thirteen half hour episodes were made - all aired. This has an official release; M.O.D. (DVD-R) from Warner Archive Collection in 2014.

    I'll make it short; the Professor builds a rocket out of wood and various jungle items. The hope is the launch from the island back to civilization, but they end up being shipwrecked once again... on another planet.

    Okay then.

    One more thing. A conspiracy theory that the show, "Gilligan's Island" is about the seven deadly sins.

    Skipper: Wrath
    Gilligan: Gluttony
    Ginger: Lust
    Professor: Pride
    Mr. Howell: Greed
    Mrs. Howell: Sloth
    Mary Ann: Envy

    It kinda, kinda makes sense.

    - - - - - - - - - -

    Just Because.

    You're welcome. Mary-Louise Parker as Nancy Price Botwin; season four promo pix.

    Next PT will have an exclusive that's twelve years old.

    A long, long road to my collection.

    Have a hint...

    There you go, the next Past Tense will flop down on December 22nd, 2016. And for your information, no Funyuns needed. But you can if you want.
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    Wal-Mart - November 6th, 2016

    The Secret Life Of Pets
    Exclusive gift set; BD/DVD/DC combo with 3 mini clasp characters $22.96
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    Target - December 13th, 2016

    Suicide Squad
    Exclusive digi-book packaging with lenticular cover; BD/DVD/DC combo $24.99

    Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculair Children
    Exclusive bracelet; BD/DVD/DC combo $19.99

    The Secret Life Of Pets
    Free pet toy figure with BD/DVD/DC combo $22.99
    (in toy area)

    - - - - - - - - - - -


    "Sing - Soundtrack" with 2 exclusive bonus tracks $13.99
    "John Legend - Darkness And Light" with 3 exclusive bonus tracks $13.99
    "Neil Diamond - Acoustic Christmas" with 2 exclusive bonus tracks $12.99
    "Amy Grant - Tennessee Christmas" with 2 exclusive bonus tracks $9.99
    "Straight No Chaser - I'll Have Another Christmas Album" with 2 exclusive bonus tracks $8.99
    "Bon Jovi - This House Is Not For Sale" with 3 excluive bonus tracks $13.99
    "Moana - Soundtrack" with 2 exclusive coloring cards $11.99
    "Sia - This Is Acting" with 2 exclusive bonus tracks $11.99

    "Idina Menzel - Idina" with 2 exclusive bonus tracks $9.99
    "Brett Eldredge - Glow" with 3 exclusive bonus tracks $8.99
    (free $5.00 gift card with purchase of 2 select CDs)

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    Best Buy - December 13th, 2016

    Suicide Squad
    Exclusive graphic novel; BD/DVD/DC combo $34.99
    Exclusive steelbook; 4K BD/BD/DC combo $34.99

    - - - - - - - - - -

    CD - available 12/16/16

    "Rush - 2112: 40th Anniversary Edition" with DVD and exclusive lenticular cover sticker $37.99

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    Target - December 20th, 2016

    The Magnificent Seven (2016)
    Exclusive bonus disc (format unknown); BD $19.99

    Free Orville Redenbacher 6-pack popcorn with purchase; BD/DVD/DC combo $24.99 or DVD $15.99

    - - - - - - - - - -

    CDs available now

    "Garth Brooks - The Ultimate Collection" box set with 2 exclusive bonus tracks $25.00
    "John Legend - Darkness And Light" with 3 exclusive bonus tracks $13.99
    "The Weeknd - Starboy" with exclusive bonus track $11.99

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    Best Buy - December 20th, 2016

    The Magnificent Seven (2016)
    Exclusive steelbook; 4K BD/BD combo $29.99

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    Past Tense - Quest Of The Heart Part I

    This time out we go on vacation; visiting notable European locales with unintended shenanigans in "Eurotrip"...

    The motion picture opened on February 20th, 2004. It was made with a budget of $25,000,000 (estimated) and grossed over $17 million during its U.S. theatrical run; counting foreign receipts it made $156,822,020. The film opened number five at the box office, the following week it dropped to number seven.

    The feature opened against "The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King", "Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen" and "Mystic River".

    The original release came with no inserts of any kind nor any slipcover.

    And yeah, just like Kate Nauta, Michelle Trachtenberg's bosoms were embiggened for the poster.

    - - -

    There was a single exclusive.

