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    Target - June 24th, 2016


    "The Avertt Brothers - True Sadness" with 2 exclusive bonus tracks $14.99

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    Best Buy - June 19th, 2016

    24: The Complete Series (with "Live Another Day")
    Exclusive store set $104.99 - available now

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    "Thousand Foot Krutch - Exhale" with exclusive bonus track $7.99
    "Volbeat - Seal The Deal & Let's Boogie" exclusive deluxe 2 disc set with 4 bonus tracks $17.99

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    Past Tense - MOAO Part I

    Not a repurposed (expanded) post, a brand new entry!!!

    This week we travel cross country, 1950s style with "My One And Only"...

    The motion picture opened on September 21st, 2009 - limited theatrical run in New York (NY) and Los Angeles (CA). The budget is unknown. It grossed over $2 million during its U.S. theatrical run. The film opened number forty at the box office, the following week remained at forty.

    The feature opened against "Inglourious Bastards", "District 9", "Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince" and "The Time Traveler's Wife".

    This release did not come with a slipcover, nor any insert.

    - - -

    This was an exclusive store release from Target. It streeted on November 10th, 2009 for $14.99. Let me begin by saying everybody complains about the cover - which you can see was altered from the poster.

    Such a bad photoshop job. The head is out of proportions to her body as is her arms. Maybe an inexperienced intern made it.

    The comments on the picture, trail to the movie's website; the home page could be modified into a better cover.

    So I took a look and came up with this...

    Nothing fancy. But it feel warm and is an improvement.

    Oh yeah, the DVD is presented anamorphic widescreen. Extras include "Behind The Scenes Of My One And Only", a 35:34 minutes documentary. And six short featurettes, totaling 28:09 minutes. All of which is in widescreen.

    But no trailer. I hate when that happens.

    - - - - - - - - - -


    The how...

    Up and coming film company, Herrick Entertainment wanted a way to get their films on store shelves. So they signed an exclusive deal with Target for guaranteed exposure.

    In addition they signed with Blockbuster; only chain that could carry the title for rent.

    This unique deal is a great way for Herrick Entertainment to build on its entrance into the motion-picture business. My One and Only is a movie we're very proud to have made, and we believe that Target and Twentieth Century Fox will expand the picture’s theatrical run into a tremendously successful home-entertainment release. We’re very pleased to be in business with these industry leaders and to present My One and Only to audiences, both in theaters and at home.
    - Norton Herrick, Chairman and CEO of Herrick Entertainment

    Norton looks like an elderly Harold Ramis (1944 - 2014).

    - - - - - - - - - -


    Let me take a step back. I'm sure most don't know this movie.

    Well, more than a step.

    This was a blind buy, not from Target. I bought this last year from the discount chain, Dollar Tree. From time to time, they get a swatch of DVDs for sale (BDs too). I buy them for their cases, a buck each. I HATE the current eco-cases with holes in them to reduce the amount of plastic used. It's not solid.


    I want solid wall cases. So when these sales surfaces, I buy as many as I can afford, the ones which I know are good. Let me make this clear, not all cases are equal. There are only two kind of disc holder nubs I want. The rest are crap and/or just ugly.

    So I'm buying movies, knowing what kind of cases they are. But that limits the buys. So I often buy random stuff from the sale table; see if I should added them to my list - DVD cases. "My One And Only" was one of them.

    By the way, the case still had the sticker on it, "Only From Target".

    This past April, I finally got around to watching. I really liked it. Now part of my library. It's a coming-of-age and road trip film. As well as a detached mother coming to know her kids.

    - - -

    Gonna give a spoiler - a twist if you want. Whatever, I'm a bastard. And besides the twist in given away in the back of the case.

    This is a dramatization, the life of actor George Hamilton when he was a teen. The events that lead him to become an actor. You don't get the reveal until the very end when George is sitting in his name chair on a movie set.

    God, fine.

    For non X-Geners, Hamilton is a known actor from the 1960s through the 80s. He did a TON of movies and television. He still works, a couple of movies coming out this year (2016).

    So that got me searching. The man has had an amazing life, is there more?

    Yes there is.

    He wrote his memoir (with collaborator William Stadiem), "Don't Mind If I Do: My Adventures In Hollywood"; published by Touchstone in 2008 (320 pages, hardback).

    It's quite an interesting time he found himself in. Sway. A bunch of Hollywood stories and the famous people he met. I need to buy that book.

    Before you ask, Hamilton was an executive producer on the movie, but does not appear in it, nor is the narrator. Or does he appear in any of the extras.


    The movie is set in 1953. Anne Devereaux (Renée Zellweger) and her two boys, George (Logan Lerman) and Robbie (Mark Rendall), from different marriages leave New York in a newly bought (baby-blue) Cadillac, El Dorado. That is a beautiful car. And if it got into a car accident with a modern auto, it would tear it to pieces.

    Anne got her fill of her band leader, husband, Dan (Kevin Bacon) cheating on her. She opts to pull her kids from school to go with her.

    Anne doesn't want to drive so she has fifteen year old, George becomes the chauffeur.

    The plan is to find a new man and father in Boston. A meet up with an old flame. This begins a series of failures, bad decisions and rotten luck.

