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    [An earlier version of this PT was originally posted on June 12th, 2014 on JoBlo's "DVD, Blu-Ray & Home Theater Discussion" forum.]

    Women with too much time on their hands or nosy neighbors - your call in "Desperate Housewives"...

    "Desperate Housewives: The Complete Fifth Season" was released on home video on September 1st, 2009.

    It streeted against "Brothers And Sisters: The Complete Third Season", "Heroes: Season 3" and "The Rivals Of Sherlock Holmes: Set 1".

    This release originally came with an embossed cardboard foil slipcase holding seven discs in a digipak. It came with two small inserts, none of which was an episode guide (though a content listing is shown for the DVDs on the inside flap - no air dates). 1) A two pager extolling the virtues of Blu-Ray. The rear showcases twelve BD titles. 2) An advertisement for other Buena Vista Home Entertainment TV titles (seasons sets) and "Lost: The Complete Fifth Season". This had a coupon, $10.00 off select titles. It expired on December 31st, 2009. I didn't use mine, would've, but forgot I had it; could've gotten "Life On Mars: The Complete Series" for less. This insert also has an ad for daytime soaps on ABC. Déjà vu?

    - - -

    On street, Best Buy offered two exclusives. 1) Embossed cardboard foil slipcase. 2) Bonus disc.

    The set sold for $37.99. The extra DVD has a run time of 20:50 minutes, this came in a printed sleeve, shrinked wrapped on the box's rear.

    The extras are presented in widescreen.

    The store also had an offer; buy season five with any other DH season (singular not plural) and save $15.00.

    - - -

    Above is the regular edition in case you were curious.

    - - - - - - - - - -


    You know it - this is a small entry.

    One of the hits from 1983 was the conspiracy, action adventure, thriller - "Blue Thunder".

    The movie centered on a super assault helicopter which was given to loan to Los Angeles Police Department, air support division by the military. For possible use in the 1984 Summer Olympic games which Los Angeles was hosting. Turns out the chopper had a sinister secondary purpose - stealth, political assassination and violent urban pacification to quell that unrest.

    It was a hit and was turned into a TV series for ABC in 1984; stripped of the movie's plot. Now just an assault helicopter on loan for urban crimes. The series lasted eleven episodes and was swiftly canceled. The complete show is on DVD.

    As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery - CBS wanted their own super helicopter series, they made "Airwolf" (1984). The knockoff was the better series, this ran for three season on the network then a revival season on the USA Channel for (basic) cable. Four seasons on the air; its pilot episode was expanded and released theatrically in Europe. All the seasons and theatrical cut are on DVD.

    So? This is a series that would make a good choice for a reboot, "Blue Thunder".

    What I would like to see is a series long conspiracy around the assault chopper. Ending like the feature with Frank Murphy (Roy Scheider in the film) destroying the helicopter on the train tracks by an incoming locomotive.

    The mystery - why does Blue Thunder exist? Not like the feature's plot. It was a pilot program to see if it would work for 'urban pacification'. To control the masses as an Elder-God is unleashed. Yes, a Lovecraftian monster.

    Cult members using acquired relics and human sacrifice, unleash the beast - which include Colonel F.E. Cochrane (Malcolm McDowell in the movie), the Dark Priest of this movement. Because of Murphy's investigation with his partner Richard Lymangood (Daniel Stern in the film), the timetable is accelerated.

    The final episode would have the reveal. You only see part of this giant creature trashing Los Angeles. Bloody madness to anyone who sees IT with their naked eye. Tentacles grabbing people and throwing cars.

    Murphy using the helmet's on-screen visor, blacked out; seeing the environment as wire frame. Which was the real intent for this function - to gaze at the face of their God without going insane.

    Blue Thunder battles the beast and dodging things being thrown at it and of course - Cochrane trying to defend his celestial in another assault chopper. Murphy is victorious sending it back from where it came. Cochrane is killed and... you know the rest.

    You get this huge mystery with ever growing dread that something is happening far beyond what is being told. Crimes and thefts episodes would be some of the cases what Murphy and Lymangood investigate, central episodes to the series' lore and conclusion.

    No reason to change it - have it set in 1983; three seasons would be about right - beginning, middle and conclusion. Billy Idol's song, "Flesh For Fantasy" popped to mind when I wrote this.

    The ABC show; I had no issue with actor James Farentino taking over Scheider's role as Frank Chaney - he was a solid replacement. Nor with his partner Clinton Wonderlove, played by pre-famous comic, Dana Carvey. NOW... why the hell were Bubba Smith and Dick Butkus in this?

    And why the idea of "Rolling Thunder" was a good one? A truck with supplies and ground support. Both former NFL players had terrible (lame) jokes in the show. Both stood out, badly. This is about Frank and Clinton.

    They made a change for TV; Frank's nickname for his younger partner - JAFO.

    Was "Just Another Fu¢king Observer" to "Just Another Frustrated Observer".

    What sucks is I can only do ten images per post and found a great pix of the chopper in flight, but can't - would become eleven. Man, I looked about for images on the feature and TV series and ended up only using the poster and a TV Guide page (above). Butkus, Farentino and Smith shown as heads in the ad.

    By the way, "Airwolf" had the way better opening theme music.

    - - -


    Not the strongest of the seasons, but still entertaining. So who's my favorite? Easy - Eva Longoria. I know that Teri Hatcher is suppose to be the star of the show, but she doesn't do it for me.

    She did look pretty hot in the 1989 film "Tango & Cash". But that was then.

    I'm being honest.

    Man, there was a time when I had a crush on actress Dana Delany (the last gal on the left in the above promo pix).

    I remember Delany as the voice of Lois Lane on "Superman: The Animated Series" (1996). She was nearly always wearing pleated short skirts that miraculously never flashed up. Don't give me that look. Lots of guys were thinking the same thing. Great legs on her.

    Yeah, I'll admit - I went a bit pervy with the above pix. To quote another animated hottie, Jessica Rabbit: "I'm not bad. I'm just drawn that way". Just noticed, Lois looks kinda eurasian. Sway.

    That's it. This is one of my shorter entries. *shrugs* Next PT will lurk about on June 26th, 2014. Give it some cookies would you? Not dangerous, just misunderstood and somewhat high.
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