    From Best Buy, a bonus disc. It came a printed sleeve under the wrapping on the back of the case.

    This pre-dates my archive so I have no store ad. But I can definitively say it sold for $17.99 on street; June 1st, 2004. The bonus has a run time of 24:52 minutes. And is presented in full screen.

    The "Eurotrip Shooting Script" is exactly as named; still frames of the screenplay.

    There were three DVD versions of the movie.

    R - Full Screen
    R - Widscreen (anamorphic)
    UR - Widscreen (anamorphic)

    Unless I'm mistaken, the exclusive was available for the theatrical and unrated editions.

    The unrated cut is two minutes longer then theatrical at ninety-two minutes, various bits of naughtiness.

    - - - - - - - - - -


    One of my favorite quotes in the entire film happens in the end (unrated version), during the credits...

    If you do not wish to have your valuables stolen, I suggest destroying them or discarding them right now. You can also try hiding your valuables in your anus. This will deter some - but of course not all thieves. Once you are inside, the doors are chained and locked from the outside. They will not be opened again until morning, no matter what. Should a fire occur due to our faulty wiring or the fireworks factory upstairs you will be incinerated... along with the valuables that you have hidden in your anus.

    Tips are greatly appreciated.
    - Hostel Clerk

    I watched this at a friends house; we were laughing our asses off. But that happened for real... mostly.

    On May 13th, 2000 in Enschede, a city in Netherlands there was a fireworks factory explosion, killing twenty-three; nine hundred and forty-seven were injured. So huge was the blast and subsequent fire that it took down four hundred homes AND damaged fifteen hundred buildings.

    Estimates have the explosion(s) the equivalent of five thousand kilogram of TNT. It was felt nineteen miles away. It effectively wiped the neighborhood of Roombeek off the map.

    SE Fireworks was an importer; fireworks from China. They sold the products to concerts and various festivals in the Netherlands. A hundred acres around the former warehouse were obliterated. Looks like they haphazardly stored two containers outside with roughly a hundred and seventy-seven tons of fireworks in them. A fire broke out in the warehouse then ignited the ones illegally deposited outside.


    The accident is known as "Vuurwerkramp".

    - - -

    My lovers, my team and dreaming in between. I hear the future is calling me.
    - Mystery Skulls

    Yeah, I should, though I shouldn't have to.

    But some might be in the dark.

    The story centers on Scotty Thomas (Scott Mechlowicz) a kid who just graduated from high school. He is immediately dumped by his girlfriend Fiona (Kristin Kreuk). Trying to cheer him up, his best friend Cooper Harris taken him to a graduation party. There he finds Fiona dancing on stage with the playing band. He finds out through song that the lead singer Donny (Matt Damon) had been screwing his girl behind his back.

    On his front lawn.

    While he's on the phone with her.

    On his birthday.

    He goes home dunk and pissed. And finds an email from his German pen pal, Mieke. Who wants to meet him and make things better. Scotty gets weird out thinking that Mike wants a sexy gay rendezvous. And writes back telling him to go away. It is his younger brother (Nial Iskhakov) who points out that Mike is a common name in Germany for a girl (Jessica Boehrs). Oh crap. He wants to fix the matter, but she has blocked his email.

    Wanting to be more - be spontaneous; which lead Fiona to cheat on him. Scotty embarks on a quest to find this girl and apologize in person. Cooper, curious to see what could happen decides to tag along. With little money the duo travel from Hudson, Ohio to London as couriers.

    Things soon go wrong and the friends end up in Paris where they find the (fraternal) twins, Jenny (Michelle Trachtenberg) and Jamie (Travis Wester) Sherman. Classmates who are on their Summer vacation in Europe before going to college.

    The twins decide to join Scotty on his voyage to Germany. A series misadventures happen to the group as they trek from country to country, getting closer to the goal...

    Only to reach her home to discover that Mieke has left for Rome.

    Now the race is on to reach Italy before her tour group leaves by sea - no chance to see her.

    Yes, there is a happy ending. And yeah, that kind of happy ending too. *smile*

    I'm leaving out a lot of things. It's a simple film with lots of silly travel vignettes and nudity.

    The film got a bad shake from its advertising. It was portrayed in the same light as "American Pie" (1999). This turned off folks who didn't want to see a gross-out comedy. Those who did see it who were fans of the genre left disappointed.

    It isn't.