    From Boston (MA) to Pittsburgh (PA) to St. Louis (MO), Albuquerque (NM) and ending in Los Angeles; various heartbreaks with sprinkles of short lived joy.

    Tired of the directionless rudder - his mom, George decided to go back to Dan, but is hit when he doesn't want him back. This culminates in George living with his aunt, Hope (Robin Weigert) for a while - until he discovers his mom and brother are in financial trouble. And returns to them with money.

    The deal... to finish the trip they started, then leave - to end in Los Angeles. But circumstances pop, an unexpected opportunity that keeps him there with family.

    It ends with Anne not getting any guy; a single mom with an acting kid.

    The only guy who was actually good to her was someone she would never have gone for - he's not rich. Bud (Nick Stahl), the auto mechanic neighbor in Pittsburgh. His little sister, Paula (Molly Quinn; better knows as Alexis on ABC's "Castle") shows George his first topless girl. It was sweat, not salacious. This is PG-13 after all. And no, you don't see anything.

    One of my favorite moments was George in a new school; each kid taking turns in front of the class - 'what I did this past Summer.' His long talk about how he ended up here and how his mom was busted for mistaken prostitution. All the men his mom almost married and so on. His Summer was way more interesting than the rest.

    It was nice how they treated Robbie, a gay kid, a bit flamboyant, but never over the top. While it's acknowledge that he's different and 'not manly', he's not treated badly. There's an on going joke, wherever they move, enrolled into school; Robbie always gets the lead role in the school's play. The joking being, right before he's to go - they have to move once again, never getting to perform, but always so close.

    As for Zellweger, she's...

    How do I put it gently?

    Has aged accordingly? She doesn't quite look as she did in "Empire Records" (1995), cute. This could be because she's had work done, surgery and or botox. She was okay as an entitled Southern Belle; as the movies progresses she becomes more of a realist. But far too late for Bud.

    So is she a gold digger? *thinking*

    I believe she's looking for a good replacement and not afraid to do some work. But is demanding an unrealistic lateral move. She's not as young as she used to be. That caliber of husband is simply beyond her reach.

    Anyhow, one of bit roles caught my attention.

    Who is that?
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    Past Tense - MOAO Part II


    The 'other woman' in Devereaux's bed is Sherry played by Rachel Specter. Quite the looker.

    Which got me wondering after learning; where have I heard that name before?

    Specter was The Girl in those six, RGX body spray TV commercials in 2007. Remember her? Of course you do. She left her mark in those thirty seconds - quite feminine. The ads can be found on YouTube.

    I would say she personified femininity and I don't think I'm alone. You don't have to be dressed in skimpy outfit to be sexy; so much of it is confidence and allure. The hint is just as powerful as skin shown.

    By the way, they fell into oblivion, the RGX brand was owned by Dial Corporation and for whatever reason, went out of business (RGX) in 2009. The product started in January of 2007.

    Never used it, but they had six fragrances; Chill, Rush, Surge, Refresh, Iced and Pure 50.

    Looks like Specter stopped being an actress; she now has two kids. Her last feature was "Deep In The Valley" (2009), which I recommend. More on that in a second.

    Which got me thinking once again.

    Do I own anything with her - movie wise?

    Yes. I do.

    "Deep In The Valley", co-starring a pre-famous Chris Pratt. I bought this on release week from Wal-Mart.

    Yes, that's Kim Kardashian (as Summa Eve) and Denise Richards (as Autumn Bliss) on the cover, both have throw away, bit parts. Rachel is on far left. The DVD comes with a slipcover that mirrors the wraparound. Another poor photoshop cover, but far less crappier than for MOAO.

    The movie tells the story of Carl (Brendan Hines) and Lester (Pratt), childhood friends who share an apartment. Carl is responsible, Lester the horny slacker who works at a liquor store. Their simple world comes crashing down when Lester entered a contest and won a vintage, adult store - video booth. Which is taking up too much space in their small home.

    Trying to cheer up his buddy who broke up with his girlfriend, Lester convinces Carl to watch a skin flick inside.

    Nothing happens, broken? Then a drop.

    The bachelors are no longer in their home and not so familiar environment.

    By means left unexplained, the men have arrived in an alternate universe.

    They're now in Porno World; where everyone is handsome, attractive.

    And every XXX cliché is legitimate.

    Lester is in heaven. Carl is concerned. An exploration is a delight, but their enjoyment is short lived.

    They are relentlessly pursued by law enforcement; Det. Rod Cannon (pre-famous Scott Caan) and his partner, Officer Suzi Diablo (Blanca Soto), a dominatrix.

    He always gets his man, if you catch my drift.

    Our travelers are unwelcome and in legitimate danger.

    Hiding from the police, the guys find reprieve inside the Tri-Pi (giggity giggity) sorority house. There Carl meets Bambi Cummings (Specter).

    The lonely girl is tired of guys with little substance. She wants something deeper...

    Love. You thought different - you perv.


    Soon Cannon and Diablo descends upon them. Bambi decides to help with the duo; locate that porn booth portal before the zealous detective finds them or destroys it first.

    This is an adult fairy tale with a good amount of nudity and camp. The unrated DVD has a nude, video commentary. I think it's the first and only of its kind. Above pix, before she sheds.

