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    Best Buy - March 20th, 2018

    Jumanju: Welcome To The Jungle
    Exclusve steelbook; 4k BD/BD/DC combo $32.99

    Pitch Perfect 3
    Exclusive steelbook; 4k BD/BD combo $27.99

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    Past Tense - Teens, Sentiments & Fowls Part I

    [An earlier (proto) version of this PT was originally posted on August 18th, 2011 on JoBlo's "DVD, Blu-Ray & Home Theater Discussion" forum.]

    This month across America, students celebrate Spring Break - some will engage a location in California that is Laguna Beach...

    MTV's "Laguna Beach: [The Real Orange County] The Complete Second Season" was released on home video on August 8th, 2006.

    It streeted against "Larry The Cable Guy: Health Inspector", "C.S.A.: The Confederate States Of America" and "Bring It On: All Or Nothing".

    The release came with two inserts.

    The first was creative, a mock postcard (which is why I scanned it) from the LB store; 20% off discount with the provided code (LB20OFF - wonder if you could insert a 50 in place of that 20) - expired on September 12th, 2006. The other side was an ad for another MTV program, "8th & Ocean: The Complete First Season" (then coming to home video). This also had a 20% off code (8O10OFF), expired on the same day.

    The second insert was a contest from Pepsi.

    Be one of the first 2000 customer to sign up and receive a FREE Laguna Beach Season 2 Soundtrack.
    Log in to their cross promotion website with provided code and see if you won a free copy of season two, soundtrack. Don't see a CD for that, I suspect it was "Laguna Beach: Summer Last Forever" soundtrack, released on November 7th, 2006. The other side was contest rules; ran from August 8th to September 8th, 2006.

    - - -

    There were so many exclusives and getting them, took me years. Lets address this alphabetically...

    On street, Best Buy offer an exclusive bonus DVD, this set sold for $26.99. There were a minimum of twenty copies per store. The bonus came in a white CD envelope.

    The ad list it as "Fashion Of Laguna Beach" - the real title as seen above is "Laguna Beach Aftershow: The Best Of Laguna Style". It as a run time of 26:34 minutes (with eight chapters).

    This disc was the hardest to obtain and was the final bonus to complete my set. That finally happened on October 10th, 2017. Six years from start to finish.

    The next was something I never thought I would get my hands on - in fact, had gotten it by accident, thinking early on my quest, I had bought the Best Buy bonus.

    I was wrong, instead what I bought was much rarer...

    - - -

    If you pre-ordered season two from MTV's online store, you could have the set with a bonus DVD. And have it sooner too. The set was scheduled to be shipped out on July 18th, 2006 - three weeks before general release.

    The pre-order was for $34.95. I have no idea how many were made available. This came in a printed CD sleeve. Incidentally, season two was to have a July 25th release, but got held back for unknown reason(s).

    This disc has the longest run time of all the bonus DVDs - 95:54 minutes (there were no chapters in any of these). From watching, I can tell you that the featurette "Laguna Beach: The Aftershow - Laguna Style" did not have overlap with "Laguna Beach Aftershow: The Best Of Laguna Style".

    You got different materials on each.

    This was the best of the exclusives in terms of content. Most sway.

    - - -

    Next on street was another bonus disc - also in a white CD envelope from Suncoast/FYE stores, same disc. This has a run time of 28:35 minutes (with six chapters).

    Well to be accurate the bonus was available to all Trans World Entertainment stores which was Coconuts, FYE, Sam Goody, Strawberries, Suncoast and Wherehouse.

    This is beyond my reach. I do not know the original retail price. I made various efforts, but failed.

    As with the above, there was no overlap with "Laguna Beach Aftershow: The Best Of Going Home With" and the MTV featurette, "Laguna Beach, The Aftershow - Going Home With".

    Because I have more images to cover on the next store exclusive, I need to cut this short and move onto Part II since each of these post have a ten image limit and the next entry has quite a few pixs.

