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    American Psycho
    Exclusive steelbook; 4k BD/BD/DC combo $19.99

    Space Jam: A New Legacy
    Exclusive steelbook; 4k BD/BD/DC combo $34.99

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    Past Tense - Hope Is All But Forlorn Once You Mess With The Reaper Part I

    [An earlier version of this PT was originally posted on May 21st, 2015 on JoBlo's "DVD, Blu-Ray & Home Theater Discussion" forum.]

    It was the perfect camping spot. The area had just enough of a clearing for the truck and RV tow. Daylight was coming to an end for the day. The sky was crimson fading to dusk. You had heard of this place from a friend who didn't venture this far, but was planning to do later - before the snow came. It was a smile that you get to claim camp first.

    The truck remained hitched for practical reasons. You had made a slow and precise turn so that when the weekend was over you can drive straight - back to civilization. Once done, you had gotten out and admired the scenery, taking in a great breath. It was inspirational poster worthy. Out of habit you gave the propane tanks a check and climbed in the RV - door closed and locked. Locked just in case you may get an unwanted, criminally minded hiker. Far from civilization, but not that far from misdeeds.

    The place was packed with all the stuff to be self-sufficient and comfortable. Water tanks full. Gray and black tanks empty. This was your first RV tow. And this excursion was more than just taking a break, enjoying nature - it would be a test. A test to see if you could make this more than a weekend joy stay. Could this be made into a permanent tiny home; parked in some RV park - even taking out the toilet and modding it with a residential unit. Not that hard to do... just need to be motivated. Is it worth it?

    You wanted this to be an evaluation, your thoughts - alone. So Hannah wasn't present. She did want to go. She did want to spend the time, 'roughing it' for a weekend. As much of it as having all the city convenience within feet of each other as roughing it. But a random family issue came up and that was okay. She says, she'll be there, "next time". In way this makes this experience, exclusive - yours alone.

    As Friday descended into darkness, you had a hankering for pasta. Most of the proposition was hand made, even modding the canned sauce. And grating a brick of cheddar into a fine shred. Water was boiling, hydrating the pasta. Cooking on the other induction was some sausage for greater flavor.


    For a second you saw something from the uncurtained window. It was an instant. Red. A pair of... reds. You stopped cooking and turned on the outside lights from the wall switch. Nothing. Just trees moving slightly from a breeze. You stood there, eyes seeking movement. Some beats later, turned the lights off to save power. While they are LEDs, they are still floodlights after all. It was the smell that snapped you back. The pasta is ready.

    You pull out the drainer and contemplate what... what was imagined; red glowing eyes? The various parts were assembled. A full plate and delicious, Hannah would've loved it. Hell, she does when you cook for her. Nobody is here. Why not? You bellowed a loud burp. It was satisfying. Before another thought could happen - you heard it, unmistakable, a roar. The first thought wasn't about those red eyes, but about a grizzly. Winter hadn't hit yet, would not go into hibernation for a few more weeks.

    You hit the outside lights once more - and there it was. A damn brown bear, standing upright as if ready to pounce on the RV. Not expecting such a sight, you jumped back, tripping over onto the floor. A second roar happens, but was cut off in mid-howl, wet almost. You got back up, looking at the window, the beast was still there; part of it at least. You could see because of the temperature change, steam coming off the open carcass.

    What did that? Better yet, where is the rest of the bear? The quick instinct is to get the frack out of Dodge. But that means going outside, exposed to... well to - whatever did that - so you could get back in the truck and drive away. Right now, that's not an option. You slowly move to the other side of the tow to see out of that window. There you stood for well over a minute - no movement seen. Then you felt and heard the crash.

    Hard to believe we have hit the seven year mark. Welcome the Seventh Annual "Limited Edition Horror" - 2021! Four weeks of horror theme, multi-part Past Tense entries, one each week of October. With a possible bonus entry, if you're 'good'.