    I enjoyed it, fun, campy and sweet. But this concept would do so much better as a mini-series on cable, Showtime or HBO. Take away the supernatural aspect; Diamond Jim character (played by Christopher McDonald). He can still be in there, but not portrayed as a XXX wizard.

    Yes, it's as silly as you just read.

    Same premise, but once they arrive things go from happy/exciting to dangerous.

    This is a very lookism world; only attractive people. Anyone not like them are hunted and put away in what is basically an interment camp; their portal object destroyed. There are a few others who accidentally found their way to Porno World. A very short lived paradise.

    The guys are treated like blacks in the 1960s, not given service in restaurants and more. It is segregation, but more about the populous waiting for the authorities to take the 'uglies' away.

    Just as in the movie, Carl befriends Bambi who helps him and Lester find their way home. Rod Cannon works for their Homeland Security, tirelessly searching for the men; a true believer of the cause - genetic purity. Yes, I'm going there.

    It could be both a funny T&A tale and a serious drama. I would like to see that.

    Behind-the-scenes pix of Specter with Bambi's pink bike in front of the sorority (which has a different name).

    There is a stinger after the end credits - an equilibrium if you will. The movie also features in a bit part, Tracy Morgan as rapper Busta Nut.

    And yes, our lovers do get a happy ending, that one too.

    The other extras include the home video trailer and cast interviews. One last thing. Should you ever be curious. What's inside a resident of Porno World's refrigerator???

    Cans of whipped cream, lots of cherries and a motorized disco ball, which by the way is swanky.

    Come back here on July 7th, 2016 for a 1950s sci-fi classic turned into a big budget steaming turd. Dude!
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    Target - June 28th, 2016

    Kung Fu Panda 3
    Exclusive bonus disc (DVD?); BD/DVD/DC combo $19.99
    free popcorn and medium soda at Target Café with DVD or BD purchase

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    Best Buy - July 5th, 2016

    WWE: Living On A Razor's Edge - The Jeff Hall Story
    Exclusive steelbook; BD only $27.99

    - - - - - - - - - -

    CD available 7/08/16

    "Nonpoint - The Poison Red" with 2 exclusive bonus tracks $13.99

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    Past Tense - TDTEST Part I

    [An earlier version of this PT was originally posted on June 21st, 2012 on JoBlo's "DVD, Blu-Ray & Home Theater Discussion" forum.]

    This week we get screwed into a second dark age by idiot logic in "The Day The Earth Stood Still" (2008)...

    The motion picture opened on December 12th, 2008. It was made with a budget of $80,000,000 (estimated) and grossed over $79 million during its U.S. theatrical run. The film opened number one at the box office, the following week it dropped to number four.

    The feature opened against "Quantum Of Solace"', "Twilight", "Transporter 3" and "Australia".

    This release originally came with an cardboard foil slipcover which mirrored the case's wraparound. I'm talking about the 3-disc version; can't recall the single disc edition. Anyhow, the only insert was the instructions for the digital copy disc. Remember when that was a thing?

    - - -

    This isn't so much an exclusive as it was a freebie.

    If you bought the "3 - Disc Special Edition" you could get a metal Gort mini-statue. It's has weight to it. Not an exclusive, you could buy this separately at comic book stores and the like at the time. This promo was available on release day; April 7th, 2009 for $22.99.

    There was a minimum six per store, I got mine. My Gort is still sealed inside the box. I guess you could have this on your desk or such. *shrugs* The mini die-cast metal figurine is five inches tall.

    The three disc set came with the original 1951 feature film. This is a bare bones presentation, zero extras on the classic. I'll cover that in a few.

    One other thing about this set; this title came in one of those eco cases. I HATE those, huge holes - just asking for the wrapaound to get damaged. I have since replaced it with a regular case using the same two disc holder arm inside.

    - - - - - - - - - -


    I disliked the movie - a lot.

    This DVD is part of collection because of the '51 movie. The remake is barely passable. If the goal was to make it mediocre - mission accomplished!

    I'll be honest, it pissed me off. You had all this money for a major motion picture and this is the best you could muster? Really???.

    *sigh* Where to begin?

    The character of Jacob Benson (Jaden Smith) ruins the feature; my thoughts are echoed by others. This was the first movie I saw Jaden in. My distain continues to grow, he's so punchable.

    The kid in the original (Billy Gray) was a bit precocious, quite true. BUT his questions (to the alien) and wonderment is shared by the viewers. He's our voice and eyes. In 2008 we get a whiny, spoiled, obnoxious brat. Man, I wished his mother (Jennifer Connelly; above pix) would spank him. Or put him to bed then as he slept got a pillow and give him a smothering - 'Go to the light, into the light'.

    I HATED that kid.

    Also didn't care for the new spacecraft, mirrored sphere.

    What I liked about the original saucer was its ramp. The walkway formed; the thing slid out, almost like a pre-CGI morph. I also liked how when the door opened on the dome, it parted, not like it was hinged or something slid out. It was an opening/slit that formed. That's damn majestic for 1951. A big shiny hovering ball wasn't impressive. In fact it feels like a cheat. 'We couldn't be bothered design the ship, so... BALL!'

    The beginning didn't make sense. I had to read online, explaining that the mini sphere took some genetic material from the 1920s mountain climber to form the later human-looking representative, Klaatu (Keanu Reeves); that exposition needed to be way better or completely removed.