    So scroll down...
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    Past Tense - Teens, Sentiments & Fowls Part II

    Not to be left out, Target had their own on street - this was a bundle set.

    It came with an exclusive slipcover which fit over a slightly thicker box; thicker since it had additional physical extras. Their exclusive bonus disc came in its own thin case.

    This also came with a twenty-two page photo booklet (pixs by Michael Muller). Above is a sample page.

    The text is in gold foil on the front (booklet), my scanner didn't do it justice. Sorry.

    Target's offering sold for $27.99.

    By the way, the girl on the far left of the slipcover is Jessica; she looks like she has downs syndrome with that image distortion.

    Of all the bonus DVDs, this was the weakest.

    This has a run time of 91:38 minutes. The single, genuine LB bonus has no chapters (8:38 minutes). The others have between three to four chapters each. Can't say I care for the non-show extras, minus "The Hills", but even then I have various ("The Hills") season sets - making it rather redundant.

    This ends the bonus DVDs. All the extra DVDs are presented in full screen. Before you ask. I do know know for sure if those white CD envelopes came packed outside the box or inside.

    Though I suspect it was inside the package.

    Anyhow, all bonus discs together, their run time is 242:41 minutes; now for show related 'real' extras, that number is 159:41 minutes.

    Season two was given special treatment by me; over the years I had put aside two disc thin cases - for this very box. Each of the bonus DVDs are inside along with the series discs, they all fit.

    For such a fluffy show, the season set is now heavy.

    - - -

    The last store exclusive is from Wal-Mart and like Suncoast's offering, the retail price has been lost to time. Do not know, I apologize.

    The store had a kinda weak, 'Exclusive Gift Set'.

    Season two was side packed with the tie-in book "Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County - Life In The Bubble".

    The softcover is nearly DVD size and was written by Kathy Passero and Beth Efran.

    The 208 page book was published by MTV Books on November 15th, 2005 for $12.95.

    Better book image, above right. Did not buy this - gift set image from fellow enthusiast.

    - - - - - - - - - -



    How many times did I have to rebuy to complete? Five times over. How much spent? I can't say; rather not think about it.

    Should be noted that season two is presented in anamorphic widescreen, unlike season one.

    Above is the regular edition DVD season set. The girl on the far right is Kristin Cavallari, a better view of her is above too.

    Since it was brought up a little while ago.

    As it stands for me, one more season to go to own the complete "The Hills". Season Five was broken into two installments, the sad part is the final season was an MOD (Manufacture On Demand); official DVD-R releases.

    I guess at that point the series was slowing, not worth giving a genuine pressing.

    Before you start, yes I know both shows are fake and total fluff, but it's still entertaining and comfy.

    There you go folks, that ends Spring Break month. But theme coverage continues - in fact it covers two months!

    Come back here on April 5th, 2018 for the start of a pesky A.I. - who really isn't a people person with a deep streak of mass homicide.
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    Target - March 27th, 2018

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi
    Exclusive packaging with 40 page gallery book; BD/DVD/DC combo $27.99

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    Best Buy - March 27th, 2018

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi
    Exclusive steelbook; 4k BD/BD/DC combo $34.99
    Exclusive steelbook; BD/DVD/DC combo $27.99

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    Best Buy - April 2nd, 2018

    CDs available now

    "Stone Temple Pilots [2018]" with 2 exclusive bonus tracks $8.99
    "Myles Kennedy - Year Of The Tiger" with 3 exclusive bonus tracks $8.99

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    Past Tense - Front Row Apocalypse Part I

    [An earlier version of this PT was originally posted on January 8th, 2015 on JoBlo's "DVD, Blu-Ray & Home Theater Discussion" forum.]

    The life you know; all the stuff that you take for granted - it's not gonna last in "Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines"...