    '21 kicks off with a modern classic that pits a unwitting seer against Death itself; a race to stay one step ahead of supernatural assassination. No mistake, that is what's happening. The Grim Reaper is setting things into motion to murder those who fail to heed his 'list'.

    The motion picture opened on March 17th, 2000. It was made with a budget of $23,000,000 (estimated) and grossed over $53 million during its U.S. theatrical run; counting foreign receipts it made $112,880,294. The film opened number three at the box office, the following week it remained at number three.

    The feature opened against "Mission To Mars", "The Ninth Gate" and "American Beauty".

    This originally was not issued a slipcover, but came with a foil wraparound. Please note, later pressings replaced it with a regular (matted) wraparound. First pressing also came with a single page insert; chapter listings, the other side mirrored the DVD's cover. Yeah, this came out when discs used to be gold colored, not silver.

    This streeted on September 26, 2000 for $24.95.

    Just so you know, that poster was released as a lenticular, not too many studios do that. Look at it one way see the cast, shift a bit, and you see them with skulls. I wish I had one.

    - - -

    I can not pin down the exact date for this exclusive. But I can tell you the month and year.

    Wal-Mart offered the sole exclusive, a slipcover - years after the fact, a decade in fact.

    This was part of their annual Halloween movie sale. It came out in mid September 2010 for $7.50.

    As I've said in these pages; Wal-Mart has a long history of trying to trick people into buying older titles, disguised as new ones. Their modus operandi is new slipcovers.

    For that holiday; most had a card stock sheet/flat covering the front (shrink wrapped). A few had 'actual' slipcovers; "Final Destination" was among the exceptions for "Halloween Movie Night" offerings.

    That would've been that, an exclusive slip, but it doesn't end here. No. You see, somebody was asleep at the wheel.

    The new slipcovers/flats mirrors their wraparound. It's easy to see what's what. But for this particular DVD they got it quite wrong.

    Under the slip was "The Final Destination" (a.k.a. 'Final Destination IV') from 2009. It's a head scratcher why nobody noticed that the movie they were putting slipcovers onto looks entirely different.

    I wonder how many people bought this thinking it was the first film and got home disappointed.

    Being the total anal person that I am - and since the original didn't - I have that slipcover on the correct title.

    Since you might be curious, above is the cover from the correct DVD.

    - - - - - - - - - -


    Man it doesn't feel like it. This year marks the 21st anniversary that launched a franchise. So I got a bit curious and did some looking and basic math.

    Kerr Smith who played Carter Horton was twenty-seven years old, playing a high school student.

    Ali Larter as Clear Rivers was twenty-three as a high school student.

    Devon Sawa who played Alex Browning was twenty-one as a high school student.

    You know when you feel it. You know when it hits you, there's no mistaking when you fall. You don't anticipate it. And you can't calculate it. It just comes crashing through your walls.
    - Ocean Lab

    Man, we are lucky to have this movie. It began as an episode of "X-Files". The screenplay was written by James Wong and Glen Morgan with Wong directing it. The men are "X-Files" alumni; both had written fifteen episodes each and were co-executive producer on the series.

    Does make me wonder what it would look like as a hour show. How far would Mulder (David Duchovny) have gone to save the students and would it be Sully (Gillian Anderson) who pulls him back - don't mess with Death; let it happen.

    Would have made interesting television. Sway.

    This was the flick that launched the long running film series. Currently stalled on the fifth movie, "Final Destination 5" (2011). New Line Cinema has yet to announce a sixth installment. At one point in September 2013 there was pitch to have the next one set in Middle Ages by franchise producer Craig Perry. He even did a concept trailer on YouTube, "Final Destination 6: The Dark Age", nothing came of it.

    If you know how; "_cbiOv7s2Hw". It's still there (as of writing), checked. It's a mashup of over twenty different scenes from television and movies. He did a decent job.

    Anyhow, these movies do make money; U.S. box office...