    As mentioned in the ads, "From The Producers Of ROAD TRIP [2000] And OLD SCHOOL [2003]." A film I didn't care for and another I hated, not in that order. These things did not encourage me to seek it out. In fact I didn't buy "Eurotrip" until July of 2006 (yes, I'm that anal).

    I really enjoyed it.

    It's just under, over-the-top. The characters were well drawn, likable and charming. The situations are ridicules. And lots of nudity. Looking back, the film has the same flavor as Sex Drive, a previous Past Tense. Both are cut from the same clothe and recommended. *nods*
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    [repeated post]

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    Past Tense - Quest Of The Heart Part II

    What I especially liked was the Cooper character, the horn dog. He normal and easy going. Far removed from the later type, the Jonah Hill role in "Superbad" (2007). Seth was an a-hole and an unlikable bastard. Among other unlikeable characters (minus one - McLovin [Christopher Mintz-Plasse]). I can not for the life of me understand why this movie is beloved. And yes, it bothers the hell out of me; comparing "Superbad" to John Hughes films.

    Hughes movies were about growing up and becoming part a larger community. The characters in "Superbad" didn't learn a god damn thing!

    Jackass behavior plus obscenity mixed with douchebaggery does not equal comedy. And you do not root for them. They are the ones who fall, succumb to their well earned comeuppance. When did we rally behind the contemptible fraternity head?

    *deep sigh*

    - - - - - - - - - -


    Gonna be talking about the unrated widescreen.

    The ID number on the first pressing is #91694 as seen on the spine. It was repressed LATER that month as #91886. The wraparound is slightly different. The original has sharp corners, the repressing has curved. Changes?

    The artwork on the disc was axed on the repressing which was a red bikini top resting on the sign that reads 'Nude Beach'. The new art is a gray background with the disc specs and studio info in silver.

    Why? A couple of reasons.

    Penis problems on the featurette "Nude Beach Exposed".

    Behind-the-scenes footage is shown were the guys are in France at the nude beach, running up the hill. Only actor Jacob Pitts (Cooper) was nude. The other two had codpieces; for a couple of seconds this was apparent. The re-release cuts it out; perhaps the studio didn't want that nudity. I can confirmed (I have both DVDs now), this is genuine. Don't give me that look, it was for research.

    And two (mainly), there was a technical problem with the menus.

    Initially the "Green Fairy" could only be heard and not seen in portions of the menus. We updated the menus so that the "Green Fairy" was visually represented whenever the character's audio played.
    - Official Statement

    There appears to have been a quiet recall at the time. As far as I know, there wasn't a disc replacement program.

    Thought you might want to know. And before you ask. No, this isn't a collector's item - just an oddity.

    - - -

    On February 21st, 2014 (sponsored by Creature Features), the ArcLight Hollywood (theater) in... Hollywood held a sold-out, 10th anniversary screening of the movie. The event was moderated by Kevin Smith. Present were the writers/directors: David Mandel, Alec Berg and Jeff Schaffer.

    There was a cast reunion; stars Mechlowitz, Pitts, Trachtenberg, Wester, Steve Hytner, Molly Schade, J.P. Manoux along with members of the band Lustra (who played "Scotty Doesn't Know") were in attendance.

    From right to left; Smith, Schaffer, Berg, Mandel, Hytner (Green Fairy), Trachtenberg, Mechlowitz, Wester, Pitts and Manoux (pantomime robot - not Rob Schneider). To his left appears to be actor Thomas Lennon, fellow unknown (sorry) and what appears to be actor Jim Rash. On the far left is Schade (Candy, girl in the hot tub).

    There was a Q&A for fans. It sounds like a super sway event. I hope it was recorded for a later deluxe edition (DVD and BD). *shrugs*

    Why Kevin Smith? The feature was scored by James L. Venable - who is a regular collaborator, his films.

    - - -

    At the screening there were stories of unproduced scenes and story lines...

    While at Club Vandersexxx Cooper was an unknowing participant in a porno. He was secretly filmed.

    Once the gang is living rich in Bratislava (exchange rate on the dollar), Cooper is searching for porn on the hotel's cable. He finds himself. Scotty comes in and ask 'is that you?' 'Yeah!', Cooper quite proud of himself.

    This next was axed from one of the early drafts, Club Vandersexxx replaces it - Anne Frank sex scene.