    The motion picture opened on July 2nd, 2003. It was made with a budget of $200,000,000 (estimated) and grossed over $150 million during its U.S. theatrical run; counting foreign receipts it made $433,371,112. The film opened number two at the box office, the following week it rose to number one.

    The feature opened against "Finding Nemo", "28 Days Later", "Hulk" and "2 Fast 2 Furious".

    No slipcover issued, originally came with two inserts. 1) A two page chapter listing with bonus index. 2) T3 advertisement; Atari's T3 video game, "Pumping Iron: The 25th Anniversary Edition", leather jacket, sunglasses, cap, t-shirt, T3 bobble heads set (Schwarzenegger and Loken) and life-size cardboard standees (Schwarzenegger and Loken).

    And a free DVD offer by mail ($3.25 shipping); buy T3 and one of the following: "Batman & Robin", "Collateral Damage" or Eraser" (all cardboard snappers) to qualify for a free title. The free title is one of the three - offer expired February 27th, 2004. Mail in the poof-of-purchase tabs or UPCs with money and included form on the ad insert.

    This ad also offered a five dollar rebate from Atari's for "Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines" video game (must have receipt for the DVD and video game purchase); offer expired on March 15th, 2004. Rebate was available to U.S. and Canadian residents.

    - - -

    This is mega post in six parts!

    You will get answers to your long running questions. Heavily researched by myself - the subject of eight months of work; on and off, NOT a joke (dead serious). This entry and the next PT share the same amount of time as I did both probes at the same time. Man, I'm so anal.

    Since this predates my archive, have no store advertisement, sorry.

    There was a single exclusive from Best Buy. A business card sized CD-ROM, came inside a clear plastic sleeve. Can't remember if it was sealed on the back of the case or inside; more than fourteen years ago. Set streeted on November 11th, 2003, sold for $15.99.

    Believe the card was available for the widescreen and full screen editions.

    Access is nearly gone. But I have an older computer than can boot-up Mac OS 9 which is how I was able to run and take screen snaps.

    First and last screen, above.

    The card has two short videos of production artwork and storyboards, plus two screen savers.

    And two galleries; production photos and concept art (eight pictures each).

    Above, concept art; T-X melting from the particle accelerator. Man, EWF was right, "Magnetic" is indeed the rhythm of a dangerous game.

    Had to enlarge the image.

    All the gallery images were small, low res.

    Has a T vs. T page (above); basic info on each Terminator. I did like the scale model of the early version of the T-1 (from the gallery), but I can see why it was rejected - no chrome at all.

    This was my very first DVD purchase which so happened to have an exclusive. I recall having to exchange it. One of the discs was damaged. I recall asking the clerk at Customer Service if I could keep the CD-ROM card, she said 'sure'.

    - - - - - - - - - -


    Before I get into my long winded rant (tons of spoilers) about folks who hate the film; perceived discontinuity and other bits. Let me say this was a dreaded entry - too much to research and coverage.

    The first time around when posted on JoBlo, I kept pushing the release date - was going to be August 2014. But as you read above January 2015. Work had begin in April of '14; CD-ROM card snaps and basic stats; did not feel like scaling a mountain since it grew and grew. So got posted in 2015.

    For 2017 I did various edits and subtractions since I wrote a Void entry on "Wrong Turn 6: Bloodbath" (2014) which is now moot. The DVD as been re-released, modified; controversy fixed.

    Sure... filmmakers used a real missing person's photo in the movie without permission. Nuff said.

    Added new images and expanded topics.

    You'll never appreciate the effort, I know. Oh well, hope you find it informative and comprehensive. Okay done self-patting.

    First thing's first - what's the correct way to watch the movie? Not a flippant comment.

    Debated for some time.

    This was released in '03. It was a time when most TV programs did not air, nor were produced in widescreen; only a few progressive used that format.

    It is believed/suspected, director Jonathan Mostow with cinematographer Don Burgess framed it as a full screen motion picture; the studio's intent of selling the television broadcast rights which at that period, predominately full screen.