    Another big flaw was the mechanical centurion Gort.

    Its actions in the '51 movie moves the plot forward and is threatening. Here the machine is nothing more than a large cardboard standee. Then it breaks up into nanites consuming everything. WTF? Where's the machine that could do serious damage; this gray goo was a cop-out. At least 2008 Gort looked like the original one, I'll give them that.

    By the way GORT is now an acronym for Genetically Organized Robotic Technology. It's a machine, not living, so what's with the 'Genetically'? Just add that nonsense to the ever growing stupid pile.

    Man, did not care for the environmental message - far too in your face.

    Klaatu came to Earth to save the planet from humans. How about this - why can't Klaatu give us a better energy alternative (not talking nuclear) than fossil fuel? That would save the environment and the lame ending.

    The message in the original was about being caring and using common sense. An end to unneeded violence and atrocities. A greater global responsibility, stewardship - environmentalism would've been a given. This should not have been as subtle as a hammer to the face. There are better ways to get the message across without looking like a douche bag.

    I can find better social commentary in "Pornstar Workout" (2009). That cover is quiet feminine. The folks there shared resources and got along quite swimmingly. It's a story of human triumph - we can all work together for a shared goal. Puts a smile on my face and trousers. Man, that's sad, both cover girls, Jenna Haze and Tori Black (holding the weight) have long retired.

    By the way, Manson continues to make XXX titles now for HardX and EroticaX. She's an award winning blue cinema director.

    Back on topic. The ending was crap on a cracker. Klaatu took away our technology (a global EMP [electromagnetic pulse]), bringing about mankind's second Dark Age. It should've never gotten that far - which I also blame Jacob too.

    I'm telling you, a good pillow smothering would've made this a slightly better experience.

    I like this quote, it break down the overall problem by Ain't It Cool News commentator Killdozer:

    Let's examine the basic theme of the new story: we live, the Earth dies. We die, the Earth lives. Given the statistical probability that planets which are able to host life in relation to self-aware, conscious intelligent life such as we are - probability informs us that WE are distinctly more rare. Klaatu is working on the wrong side. He's attempting to eliminate super-rare organisms in order to "save" a more common type of celestial body. It gets even more ridiculous when Klaatu actually has command over terraforming nano machines that he's mis-using to KILL rather than to HEAL.
    Boom!!! There it is. It's a stupid movie that shouldn't have been greenlit until it had a far better screenplay. David Scarpa (screen writer) should be ashamed. Frack, this still makes me angry. They screwed up a classic.

    Plus the remake ditches all Christ metaphors. In the original film, Klaatu (Michael Rennie) hiding among the humans took the name of Carpenter. He died and was resurrected to protect us. And left a message for us to be better people.

    It was all subtle and I didn't make the connection until rewatching the movie as an adult.
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    Past Tense - TDTEST Part II


    Well, not so much.

    Since I'm talking about the remake, I should cover the original.

    I have this laser disc box set, "Limited Autographed Edition". I think, though I could be wrong - I bought this from the former store, Ken Crane's Laser Disc in Long Beach, CA.

    I couldn't give a price that I paid, they often gave discounts.

    The three disc set which included a remastered CD soundtrack retailed for $149.98 and streeted on June 28th, 1995. Yeah, special editions were friggin' expensive back in the day - mine is number 2,375 of 2,500.

    Sides 1 - 3 is in CLV. Side 4 is CAV.

    The box set came with a softcover book, "Robert Wise On His Films: From Editing Room To Director's Chair" (223 pages) from Silman-James Press.

    It covers such films as "The Haunting" (1963) and "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" (1979) among others - including "The Day The Earth Stood Still". Sway.

    The next was quite fancy.

    The soundtrack came on a 24K gold plated CD.

    It contained two previously unreleased cues and a behind-the-scenes track - "Studio Rehearsals & Outtakes".


    1. Fox Logo
    2. Outer Space/Radar
    3. Danger
    4. Klaatu
    5. Gort/The Visor/The Telescope
    6. Escape
    7. Solar Diamonds
    8. Arlington
    9. Lincoln Memorial
    10. Nocturne/The Flashlight/The Robot/Space Control
    11. The Elevator/Magnetic Pull/The Study/The Conference/Jewelry Store
    12. Panic
    13. The Glowing/Alone/Gort's Rage/Nikto/The Captive/Terror
    14. The Prison
    15. Rebirth
    16. Departure
    17. Farewell
    18. Finale
    19. Alternate Theremin Mixes
    20. Studio Rehearsal & Outtakes

    This box is quite the collectible, I've seen prices while researching this entry going for $72 to $100, not bad for an obsolete format. Okay, the autograph and gold CD could be the main selling points.

    This was one of the better box sets of its day. I remember being all excited about the news and getting my own copy.

    Looked at my print archive and found it, you're welcome. Above is the full page ad that appeared in the May 1995 issue of "Image Laserdisc Preview", a laser disc free magazine/catalog (the freebie was rectangular).

    Have all but three issues. I wish I could find them. I doubt I ever will, it was a glossy disposable publication.

    An awesome LD reference.