    "Final Destination" (2000) - $53 million on a budget of $23 million
    "Final Destination 2" (2003) - $46 million on a budget of $26 million
    "Final Destination 3" (2006) - $54 million on a budget of $34 million
    "The Final Destination [4]" (2009) - $66 million on a budget of $43 million
    "Final Destination 5" (2011) - $42 million on a budget of $40 million

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    Past Tense - Hope Is All But Forlorn Once You Mess With The Reaper Part II

    Those numbers do not include worldwide tallies and home video receipts. It is a strong franchise. I'm surprised this hasn't happened yet. This is one of those things that should be annual, every Halloween.

    Granted number five didn't do so well, but I blame four - it was so far from canon that fans were ticked off. It was like the filmmakers decided to make a movie without seeing the other features first. Seriously WTF?

    Not gonna go into the story; most people have seen the first movie, repeatedly. No joking - it has become a modern classic. Events shown made audiences ponder what they would do in that situation; fight or surrender?


    By the way, I still stand by my idea made years ago from "Final Destination 2". William Bludworth (Tony Todd) told Kimberly (A.J. Cook) the truth: only a new life can break the chain. A new life, that was never meant to exist. A new life, CREATED by two people who should already be dead.

    This new life is not on Death's List, an anomaly. The solution; reboot the program (as it were) to accommodate the new entry - chain broken. Fate becomes unknown to the survivors once again, their lives returned. Something I had forgotten or perhaps it just lingered in my subconscious. It DID happen!

    There was a setup in the first film that was axed. In one of the deleted scenes; Clear took a pregnancy test and found out she was pregnant with Alex's child. Had the two survived the birth of their child, reboot. Yeah, that's a spoiler.

    It was on the table, but dropped.

    Anyhow, my ranking best to worst...

    "Final Destination 2"
    "Final Destination"
    "Final Destination 3"
    "Final Destination 5"
    "The Final Destination"

    YES, I feel the second film is superior to the first. It explored the mythology and had strong characters that we were quite sympathetic. Plus it followed the events from the last film to a logical conclusion. It made sense and wasn't disrespectful to fans.

    Plus the disaster was quite reality based. I've seen that on the road, a big rig hauling logs. Didn't think too much about it then, now I'm very conscience of what might happen.... the traffic disaster.


    - - - - - - - - - -


    Too sexy!!! The next wave of attention getting Halloween costumes for your inspiration.

    These two are both creative and accent femininity without being too slutty... well just the right participation.

    For your delight - "Sexy Peanut". Heels and cane not included. Simple and yet quite iconic in easy recognition. Though she is missing one piece - a monocle. Would be cool if there was purse that looked like a jar of peanut butter, that would complete the costume.

    Next is "Cruella Intentions". Oh yes, it's sexy "Cruella De Vil" - taking a page from the "Batman" legacy, Two-Face. You get everything here minus the wig, boots and stockings. This 'puppy' is nearly a hundred dollars. Like with the other, it's missing a handbag; need a plush dalmatian... gutted into a purse. How cruel. And yes, those fishnet stockings and wig are a must.

    - - - - - - - - - -


    History repeats, but with a twist. This time out I'm only showcasing four Halloween suggestions for three weeks. I may give two for week four since it hits four days before Halloween. You should already know what to watch.

    As expected most can be found in your local video rental shops (if they still exist, my store closed this year due to the...). Few can be found in stores. The best bet is to find them online, cheaply, through Ebay or Amazon's resellers marketplace, purchase used/new DVDs or BDs. Or pawn shops or even second hand stores - good hunting.