    A huge misunderstanding; Cooper is looking for a brothel and finds a flyer for "The Secret Room". He tracks down the locale and sees a line to get in. Not wanting to wait, he finds some stairs in the back and enters. He finds a bedroom and gets undress, all ready for some action. Then notices there's a mannequin there. From outside he hears...

    A tour guide saying that a wheelchair woman coming down the hall is Anne Frank’s only living relative. This is not a whorehouse, it's the Anne Frank museum. He's panicking (still naked), not enough time to get dress they're coming in, in seconds. So he uses the mannequin to cover his privates as he sits. The tour comes in to see Cooper; nude with the Anne mannequin who's bent over - on his lap.

    It would've stayed in, but Steven Spielberg killed it. Spielberg is part owner of the DreamWorks (one of three). His name is on the real Anne Frank museum and did not to be associated with the raunchy teen flick.

    Sold at the event were exclusive Club Vandersexxx t-shirts as seen above. The back reads: "The Safeword Is" with the impossible to pronounce Dutch word.

    Man, I have not looked at a cymbal-banging monkey toy in the same way since - poor Cooper.

    The filmmakers revealed that DreamWorks's head of marketing (at the time) was trying to con folks into believing that this was a sequel to their successful movie "Road Trip". That was their proposed marketing campaign, they wanted Tom Green for the teaser. Fortunately that did not happen.

    One of the producers offered extra cash if Trachtenberg would go topless. She declined. This same person also wanted a PG-13 version of the film. The demand was ignored, it would take too long to reshoot scenes with tamer material.

    And the reason why Jeffrey Tambor (Mr. Thomas; an uncredited part) and Matt Damon (Donny) have cameos is sheer luck. Both actors were in Prague filming other movies; Tambor for "Hellboy" (2004) and Damon for "The Brothers Grimm" (2005). Their parts were filmed on their day off.

    The band, Lustra came up the term/slang "Czech-stras" (Czech-extras) all the foreign extras; "Eurotrip" was shoot in Prague as well.

    This was Molly Schade's first film.

    The film's original name was "Ugly Americans". Other names considered were "40 Days Abroad" and "What A Frau Wants".

    - - -

    The film was released on Blu-Ray; December 3rd, 2013 for $19.98.

    Fans were upset, this is NOT the unrated version - theatrical only. Gone for obvious reason is the 'party' commentary; Mandel, Berg and Schaffer get drunk while watching the movie. And yeah, I would've preferred a drunken cast commentary. Would've been cute to hear a plastered Trachtenberg (recorded outside the States since she would've been underage age for drinking at the time).

    Gone are "Nude Beach Exposed", "How To Pick A Director", "Eurotrip Bootleg" featurettes. Plus the extra, "Unrated And Naked Scene Index", jump to the nudity.

    Also missing is "Production Notes", "Script", "Cast" and "Filmmakers" extras. Along with a photo gallery.

    The Blu-Ray does have something that the DVD is lacking, the film's trailer.

    - - -

    There's a stinger at the conclusion of the end credits...

    Candy (Schade) is still trying to rub that smudge off her breast.

    - - - - - - - - - -

    Easter Egg.

    There is a hidden behind-the-scenes gallery on the Unrated edition; fifty images.

    Special Features -> page 2 -> Production Notes -> press up; highlight 'no photography symbol' - ENTER.

    Wanna know something? The places presented here are past tense. It's now a new Europe with the massive influx of migrants.

    Anyhow, thought it would be nice to have a Past Tense entry with an item from the early days of exclusives. The bonus disc was nearly a decade in the getting. I've been trying to buy one off Ebay; looking off and on for years. It was only in mid-January of 2015, that I finally got lucky. *click* Won it for less than five bucks!

    I knew about the bonus when it first came out. As mentioned before, I started collecting DVDs in 2003. Didn't have the money at the time and it soon sold out; not much more to do. I recall seeing an open copy; someone had cut up the wrapping and pulled the bonus out.

    - - - - - - - - - -

    Just Because.

    Here's a behind-the-scenes pix of Ms. Trachtenberg. She was seventeen at the time, you pervs.

    And this closes the year, I have so much more to cover in 2017 with brand new entries too! See you next year on January 5th - with Disaster Month! Two movies with large scale cataclysms.