    At the time of lensing, it was expected to be a blockbuster (which it was, mostly, but poor word of month tarnished its success - people were comparing it to "Matrix Reloaded" [2003]). The TV rights could have been licensed for serious money.

    So Mostow basically zoomed-in and cropped off the top and bottom to make it widescreen for theatrical release.

    In the fall of 2013, got curious; while at the swap meet, I saw a full screen copy of T3 - for a dollar. Disc one, the movie DVD was mint, the second wasn't. What I eventually did was relocate T3 into a four disc case; widescreen edition, full screen edition, special features disc and the exclusive card along with the original inserts.

    Stills below were taken from the exact frame on each edition.

    Something I hadn't notice - example on the right. Some of the engineers are working on a proto-Terminator. How could I have not seen that before? Sway.

    As for the arrival image of the T-X (Kristanna Loken), had to censor the full screen. While her left nipple is covered by her long hair - her areola is quite visible. To play it safe, I blurred, sorry.

    And as you can tell, widescreen is a shade more darker. *shrugs*

    - - -

    "Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines" was released on HD-DVD on September 26th, 2006 for $28.99. The dead format has content that doesn't exist on DVD, thought it does have most of its extras with two new items...

    A new commentary by Mostow with screenwriters John Brancato and Michael Ferris, cinematographer Burgess and production designer Jeff Mann. New video commentary on the making with behind-the-scenes footage and storyboards and interviews, that plays with the film. That extra has been called weak, lots of spots where nothing is shown and when it does appear - much of the time has nothing to do with what's on screen.

    The Blu-Ray version is a clone of the HD-DVD, content.

    If T3 gets re-released on DVD, I would rebuy for that newer commentary. *nods* Warner Home Video make it happen.

    - - - - - - - - - -


    I'll start with a quote from a nihilist, then to the sequel's number one gripe.

    You can't inspect something in culture without immediately having to defend it from a horde of idiots.
    - Bret

    John Connor (Nick Stahl) - why is he so weak? A 180 from where he was at the end of "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" (1991); he's not a fighter.

    Crap like that makes me loose a fragment (more) - faith of humanity's intelligence. *deep sigh*

    See the situation from this vantage...

    Since the events of the last film, John Connor has been waiting for the next wave of robot assassins to snuff him. Anything could/can be archived; a letter, a journal or video could lead THEM to him. So John must live with no connections. Then his mom dies from cancer, he has no one to talk to, not just about belief in his story since they could say or write something that could thread back to him.

    Judgment Day passes, August 29th, 1997 was an ordinary day. What is my life purpose? Does he just rebuild or keep under the radar? But what if, that's what THEY WANT; a slip - a marker to trace. How do you function with such a high level of genuine paranoia?

    His actions are not his own - John has to think about the future of the human race, his burden. The man is nearly an alcoholic. Waiting for Metal to come for him and our species. There is no release, he's burnt out. That was the most honest evolution in my opinion. We had to see him that way - in real life, heroes DO burn out. Connor is a broken man who wants out; but no one to take the weight. That's sad and quite depressing.

    But here's the big fact. If he is that person to lead the human resistance, billions must die; much of the world rendered into ashes, a simple fact. If this is your fate - you become the Reaper. A huge burden to ask any sane person.
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    Past Tense - Front Row Apocalypse Part II

    Consider... how many times has he felt threatened and retaliated to non-machines?

    Start - at the veterinary, he is armed with a paint ball gun. Many have taken issue; calling him a pacifist buffoon. How can he lead the resistance? Question should be - why does he have a paint ball gun?