    - - -

    The movie was released on DVD on March 4th, 2003 for $19.98. It is a special edition. The double sided disc appears to have carried nearly all the extras from the above LD set. But the box has a trailer not included on the DVD. Well... that and the soundtrack.

    It came with a two page insert with production notes and chapter listing.

    Yes, it looks like Gort is wearing silver diapers. Hey, it has to stand still for long periods of time. That's called planning ahead. *nods*

    - - -

    As a promotion for the remake, the original film was re-released on DVD as a two disc special edition. It streeted on December 2nd, 2008 for $19.98. This is NOT a replacement for the '03 home video. This newer edition has items omitted, replaced with new featurettes and bonuses.


    * Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo mix
    * "Making The Earth Stand Still" documentary (1:20:37 minutes)
    * Video Restoration Comparison (3:56 minutes)
    * THX Optimizer
    * British Press Book (gallery)
    * (gallery reductions)

    First off, the original audio was never in stereo.

    This newer edition has altered galleries. I see some new pixs and other pictures not included (gone is Memorabilia). You should keep both DVDs for the best experience, content-wise. The galleries here have no boarder, unlike the '03 version. It helps.

    This came with an online theater voucher (e-Movie Cash [code]) to see the remake for free ($7.50 value for one; the window was December 12th, 2008 to January 31st, 2009).

    There was no insert.

    I believe this DVD has the missing trailer from the 2003 release, two are present.

    - - -

    When I wrote about this in 2012, I made an error. This is not a Wal-Mart exclusive; a new slipcover for the '03 release, seen above. This was given to all retailers. I was justified though, the store has a long history of including a new slipcover over an old title - tricking people in thinking it was a new release. *nods*

    I was fortunate, up until 2005 I didn't own the movie, so this wasn't a double dip for me. Price? I can't recall. Lets say between $9.99 to $12.99.

    - - - - - - - - - -


    In the mid 1980s, writer David Engelbach was commissioned by 20th Century Fox to write a sequel. It was never produced.

    The title was "Target Zero". The aliens mentioned in the 1951 film; because of their own wisdom and experience, see that the human race is heading for an eventual armageddon, a massive nuclear exchange. The result of releasing so many thermonuclear devices simultaneously would destabilize the Earth's magnetic field, sending the planet out of orbit - creating a ripple effect which would deharmonize all the planets of this system and in a matter of time, destroying other civilizations.

    This can not be permitted. Another being is sent, not to warn us, but to annihilate the human race.

    Helen's son, Bobby Benson, now an adult has spent his life being affected by the fact he knew the person named Klaatu. The '51 landing itself has been subsequently debunked by the government. The scientists involved lost their jobs. News footage was miraculously destroyed. And after a while, it became a joke.

    Klaatu's daughter is given the Earth assignment. Because of injuries sustained in First Contact; shortly after arriving home and giving his report on humanity, he died. His daughter has a grudge with our species.

    When Bobby meets the daughter and learns of her mission, he tires to convince her that mankind is worth saving. Ultimately she acts against her orders. Like SkyNet, they cause a global launching, all the warheads are released simultaneously. The duo must disarm the nuclear arsenal before the missiles impact, otherwise her mission would have been a complete failure.

    In the process of disarming, all the intricate communication satellites and all the military information they carry is channeled onto commercial television broadcasts so that people can witness the casualty analysis from NORAD computers indicating how may billions will be killed in a matter of minutes. The televised event sets off an international shock wave; this is not a hoax.

    They're failing, not enough time - the world is about to end. An intervention happens, we are saved by the same aliens. It creates a tremendous uproar among humanity and world governments are overturned. The last shot is news footage of a new global nation being signed at the U.N. and the dismantling of armies.

    Could that feature work? Don't know, maybe. It really depends on how they would've treated the message; lightly or heavy handed?

    And there you go.

    Need to wash this bitter taste? Yeah, me too. Come back here on July 21st, 2016 for a campy classic with adventure, hawk men and penis shaped rocket ships! But oddly no hawk women.
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    Target - July 12th, 2016

    The Divergent Series: Allegiant
    Exclusive packaging and bonus disc (format unknown); BD/DVD/DC combo $17.99

    - - - - - - - - - -

    CD available 07/15/16

    "Kidz Bop 32" with 4 exclusive bonus tracks $10.99

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    Best Buy - July 12th, 2016

    The Divergent Series: Allegiant
    Exclusive steelbook; BD only $19.99

    - - - - - - - - - -

    CD available 07/15/16

    "Good Charlotte - Youth Authority" with 2 exclusive bonus tracks $8.99

    "Nonpoint - The Poison Red" with 2 exclusive bonus tracks $13.99 (available now)

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    Batman vs. Superman
    Exclusive digi-book with lenticular packaging; BD/DVD/DC combo $24.99

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    Best Buy - July 19th, 2016

    Batman vs. Superman
    Exclusive graphic novel; BD/DVD/DC combo $39.99
    Exclusive steelbook; BD/DVD/DC combo $29.99

    - - - - - - - - - -

    "Suicide Squad CD single" exclusive store release with $2.00 coupon for later soundtrack $1.99 (available July 22nd)
    "Good Charlotte - Youth Authorty" with 2 exclusive bonus tracks $8.99 (availalble now)

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    Best Buy - July 19th, 2016

    Batman vs. Superman
    Exclusive graphic novel; BD/DVD/DC combo $39.99
    Exclusive steelbook; BD/DVD/DC combo $29.99

    - - - - - - - - - -

    "Suicide Squad CD single" exclusive store release with $2.00 coupon for later soundtrack $1.99 (available July 22nd)
    "Good Charlotte - Youth Authorty" with 2 exclusive bonus tracks $8.99 (availalble now)

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    Past Tense - Not Custard Part I

    Another brand new entry!