    Have a safe and entertaining Christmas and New Year. Drink responsibly.
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    [repeated post]

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    Best Buy - December 26th, 2016

    Jason Bourne: 5 Movie Collection (available now)
    Exclusive 4K BD/BD combo $79.99

    The Hunger Games Collection (available now)
    Exclusive 4K BD/BD combo $74.99

    - - - - - - - - -

    CDs - available now

    "Rush - 2112: 40th Anniversary Edition" with DVD and exclusive lenticular cover sticker $37.99
    "Soundgarden - Badmotorfinger 25th Anniversary" with exclusive vinyl album $16.99
    "Alter Bridge - The Last Hero" with exclusive lenticular cover and bonus track $12.99

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    Past Tense - Doin' The Truffle Shuffle Part I

    We kick off 2017 with a brand new entry! Prepare to get all wobbly despite having a Rock foundation in San Andreas...

    The motion picture opened on May 29th, 2015. It was made with a budget of $110,000,000 (estimated) and grossed over $155 million during its U.S. theatrical run; counting foreign receipts it made $473,990,832. The film opened number one at the box office, the following week it dropped to number two.

    The feature opened against "Aloha", "Mad Max: Fury Road", "Pitch Perfect 2" and "Avengers: Age Of Ultron".

    This release came in three DVD versions, two single discs and a two disc special edition - which I'm covering. No slipcover was issued for them or insert.

    - - -

    Welcome to "Disaster Month" where I'll cover exclusives to catastrophe themed movies. Indeed!

    Let's begin with a good shake...

    The DVDs (and BDs) streeted on October 13th, 2015. The two disc DVD set retailed $28.98. There was no store exclusive for it at the time. It did have the same extras on both formats, which is good.

    The exclusive happened later during a promotional period for Father's Day.

    Wal-Mart added a slipcover on May 10th, 2016 for the two disc edition. The re-release as it were, sold for $9.96.

    The slipcover was matted and not embossed. The back mirrors the DVD rear. The idea here is simple; you fill out the blank spot on it as a gift for the holiday. The store has a history of slapping similar slipcovers for Holidays like Mother's Day, Valentine and such; done for years (and will be the topic of future Past Tense).

    In fact the store did it again this past Halloween ('16) with new glow in the dark slipcovers for existing single disc, Universal horror movies: "Child's Play" (1988), "An American Werewolf In London" (1981), "Halloween" (1978), "Phantom Of The Opera" (1943), "Frankenstein" (1931), "Bride Of Frankenstein" (1935), "Dracula" (1931), "Dracula" (1979), "The Mummy" (1932), "Creature From The Black Lagoon" (1954), "The Wolfman" (1941) and "The Invisible Man" (1933). For both DVD and BD. Yeah, now doing it Blu-Ray too.

    The slipcovers has a stylized image of the monster in red, green and yellow on a black background and glows green under the right conditions. When I say that, I mean each slipcover has one of those colors, not a mixture. Being a collector, I took home the ones for '79 "Dracula" and "Phantom". Haven't decided yet, these could be future write-ups.

    Yup, if you were expecting a better exclusive this outing, you might as well close this window. *nods*

    - - - - - - - - - -


    There is a serious issue here.

    As I wrote there are three DVD editions. The problem is that none of them told what it was.

    Can you see it?

    What's missing?

    Which edition is which??? If you didn't know better, you could take home the single disc edition not knowing there is a better version for sale. Whoever did the DVD cover art should be smacked - lacking vital information.

    You know which one, since you saw the exclusive slipcover.

    Now I want to address something that I suspect, but am not 100% sure. Wal-Mart has a history of selling a single disc edition if there was a two disc sets from Warner Bros. - which this is. It could be that the DVD on the right is another store exclusive. I never bothered with it, so I can't say for certain. I don't even know their price. I can say it streeted on the same date. And tell you the back had no listing for extras, bare bones. I remember read it.

    Wait, the DVD on the right did come with an extra, instructions for the digital copy; UltraViolet. Didn't buy it, so I can't give an expiration date.

    There is other, I saw the above at Best Buy, also on street. Sorry, I don't know the price either. The difference here is that it has a single extra, commentary by director Brad Payton.

    I suspect this is disc one on the two disc set.

    Why was it done this way? The lack of clarity is either incompetence, stupidity or some kind of store logic to trick people into buy their copy.

    No real answers. But it things get further muddled. *shakes head*

    "San Andreas: The Next Megaquake" is a BBC documentary. It streeted on May 12th, 2015 for $19.98. And came with a slipcover (matted, non embossed).