    Some are on Netflix and such streaming services. And YouTube too. *wink*

    "Howl" (2015)
    The red eye train from London to Eastborough (England) comes to a halt due to an impact with a deer, leaving the train's fuel line damaged. The conductor leave the engine to assess the damage - he never came back. Joe Griffin wasn't suppose to be onboard the Alpha Trax train; he was forced into a double shift. He and the tea-trolley girl, Ellen are the only company staff left, it was a skeleton crew. What starts off as a light mystery and inconvenience turns into a bloody nightmare. The radio is busted, the antenna torn off - miles away from Eastborough in the rain, isolated in the woods. The passengers and crew are being stalked by werewolves. It's up to their collective resources to last the night if they can stop bickering. To make matters worse, one of the passengers has been bit - and it's a full moon. The film was originally shot in 3D, but the home video release (DVD) is 2D. In a way, it feels like a reimagining of "Night Of The Living Dead" (1968), the good way.
    Our Alchemy, LLC - 2016 - NR

    Let's Be Evil (2016)
    Jennifer Ryan is running out of funds to care for her ailing mother. She is pleased to be accepted as a chaperone, a high paid job for "The Prosperity Project". Her task is nothing more than a glorified baby sitter for a group of gifted children for a few weeks. The location to her surprise is far underground, below city hall in Los Angeles. Jennifer finds two more chaperones, Tiggs and Darby. The complex in near pitch black. It is the use of VR goggles that illuminates the surroundings which comes with an A.I. assistant, Ariel. Paranoia slowly grows as Jennifer experiences glitches with her goggles. An increasing number of discontinuities that lead to a violent conclusion, the children have gone rogue - homicidal. She and her friends attempt to leave the bunker. This is available on DVD and BD+DVD combo. Spoiler... since the ending is repeatedly misunderstood. Those glasses illuminate what's there AND (hacked) allow only what is wished to be seen; rendered invisible right in front of you. Understand?
    Shout! Factory LLC - 2016 - NR

    "The McPherson Tape: UFO Abduction" (1989)
    This title was listed in "Limited Edition Horror" 2017 as 'find where you can' - the situation has changed. Now there is a limited edition official DVD. Thought to be lost in a warehouse fire, it has been found and remastered. This is the original found footage alien abduction film - shot on cassette. The Connecticut family here is the Van Heeses, NOT McPherson - that is the name of the family in the 1998 remake; aired on UPN (January 18th, 1998); both produced by Dean Alioto. In short, a family who lives out in the sticks has a 'Fourth Kind' encounter in the worst possible way. No help is coming because of their isolated home. You can cut the dread in this flick. Excellent stuff.
    POV Horror - 2019 - NR

    The Shallows (2016)
    One of the few films that can be said in the same breath as "Jaws" (1975). Medical student Nancy Adams has gone to Mexico to surf the beach her mom did when she was pregnant with her. It was an effort to find the elusive location, but she is successful. She went into medicine to help her ailing mother, but lost her to cancer. Surfing this secluded beach is her way to honor her memory. But it becomes the single worst decision in Adams' life. Not long into her activity she is attacked by a great white shark, nearly killing her. She swims onto an exposed rock ledge above the waterline. Her adversary does not give up easy - two hundred yards from salvation, the shore - might as well be two hundred miles. Her sanctuary is vanishing - the tide is rising; soon the shark will be able to gobble her. Injured and losing blood, Nancy attempts to reach a nearby buoy which becomes her last stand against the ferocious beast. It is a tense, determined, one on one drama; human vs. nature.
    Sony Pictures Home Entertainment - 2016 - R

    - - - - - - - - - -

    Just Because.

    Many guys (myself included) and some gals were wooed the lovely Ms. Ali Larter. She's what you expect the 'girl next door' to look like - your friend first and something more if mutual. Plus she has this hippy chick vibe going on, a free spirit. You have no idea how much work was done for that image.

    The original image had so many 'issues'. Cleaned it up, did restorations and modded the colors and contrast. Still not happy, but it's much better here.