    This week we find ourselves in historical inaccuracies, riding along with George Armstrong Custer...

    "Custer: The Complete Series" was released on home video on June 7th, 2016.

    It streeted against "Vinyl: The Complete First Season", "Hail Cesar" and "Zootopia".

    This came in a transparent case with the wraparound printed on both side. The inner has a George A. Custer still (star Wayne Maunder) and episode listing, but no synopsis nor air dates. *shakes fist*

    There was no insert or slipcover issued.

    Let me address this first; there is an error on various websites showcasing the release. For some reason it lists the distributor as Timeless Media Group, but was in fact released by Shout! Factory - which owns TMG.

    - - -

    This was bought in early July - while getting the data for my DVD collection's ORPL (Original Retail Price List), I found out why I couldn't locate on Amazon. And decided to give it a watch - if I wanted to keep, before doing a PT writing up.

    I enjoyed for what it is. And until browsing those store shelves had not heard of it before. Anyhow, I then realized that time is running out if I wanted to post this. So it was quite a last minute scribe.

    "Custer" is a limited time, exclusive release from Wal-Mart. It's retail price is $24.98, but can be found for $12.99 - which is the amount I paid. Please note, not all Wal-Marts carry it. I was out of town when I saw and and blind bought it, don't know why this is the case.

    Furthermore - this an unannounced exclusive, no sticker on it indicating that it is. Almost like they went out of their way NOT to call attention to it. *shakes head* Does it still have the stain?

    The four disc set has one extra, presented in widescreen; "Native Americans On Television: A Discussion With Clementine Brodeaux". An interview with Academic Coordinator & Lecturer American Indian Studies from UCLA. It has a run time of 14:37 minutes.

    Since the series is from 1967, it is in full screen (in color). In a month or so, this will be widely available at other retailers.

    - - - - - - - - - -


    Before I get into this - the series does not end at Little Big Horn; had it gone to second season, it would've concluded at his most famous/infamous battle. By the way, much of it was shoot at 20th Century Fox ranch in Malibu, CA.

    While the set does carry all seventeen episodes - including the show's final episode, "Pursued" which did not air. It is not whole.

    This came out in the time when Networks would from time to time take pilot episodes or TV movies and expanded them for limited theatrical releases (sometimes overseas).

    This happened to the NBC series "Buck Rogers In The 25th Century" (1979) and ABC's "Battlestar Galactica" (1978) as well as Steven Spielberg's early CBS TV movie "Duel" (1971); think proto "Jaws" (1975) with a big rig. That last one had sixteen more minutes filmed by Spielberg on the original seventy-four minute length.

    And this happened here too. In 1968, the pilot ("Sabers In The Sun"; September 6th, 1967) was expanded, mixed in with the episode "To The Death" (September 27th, 1967) along with other series moments; crafted into a ninety-four minute motion picture called "The Legend Of Custer".

    I apologize, I am unable to give an exact date in '68 when this hit theaters.

    On March 8th, 2016, the recut was released on home video from 20th Century Fox's "Cinema Archives", an MOD (manufacture on demand); UPC# 0-24543-11553-3. An official DVD-R release with printed wraparound in case. It retails for $19.98. And came with zero extras, not even the trailer. There was no slipcover or insert.

    As said above, the series is full screen; for its theatrical release - cropped, top and bottom to make widescreen. It is presented in Dolby Digital 2.0 sound with ten chapters. A big complaint is how no remastering was done with washed out colors and fluxed sharpness, along with scratches and debris on the print used.

    Not a great viewing. The TV series picture quality is a kinda better, but just a bit.

    Man, this continues to bug me - the prices on studio MODs. These things are DVD-Rs, no physical storage at all, made when ordered. So these things should be no more than ten bucks - tops. Perhaps more practically priced at $7.99 each.

    - - - - - - - - - -


    *deep sigh*

    There is still much debate on the real man; shameless self-promotion and arrogant or a well planned tactician with a flare for spectacle to full on coward.

    Too much feelings on each side, even after a hundred-fourty years. His legacy is that of controversy, which I suppose is the stuff of legends. Good or bad as it were.

    The show concerns itself with his post-Civil War career, roughly a year or so before his death; assigned to Fort Hays in Kansas to head the 7th Cavalry - a then group of riff raffs transformed into real soldiers. The ABC series (which aired Wednesdays at 7:30 pm) gave Custer a positive spin.

    Not a showman, but rather a leader who felt his superiors were stuck in politics rather than solving problems. Thing that could be fixed right now are put aside that only creates later woes; his battle for loopholes to get his will done, stubborn too. He does have some moments of celebrity, it's not given much screen time. I didn't see much vanity in this portrayal.

    This was one of the huge gripes - his depiction. Another big one was all the historical inaccuracies; Crazy Horse was Sioux, not Kiowa. Custer was married when he served in the Cavalry out West. The worst was the stereotypical depiction of Indians in the series.