    Man, so many people bought this doc thinking it was a feature and were super pissed. I have that and I don't understand, just flip it over - it's pretty clear it's not a movie in the description.

    There should not have been any confusion.

    - - -

    Next I want to address the lack of real extras. Yes, a two disc set, but all the bonus contents on that DVD could've fit on disc one. All and all it has 35:38 minutes of extras (minus that commenary). And I'm being kind to here.

    It has 4:41 minutes of deleted scenes which are listed twice, the second time with director's commentary - which should be an option on the Deleted Scenes menu screen, not presented separately.

    The real time is more like 30:57 minutes of bonus features.

    All of this is fluff - as if it was for their website promoting the movie, short bits with little substance.

    No featurette(s) on the making of the quake effects, Los Angeles falling apart. We don't even get the film's trailer.

    I'll be honest, I'm quite disappointed. This was a profitable hit for Warner, you would think they would do a proper home video release.


    - - -

    Before I get into my review. I want to talk briefly about her. This occurred to me while in the bathroom. It's my thinkin' place.

    A question popped.

    Who is a good role model for young women, divorced from SJW/PC hype?

    It's Alexandra Daddario as Blake Gaines in "San Andreas".

    Her character is self-confident, bright and proactive; never arrogant.

    And the times where she had to be rescued were in situations where it was so above her; had it been a man in her place it wouldn't make a difference. The events were not possible to have foreseen, not the result of dumb decisions.

    She's the one who finds the food (MREs), the emergency radio, gets a working phone, patched up her would-be boyfriend, has the plan to get them all rescued; knows to get to high ground. Plus is quick witted to come up with a plan-B when the main goal was beyond reach.

    Blake is the embodiment of a modern woman, minus third wave feminism. Strong, brave and intelligent without losing her femininity.

    Good job Alexandra, you picked an excellent role. Very sway.
    Last edited by JohnIan101; 08-17-2019 at 05:57 AM.

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    Past Tense - Doin' The Truffle Shuffle Part II

    This has to be topic number one.

    What kind of asshole is Raymond Gaines (Dwayne Johnson)? He took off leaving so many people to die. He had to have switched his radio off in the helicopter; the dispatcher frantically trying to reach him for multiple rescues after the 9.6 quake.

    Okay, first off he took in the broken L.A. County Fire Department chopper, the wench doesn't work; busted at the start of the movie. And second, a deleted scene explains it away. It should've been in the movie. In it Gaines calls his partner, Marcus (Todd Williams) and tells him that he going to get/find his family who are in San Francisco, flying from Los Angeles. Tell his superiors that he's sick and can't come to work.

    This was his day off, Gaines wasn't suppose to be in the air at the time. AND Marcus will cover for him in another (fully working) rescue helicopter. That tiny scene would've resolved a lot of animosity towards Raymond. I'm not joking, viewers were ticked off at the character, calling him a prick and dereliction of duty.

    The other was actual communication.

    Later in the film, Blake contacts Raymond by phone at the electronics store; telling her dad, she was safe and unharmed. Up until that point, Raymond was justified in searching for his daughter. But now???

    He should've turned back to Los Angeles to help all those people. Did not happen, unprofessional. This is a moral gray area. And I'll leave it at that. Those who have strong families did not have an issue with his conduct. Saying 'wait until you have kids, then you'll understand.'

    - - -

    There is another bit which is more - fanboy nitpicking than a real fault.

    Raymond and Emma's daughter - Blake; she looks nothing like her dad, she's white. As if...

    Blake is NOT his kid.

    There's nothing in the movie to backs that up, just viewers who are puzzled by the family.

    Emma (Carla Gugino) and Blake do look like mother and daughter.

    - - -

    The next bit is piggish, fine. I'll admit it, all me.

    Singer Kylie Minogue plays Susan Riddick, sister to Daniel (Ioan Gruffudd) - Emma's new boyfriend since she's separated from her husband and divorce is imminent.

    I did not recognize her. Had to got to the credits to find out who she played.

    Time has not been kind to her.

    - - -

    The techie.

    I do understand that this character is there for exposition and does have an important role in the beginning, the destruction of Hoover Dam. Which was an excellent action piece. A sad death for Dr. Kim Park (Will Yun Lee). I can imagine the swift destruction and being on the other side of the damage, just in shock at what you saw. It happened so fast.