    Shaken? No? Well... there more chills coming next week - "Limited Edition Horror" presses on, mowing over - aiming at your direction like a rabid critter with laser focus. It wants to greet you - with distress in a missing limbs kind of way. See you then.
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    Inglourious Basterds
    Exclusive steelbook; 4k BD/BD/DC combo $25.99

    Free Guy
    Exclusive steelbook; 4k BD/BD/DC combo $34.99

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    Past Tense - Distant Envious Eyes Welcome The Drama Part I

    The crash wasn't enough to bring the tow unhinged from the truck. But shook everything inside and like a quake - many of the objects and even chairs were toss about. The place was well crafted, still in one piece. You were on your hands and knees waiting for the next thing to happen and it didn't - at least a couple minutes of nothing.

    A silent and slow rise to your feet. Turn the floodlights back on? Even for a moment? Did the lights make... whatever that was angry? It was dark, can't see anything. You hung for a few beats next to the switch. But flipped it 'on'. Looking out the main window, you saw nothing but forest. The same with the next window and the next.

    Coming to the bedroom, you saw the dent first and then the window, blood draining down. What happened? You moved towards it and through the crimson saw on the ground, the other half of that bear. Half isn't quite accurate. There was a large bite mark in the area where the other part would've been. Something had killed the beast, broke it into two and threw half of it at the RV?

    There is no way around it. It has - had happened. Again it popped in your head - 'turn the lights off', now beyond saving battery life. The floodlights were off once more. Then another thought came - shut the curtains in the dining area. Once more just as they were pulled, you saw them in the distance.

    Red glowing eyes, looking at you. Thoughts ran in your mind. Was this some kind of creature? Or something else... supernatural. You were thinking that as you looked down and saw the used pot with some lingering pasta in it. And a somber conclusion - you didn't tell anyone where you were going. You wanted some 'me' time to test run the tow. You are alone - here, no cell signals, no distractions. No help coming.

    Once again the roar happened. This RV isn't impervious - it will break with enough force, you need to take actions now, while time is still on your side. What can be used as a weapon or a makeshift weapon? Something lite enough to be carried if you had to flee from the truck and tow. Then another thought surfaced - you know how you came here. But what lies in the other direction? Sure the blanket answer is 'forest', but that's more than just a word.

    Lost in the forest is a real thing and here, now - running in that direction; might as well slice open your wrists, you're dead. You are in this thing's backyard. So no matter what happens, you need to run or go for the truck, rush out in the same direction you drove in. Your mental plan is interrupted, it is howling once more.

    But this time it sounded a lot closer. Dread. Fear. You take comfort that Hannah isn't here. Safe in her place, probably reading one of her books. You hope to see her again.

    Half a bear thrown. Half a bear thrown. It's gonna be a long night.

    Welcome to week two of "Limited Edition Horror" 2021; a two parter! In this brand new entry we are revisited by a classic invader from the deep space by way of "War Of The Worlds: A Video Scrapbook"...

    I have very limited info - damn impossible to find. Can't even give you a street date. The website (store, fanboy merchandise) Monsters In Motion hosted a special screening of the 1953 motion picture to coincide with the 2005 Steven Spielberg remake. Don't ask. I can't find the screening date.

    So I can't tell you much. This was not issued a slipcover nor insert. And is in fact a DVD-R with printed label, not some cheap ink jet glued on. And all the content inside appears to have come from somebody's VHS copy. Plus the audio on one - is messed up. The last bit I have is that this came in a red DVD case.

    - - -

    That website's exclusive could be bought in person at that screening and once again much later.

    Paid $14.99 (not including shipping and tax) in late July 2020 from their website. They had earlier been going through their inventory to make room, getting rid of older products. And had discovered they still had a box remaining of this DVD and CD soundtracks from their event. Both are limited editions (same price). I'll cover that CD in a few.

    Warehouse Find - We found a big box of stuff from a special screening of War Of The Worlds that was hosted by Monsters In Motion back in the early 2000's. We have a limited supply of DVD's and CDs from this event and we are now making them available to you!
    - Monsters In Motion email advertising; September 5th, 2018

    Yes. I forgot about the items for nearly two years then it popped back in mind. Do they still have them for sale? Yes. Yes they do, bought both.