    '...distortions of frontier history'

    'The depiction of savage Indians slaughtering white men is offensive to civil rights groups'

    '...detrimental to Indians'

    The show was created by Samuel A. Peeples and David Weisbart. Even before it aired, "Custer" was under attack by Native American tribes who were pissed by the above. The chief protector was Weisbart (and executive producer), defended his show with passion. But all that came to an end on July 21st, 1967.

    While playing golf with friend, actor Stephen Boyd (not on the series), he dropped dead from a heart attack. His final words...

    Isn’t this a beautiful day, a gorgeous day to be out here.
    That was the final nail. There was no one to defend it. Seven episodes were made under Weisbart.

    Adding to cancelation stew was Viet Nam. *nods* People did not want a pro-military show on television; perceived military glory - connected to a man whom many believed was the personification of a mindset that got them into this foreign war in the first place.

    Lots of things added up against it. The funny thing - the show was pulling decent ratings. All the pressure from different interests that cause ABC to pull the plug - four months in.

    The only other western to get that amount of hate was NBC's "The Men From Shiloh", the final season (1970), revamped show from "The Virginian" (1962). All the seasons are on DVD.

    Another death happened too. Actor Grant Woods who played Capt. Miles Keogh was killed on October 31st, 1968; killed in a Los Angeles freeway accident on his motorcycle. He's on the top promo pix, the man holding the flag on the far right.

    By the way, the episodes end with a voice over, "tonight's episode has been a fictional drama" - didn't help much.

    The pilot was grander than expected, felt like a movie; good cinematography and panoramic views. The acting was solid with some cliché, but that's to be expected. The one major things this had going was Wayne Maunder as Custer, great casting. The man looks like the person he's playing. He comes across as introspective and decisive.

    His best friend is a scout, California Joe Milner played by Slim Pickens, pictured above. I was impressed by him; you would expect he's just there for minor exposition and mostly comic relief. Comic relief in the minor sense, his role was quite serious and somber. Did not expect that.

    Let's be honest, the roles Slim Pickens has done is bigger than life - exaggerations. Look at his parts in "Blazing Saddles" (1974, as Taggart) and "1941" (1979 as Hollis P. Wood) and of course "Dr. Strangelove Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb" (1964 as Major T.J. "King" Kong) as good examples.

    Sure; born Louis Burton Lindley, Jr.; he took the stage name of Slim Pickens as a rodeo youth. Done to keep his father from knowing what he was doing, since his father forbade him.
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    Past Tense - Not Custard Part II

    Michael Dante did a good job as Crazy Horse.

    Freaky, Peter Palmer (as Sgt. James Bustard) at times looks like actor Clancy Brown. There were times I did a double take. He's also on the top promo pix in Part I, the man holding the flag on the left right.

    Took me awhile to make the connection on Robert F. Simon, plays Brid. Gen. Alfred Terry. Where have I seen him before? Oh! Simon played the curmudgeon news chief, J. Jonah Jameson on the live action series, "The Amazing Spider-Man" (CBS 1977). Man, why isn't it on DVD?

    The oddest thing to come to light while researching - the time travel connection.

    The control of time is potentially the most valuable treasure that man will ever find.
    - Dr. Douglas Phillips

    THIS was the show that got "The Time Tunnel" canceled!!!

    A step back, it debuted on September 9th, 1966 and took place in the future of 1968.

    Hidden deep within the Arizona desert is a top secret program, "Project Tic-Toc". At a cost of nearly seven and a half billion over ten years, it is America's first effort in utilizing an untapped resource, time itself. The complex houses some 12,000 personal in eight hundred floors of laboratories, computer processing stations, libraries, storage and dormitories; a pocket metropolis below the dunes.

    A visit from Senator Leroy Clark (Gary Merrill) puts the exorbitant endeavor in jeopardy. It has yet to operate as advertised, lab monkeys and mice have been transported, none returned. Clark wants a functional demonstration or he's pulling the plug.

    Later that evening Dr. Anthony "Tony" Newman (James Darren) sneaks into the Tunnel room, powers up the leviathan hoping his new radiation bath will solve the tracking issue; bring him back to the present. The young phenom finds himself shifted fifty-six years in the past, dumped on board a brand new luxury liner on her maiden voyage - the RMS Titanic.

    It is April 13th, 1912, the day before she sank. Tony tries to warn Captain Malcolm Smith (Michael Rennie) of the impending hazard, but is branded a loon and locked away. Back at Tic-Toc, friend and colleague Dr. Doug Phillips (Robert Colbert) hopes to rescue his compadre by entering the Tunnel himself. After freeing Tony and attempting to send a wireless about the iceberg, both men are captured.

    Doug too pleads with Capt. Smith, but it's too late, history unfolds. As the ship lowers into the sea, both chrononauts are pulled off, destination unknown; the result of an unfinished, not properly tested technology - lost to time, jumping from point to point... hoping to return home. Clark relents and the budget is continued. Flaws and all, the U.S. has a working time machine.

    Above is concept art (left) and the finished shot from the pilot (done with a matte painting). Lasted one season and is on DVD; broken into two volumes (both from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment in 2006), this was a time when TV shows were thirty-two episodes long, though this had thirty programs, fondly remembered.