    But after that, the Caltech seismologist Lawrence Hayes (Paul Giamatti) has very little to do. Even less for reporter, Serena Johnson (Archie Panjabi). And yet, we go back to them frequently in the movie.

    Yup, still alive.

    I suppose they hired an Oscar nominated actor for a small role and tired to expand the part for the sake of having him on screen.

    His screen time isn't bad, no. It just feels like filler. And before you ask - NO, his character has zero interactions with our leads. As if it was from a different movie.

    - - -

    I had no problem with Ben (Hugo Johnstone-Burt) or his little brother Ollie (Art Parkinson). Movie reviewer, Vince Mancini from Filmdrunk was super annoyed by the boy. That the kid was says obvious things that need not be said.

    'I don't want her to die.' - Ollie on an injured Blake. No duh.

    It didn't bother me as much, the brothers were okay.

    The parking garage scene was creative, Ben saving Blake from the crushing structure. I can recall a book of problem solving when I was in elementary, fiction. A bus was not able to drive through an overpass, too tall. Our kid problem solver told the adults to let some air out of the tires so that it lowers enough to drive through. Then at a gas station put the air back.

    Can't remember that book. But that child bugged me, little know-it-all.

    - - -

    There is another gripe which is as like the family question.

    Towards the end, when the building has fallen into the rising water - Blake drowns too quickly. Not making that up.


    This is something that should not be a surprise. Blake had been running to building and up those stairs and about in the floor when the wave hits. Plus got the wind knocked out of her when the structure collapsed. Add to that, she was super tired. This is a non-thing, fatigue. Do all of that and not be exhausted.

    I did like how as the movie progresses, Blake looses more clothes. It's somewhat subtle.

    And there you have it, this was an effective disaster porn. Not as good as "2012" (2009) which had way more California mayhem. You got to see so many people get killed in the background. A LOT!

    One of my friends was commenting about the lack of bodies in the water after the tsunami hit - when Raymond and Emma were on the boat looking for Blake. This is quite true. "2012" was also PG-13, but had more on screen fatalities.

    I did enjoy seeing the battleship wedge between two skyscrapers, the wave was massive.

    - - - - - - - - - -


    Something I did not know until researching; there's a sequel in the works. This quake centered in Pacific Ocean where the Ring Of Fire is; the expanse on the ocean floor that causes quakes and volcanic eruptions in the area: islands and coastal areas such as the West Coast of America, West Coast of South America and Mexico and Japan to name a few.

    Screenwriters Neil Widener and Gavin James are penning the screenplay. Brad Peyton is expected to return as director and Beau Flynn as producer. It is expected to have Johnson, Gugino, Daddario and Giamatti reprising their roles. What place gets hit? No idea.

    No Ben? I guess he died or something; 'I don't want him to die.'

    Will this bring a re-release with better extras? I can hope (for DVD and BD).

    - - -

    For the 2015 Teen Choice Awards (August 16th), Daddario was nominated for "Choice Movie Actress: Action" category. She lost to Shailene Woodley for "The Divergent Series: Insurgent" (2015).

    - - -

    In late May of 2015, Nick Acosta created a mash-up trailer; combining "Superman: The Movie" (1978) with "San Andreas". Even rotoscoping Christopher Reeve into scenes.

    The non-trailer is 3:07 minutes long and is a marvel to watch. Acosta is graphic designer, film editor and comic book illustrator.

    The video can be found on Vimeo. Seek it out, if you haven't seen it.

    - - - - - - - - - -

    Just Because.

    Here's Daddario as Summer Quinn (role originally played by Nicole Eggert in the TV series - above right) from the upcoming movie, "Baywatch" (tentatively May 26th, 2017). Do you need to ask? Not a fan of that non-symmetrical top.

    The movie also co-stars Dwayne Johnson in the Mitch Buchannon role, originally played by David Hasselhoff.

    Come back here on January 19th, 2017 for another tragedy with earthquakes and Woody Harrelson.
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    Deepwater Horizon
    Exclusive steelbook; BD/DVD/DC combo $19.99

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    Best Buy - January 10th, 2017

    Mr. Robot: Season Two
    Exclusive patch; BD only $29.99

    Star Trek: Enterprise - The Complete Series
    Exclusive BD release $74.99

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