    Understand - at time time, I thought I was ripped off, a copy or bootleg. I've had some bad experiences with the site, they sell bootlegs; DVD-Rs and CD-Rs. The other merchandise is real; toys, books, model kits and figurines. I had to do the research and discovered, no - I have the real deal.

    There was no pressed discs and it was in fact a website exclusive, under their banner "RetroFlicks". Interesting. The disc is unrated and region free.

    It has three parts - all together the disc is 45:24 minutes long, presented in full screen in what appears to be from a VHS transfer; not that great, but watchable.

    "Effects Outakes" is just that and has unrelated music - added since the footage is silent. So this is in stereo. Ranges from poor to fair. No remastering. You can find much of this footage in the 2020 Criterion release... remastered.

    "Photo Gallery" is a slide show with sixty-nine images with info/trivia screens. And like with the above has added music, also in stereo. These pictures cover story boards, behind the scenes pixs and promotional images from varied sources. No remastering either.

    "TV Pilot" is what most people bought this DVD scrapbook for. And looks the worst of the lot. A few generations, video cassette transfer. No remastering at all. Audio comes out from the left side only (was always in mono). This is less a pilot as it were an extended concept trailer; a good chunk of this presentation was done with conceptual artwork. The rest was done with actors in front of blue screens with models, optically merged. Only a tiny bit of the set were built for the actors.

    I did some work on the bridge image, two shots stitched together. Man, you can see poor this is. The scrapbook is the only way to see the 'pilot' on DVD. The concept trailer is narrated by Leslie Nielsen (uncredited).

    Sure, this is not really part of the 1953 film. It takes place in an alternate Earth (technologically advanced). The world has no nations, a globalist paradise. Farming of the seas is used to feed the masses (not limited to fish) and no child is born without government approval. This is when the interstellar battle happens.

    Our war with the aliens took decades. Decades. We could not win the fight, but had victory because of a virus that effected the invaders. They died. The aliens who were not effected, retreat back to their mother ship, leaving Earth to reorganize.

    Not wanting a second attack - Earth built six hyperspace vessels to find their home world. Force them to surrender or take the fight to them. We would've followed the crew of "Pegasus", ship number five. It is in effect, a one way mission; multi-generation crew, fifty men and women with various reasons to go after the extraterrestrials.

    Pegasus is under the command of Col. James Anderson. Disaster hits them, no more communications with Earth or even the other hyperspace ships. Alone in deep space. They find their home world and discover they are plotting the next wave.

    We get some aliens, humanoid cave men (yeah) and their underground base - that's it. As said, only some minor sets were built and all the costumes were repurposed from other TV productions. It needed a lot of work. But this project was to gain investors, proof of concept.

    Their big deal was getting production designer Matt Jefferies from "Star Trek" (1966) to create the tech for the show. Don't know how much he accomplished other than some model work on the alien world. *shrugs* The concept trailer is 14:07 minutes long.

    So? The woman on the bridge - is that part of the elevator or does she have braces? Polo survivor? And their space ship looks like a left over from Gerry Anderson.

    This pilot is not on the 2005 "Special Collector's Edition", nor the '20 "Criterion Collection" releases (DVD and Blu-Ray). Can only find it here on disc. The pilot was made in the mid 1970s, produced by George Pal. The same Pal who produced the '53 movie.

    I wish it was remastered, it's a real bit of lost sci-fi history. Well that's not 100% true. It can also be found on YoutTube - also not remastered.

    Okay. At that special screening for the film they sold the scrapbook DVD and a limited edition CD soundtrack with sound effects. The idea is to add this to your model kit with a sound chip. Added value to your Martian War Machine model or statue.

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    Past Tense - Distant Envious Eyes Welcome The Drama Part II

    The limited edition soundtrack has eleven tracks; score by Leith Stevens with bonuses.