    The DVDs (double sided) have a bunch of extras.

    BUT one is missing, found out while researching "Custer". So many rabbit holes.

    Created by Irwin Allen, the pilot has three versions; televised, unaired version (different ending [on Vol. 1]) and an unseen theatrical cut. Allen was hedging his bets, if the $500,000 pilot wasn't picked up, he was going to release it in theaters with a conclusion.

    As the ship is sinking, chrononauts are swiped off - it is Dr. Ann MacGregor (Lee Meriwether, above) who sees a solution in the computer readouts and brings both men back to the present. This was filmed, but not shown. And still remains unseen. The pilot has a young Dennis Hopper as Tabor, a Titanic passenger; his subplot was cut entirely - he's only seen in the background in one scene.

    Doug and Tony DID meet Custer in "Massacre" (October 28th, 1966). The duo fall into June 24th, 1876 in South Dakota - near Little Bighorn, surrounded by over a dozen dead Cavalry soldiers. You can guess the rest. Custer was played by Joe Maross. Now it would've been a wonderment if Wayne Maunder had done the role earlier. *wicked smile*

    Great potential in the finale episode; Doug and Tony find themselves...

    back on Titanic! Could this have been a "Back To The Future: Part II" (1989) type situation? Trying to avoid running into earlier an version of themselves. We'll never know, canceled.

    While it wasn't getting great ratings, "The Time Tunnel" was doing well enough to be renewed. And was considered one of the Network's successes. It aired on Fridays.

    Point your fingers at Weisbart; he was pushing for "The Legend Of Custer" (show's original title) on ABC execs. At that point in 1967 the fall schedule was picked, though not announced officially. David Weisbart managed to get a majority of Network executives to give it a spot.

    The problem - no available time slot for an hour program. Because of growing Allen schlock, he made cheap shows with reused footage, recycled props and sometimes (okay more than sometimes) weak stories, feeble still on history lessons; "The Time Tunnel" took historical liberties.

    Because of that, Custer was given a time slot AND given additional promo funding. THIS show would be based on fact not fiction. Yeah, not so much on that.

    Above is a composite of four snaps taken from the episode "Crack Of Doom"; October 14th, 1966. In it there is a panned view of the Tunnel control room. Thought you might like that.

    The man in uniform is Tic Toc commander, Lt. General Heywood Kirk (Whit Bissell). To the left of MacGregor is Dr. Raymond Swain (John Zaremba).

    The farthest they went forward was the year 8433, but they did land in 1978 (did not foresee bell-bottoms), stopping aliens from stealing our air. Important to note. In the far distant future, there was a technological regression (???); their computer systems are punch card based. Man, I suppose Devo was right.

    I would love to see it remade - not like the unsold pilot (2002; on Vol. 2). Done for Showtime or HBO, so it can have teeth. Keep it set in 1968, that retro look and systems calculating the infinite. Same premise, new stories. And perhaps cameos by the surviving cast. Plus I would like them to incorporate future technology to the base. Plus take a plot point from "Star Trek: Enterprise" (2001), Temporal Cold War.

    In the distant future, there is a quiet war between nations to change their future by altering the past. The problem is there is no record of Project Tic Toc. Here's a massive operation which went under their radar and erased from history. This is the wild card. Up until their discovery, they had no idea that such a feat was even possible with 1960s apparatuses. Tic Toc now gets caught up in this war to shape the future.

    I would like the reveal to be one of their own. In the series, they added a new character for no reason. Never addressed if he was a scientist or a techie. He's in the image above - the man in lab coat to the right of Gen. Kirk, simply known as Jerry (Sam Groom).

    Jerry turns out be a scientist from the future - uncovers energy spikes, not theirs and to the best of their knowledge, not them. So who do they belong to? He went back in time to investigate and embedded himself in Tic Toc. That could be cool, a subtle subplot happening in the background; that when revealed makes you want to watch the previous shows to catch teases and hint of something bigger at play.

    For the series finale we learn why there is no knowledge of this endeavor - the General ordered all paper and records destroyed to prevent their discovery until it was... time. And I would like to see more of the facility; the labs, archives, dormitories, main character's quarters and Kirk's office, not just limited to the Tunnel control room.

    As mentioned previously, I'm an X-Gener; the show pre-dates me.

    Only reason I know about this series is because of those five TV movies; "Raiders From The Moon", "Kill Or Be Killed", "Revenge Of The Gods", "Old Legends Never Die" and "Aliens From Another Planet". These were complied from ten episodes, two each. It wouldn't be until '06 that I finally saw the show on home video.

    Anyhow, these were shown often in the early 1980s on the weekends, KTLA (Los Angeles) on "Family Film Festival". A weekend movie broadcast, hosted by Tom Hatten who give various trivia and sometimes had a star from it interviewed. As I recall; on 3pm on Saturday and repeated on 10am Sunday. Many films were exposed to me on that venue. The show lasted fourteen years. Lots of great memories.

    Before I forget, the entry written for this week will appear on September 8th, 2016.

    "Custer" is entertaining, but not without faults - have no buyer's remorse, now part of my DVD collection. The next PT will get all angsty on August 4th, 2016. *winks*
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