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    Home Video Exclusives

    Hello I'm JohnIan101 and I'm a refugee...

    I discovered this afternoon the locale where I made my forum home for the past decade is closing its doors next Wednesday (July 29th, 2015).

    My part there was heralding DVD/BD exclusives, under the thread "Free Bonuses With DVD Releases - Part 2". Part 1 was created by someone else (man, I don't want to think how huge of database will be lost to the ether). On August 18th, 2011 I decided to expand on that. That day I began posting "Past Tense".

    PT posts cover past store exclusives for a particular title, not just a date and name. But an article and review on that release. This grew and grew, taking a life of its own. Some having to be broken up into two or more parts since I exceeded the character count per post.

    I originally started this as a weekly thing, bad idea. I still can't believe I actually did this for so many months. Then it became bimonthly which it remains.

    As it stands I have, which soon will become 'had' 121 PT posts. With another ten written up, waiting to be posted. What to do? Do I let this all die? So I went looking about and found this place. Which I hope will welcome me and my verbose tidings.

    I plan on bringing back Past Tense here, under this thread; keeping continuity, these will be added every Thursday morning. I think I'm going to randomly pick entries rather than just reposting chronologically. These will not be copy and paste, no. They will be altered since many of them were period related; holidays, events and the like. Not a full rewrite, but changed to reflect this restart.

    I also plan on bringing back the extremely long winded thread, "Night Of The Living Dead DVD Retrospective". That started back in January 5th, 2012; this covers every major version released on DVD, laser disc and BD. Plus CD soundtracks and beyond. Quite comprehensive. My last update happened on July 14th, 2015.

    Oh yeah, I'm in Southern California.

    So that's my plan. Lets begin...

    Target - July 28th, 2015

    * Exclusive bonus content (bonus disc?); BD/DVD/DC combo $18.99
    * Free popcorn and medium soda from Target Café with purchase; DVD or BD

    - - -


    "Hozier" with 4 exclusive bonus tracks $11.99 (as I understand this comes out on July 31st)
    "Florence + The Machine - How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful with 2 exclusive bonus tracks $17.99
    "James Taylor - Before This World" with 3 exclusive bonus tracks $17.99
    "Josh Groban - Stages" with 2 exclusive bonus tracks $15.99
    "Jill Scott - Woman" with 2 exclusive bonus tracks $13.99

    Information from MrTwoArms from Forum Blu-Ray dot com.

    The excusives - if any for Best Buy will be posted on Sunday morning. This is because store has decided to stop mailing their ads to most markets. Cutting off the few who got their weekly flyers early who posted the data.
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