    1. War Machine Sound FX Edit
    2. Main Title Film Version
    3. The Meteor
    4. Interlude
    5. The Martian Heat Ray
    6. Heat Rays Aftermath
    7. The Morning After The Attack
    8. Escape From The Farm House
    9. Exodus From Los Angeles/Finale
    10. “War Of The Worlds” Alternate Version
    11. War Machine Sound Effect

    Track one is just an edited version (sixty seconds) of track eleven - runs forty-five minutes. It's the War Machine sound effect on a loop.

    There is another CD soundtrack from Intrada in 2012. That has the most complete score, not highlights (and is going for $300.00 today, checked). This "limited edition" CD is really just a novelty. Buyer's remorse? Fuzzy. It's interesting.

    - - - - - - - - - -


    Since this is a science fiction entry, might as well go with sci-fi sexy costumes.

    One of these is better than the other.

    Above left is "Sexy Space Commander", a budget costume for $27.90. Guessing it is intended for single use; comes with a white romper and sweetheart neckline, silver spaghetti strap and detachable hood with clear blue mask. Arm sleeves, shoes and thigh highs stockings not included. Sure on the right woman - can be sexy. It just feels like it was bought at Hot Topic.

    Next is "Blast Off Sexy Movie Character", sells for $69.00. Sixty-nine! High cut vinyl, mock neck body suit is zipped. Comes with metallic harness, garter belt and "galaxy visor". Silver knee high boots not included which make the costume work. This outfit will make you hot and howt. You're gonna sweat in vinyl. She better be touched by baby powder. And would look amazing on the right girl, exposed cleavage. Sway.

    - - - - - - - - - -


    Four more offerings for Halloween! You may have to hunt to see - don't expect them to be available on streaming services.

    "The Autopsy Of Jane Doe" (2016)
    Sheriff Sheldon Burke and his deputies discover a house where a couple were brutally butchered; news has broken - media frenzy surrounding the murders. That's bad enough, but it gets worse... uncovered in the basement is a third body; buried in a shallow grave. The dead woman is... nearly flawless; no marks or blood - in her mid-twenties. Her tongue was severed (not found), lungs burnt and joints were shattered, but there is no bruising on the Jane Doe. Odder still her eyes are milky white along with a tied bell on her ankle. Burke wants answers by morning to prevent a panic or worse. The Sheriff drops the mystery on experienced coroner, Tommy Tilden - an emergency autopsy. Tilden is helped by his son Austin who was planning to leave early, a movie date with his girlfriend. But opts to stay and help his dad on the rush job. Things go very bad for them. This person didn't die... from anything pedestrian. The more they probe, the deeper the rabbit hole goes; impossible and inexplicable happenings occur. Is she really dead? The body goes missing and stalk the men - that bell is their only warning. This is a low budget feature confided to a single location concerning - a woman significantly OLDER than mid-twenties. Hint; the foundation of that house dates back to the Salem witch trials. A slow, creepy and intense feature. Sadly both the DVD and DVD/BD combo have no extras.
    Shout! Factory LLC - 2017 - R

    Damnation Alley (1977)
    World War III has happened. The result is a devastated Earth (knocked off its axis) - much of it a wasteland. Isolated from the destruction is an Air Force base. The personnel have supplies, but low on morale. General Lander, base commander has shut down, barely present, leaving the men to their own accords. Two years later - Major Eugene Denton has completed a pet project with help from Lt. Tom Perry. Before they can make their announcement, the place erupts in a blaze. The main station with bunkers has fallen from a lit cigarette which started a fire that cascaded onto the fuel tanks. Boom! Horsing around outside before the explosion, friends Sgt. Tom Keegan and First Lt. Jack Tanner become the only survivors. The separate motorpool building was left untouched. What Denton was going to make known was the creation of two apocalyptic, all-terrain vehicles - the "Landmaster". For some time after the disaster, they were able to pick up a faint, weekly automated broadcast; something, something, 'Albany, New York'. No reason the stay; Denton, Perry, Keegan and Tanner head off across America in their twelve wheeled, armed tanks to the East Coast. They pit stop in Las Vegas and add two more survivors; a young French woman, Janice and an abandoned boy, Billy. No reason to stay either - they join in on their odyssey. Along the way are attacked by mutant cockroaches and mountain men who want Janice and their wheels. It's a journey to reach Albany, a trek they made in a round about way - testing the limits of their tank. This is best known for the apocalyptic RV, it has become an iconic sci-fi vehicle. Silly and cheesy at times, but played serious. This is available on DVD and Blu-Ray.
    Shout! Factory - 2011 - PG

    Siberia (2013)
    Not a movie, but a short run supernatural TV series (drenched in dread and atmosphere), ran for twelve weeks on NBC, but failed in the ratings, not well known. Not even a cult series. Many have called this a mashup of "Lost" and "Survivor" which is what it is, the best of both. "Siberia" is a reality TV show where sixteen contestants are blindfolded and dropped in the middle of nowhere in the Siberian region of Tunguska. The goal is to be the last one standing; survive the winter as people did in the early 1900s and win half a million or split among the few who endured. No modern amenities - their suitcases and packs were not given; only what they are wearing is what they have. There are no rules, trust no one. The show breaks down early when one of the Russian camera men comes into the settlement, bloody. Production shuts down as they reveal one of the contestants has died from injuries from a fall. After serious debating - the competition is agreed to continue. One of them searches for answers and discovers the location; there was no fall, he died from being torn apart as seen by the bloody stains. Things get much worse when a serious injury occurs and discovering, there is no help coming. The exit, the forfeit button is fiction. And the occurrences are not part of the show. This game wasn't a game, this is an experiment by unseen hands to explore the phenomena of the area. The harsh weather is the least of their worries. They are the third iteration. It appears that the two other 'contestant' groups were killed. The DVD is titled "Season One", but it's really 'The Complete Series'. There was no season two and it ends on a cliff hanger. It's a well deserved trip. The actors were not given scripts, their interactions look genuine since they were all role playing, only given character personalities and plot points. The result is natural actions. Highly recommend; clues to what's going on were sprinkled in the early episodes - none, spoon fed. Many blink and miss it moments with serious twists. It will keep you guessing and bitch slap your suspicions, repeatedly. There's even a bit of time travel and alien abduction mixed in.
    Lionsgate - 2014 - NR

    Willy’s Wonderland (2021)
    Hayesville, Nevada - a quiet (unnamed) drifter gets his wheels popped from a misplace police spike strip. He doesn't have the money to fix his car. The loner is approached by Tex Macadoo who offers him a deal. He owns the abandoned, family theme restaurant - "Willy's Wonderland". He wants to reopen the establishment, but is short on workers at the moment. Tex's trade - spend the night and clean the place up and he'll pay the auto repairs. They shake hands and the nightmare begins. The drifter discovers that he's been locked in the place, unsure if this was to keep the eatery from vandals since the place has various graffiti - he does his agreed task and cleans up the restaurant. What the loner doesn't know, this is a con. He's not expected to survive. The locale's animatronic mascots are in fact alive, the result of demonic possessions. This is nothing less than a blood sacrifice, one of many over the years. Helps somewhat comes from local teens who want the place burned down, they know the business is evil. But due to bad luck and stupidity become trapped with the loner. How many will survive the night? This movie was heavily influenced by the jump scare video game, "Five Nights At Freddy" (2014). One of the most Nicolas Cage's Cages movies. As if all his eccentricities were given a green light, the result is the right mix of crazy and cheese... and blood, lots of gore. This is available on DVD and Blu-Ray.
    Screen Media - 2021 - NR

    Odd to think we almost got this - filmmakers were going to the novel for the War Machines. Above left is early concept art for the alien ships. The used - manta ray design was so different and has become iconic.

    Limited Edition Horrror continues next week with more trepidations. Could be nothing more than a panic attack... or NOT! Or perhaps indigestion - whatever.

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