    Heartbreaking answer, John Connor has taken many lives in the intervening years - human lives; people he had mistaken for Metal. He has a legitimate reason to be paranoid. Always on the guard - 'is that guy following me?' Have to be sure... *pulls trigger*

    Touched upon in "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" series (2008 - 2009; Fox). Episode, "The Demon Hand" (February 25th, 2008), extended cut (on home video); Dr. Peter Silberman (now played by Bruce Davison) believes Sarah's rantings of the coming Judgment Day. The former psychiatrist has been murdering people he thought were Metal; burying them on his property in the woods - paranoid.

    We may never know how many innocent lives John took, but we know he's tremendously guilty which is why he carries a paint ball gun instead of a real one (scare away, not to murder). Add to the fact, he hasn't seen a Terminator in years - just alone in the dark with his apocalyptic thoughts.

    That's why Kate Brewster (Claire Danes) is so vital, not because she's his future wife.

    She is probably the single most important person in the entire resistance.

    Not joking.

    She has medical training... with animals, true - not it. Not for battle strategy, she has none. Kate is the person who rebuilds John into the man we expect him to be. She gives him back what was lost - confidence. Let that sink in. In this entire saga, SkyNet should've targeted her - priority one. Off her; John remains a broken kid who grew into a fragile adult.

    When I found out that Edward Furlong wasn't reprising John Connor (from T2) I was bummed; I like continuity. Then I saw Stahl as John at the theater on opening day - was pleased.

    Early on, Furlong was going to play John, but in December of 2001 news came out he was dropped. The actor has a long history of substance abuse. Stahl then got the part before shooting started in April 2002.

    A side note...

    The same fate happened to Nick Stahl; alcohol and narcotics. In fact Stahl went missing in 2012 for nearly a week. He was found and sent to rehab. He continues to work to become better.

    - - -

    Which brings up another protest... Kate Brewster?

    Why is she there? She isn't mentioned in T1 or T2 if she was so important?

    Why would she be mentioned? The events in T1, John was conceived. Sarah and Kyle Reese (Michael Biehn) had better things to deal with than her son's future mate. He had to keep her alive so that she can gives birth to the savior.

    In T2, John was a boy, who with his mother and robot Protector tried to stop SkyNet from being formed with help from Miles Bennett Dyson (Joe Morton) who reverse engineered the damage neural-net processor from the crushed Terminator in T1. Yes, that was a run-on sentence.

    AND why would the T-800 even bring up Kate? Why would child John even think about child Kate, whom he knew from school (West Hills Junior High)? There isn't a conflict at all. She wasn't part of the stories they were telling, non-issue.

    Consider her absence as deliberate. As I wrote, she could very well be the lynchpin of the entire resistance; her safety for John's well being is the thing that will bring about the end of the machines. Crush her, crush humanity. Rule number one... 'we don't talk about Kate'. And she may not be known to the soldiers as John's wife, but his lover, a.k.a. Special Lady Friend.

    That's what the T-X is doing now... Brewster is on the list. But that's something that's only now happening. The other time travel executions did not have her marked; maybe because SkyNet didn't know.

    Claire Danes wasn't cast as Kate originally. The roles was played by Sophia Bush. Footage was filmed of her, but those dailies didn't flatter her. The director believed she looked too young in the scenes. The role was recast with Danes at the last minute. This footage isn't on the DVD.

    - - -

    Then there's a whole gaggle of Garys from Fremont who are bothered by Judgment Day even happening - invalidates Kyle's message to Sarah (Linda Hamilton) in "The Terminator" (1984); "No fate but what we make". It makes all the events in T2 pointless. Humanity will fall to Metal, no matter what it does. For that reason - this group don't even acknowledge T3 as canon. *deep sigh*

    Absolutely zero conflict.

    Time travel as I envision is a lake. Throw pebbles into it; breaks the surface and causes ripples, these alterations can be felt by those next to it. But if you were on the other side of the lake, you wouldn't notice anything.

    These were personal changes of other people, that have no bearing to your existence. The bigger the stone thrown, the more of a splash it makes - more it effects others.

    SkyNet going A.I. deciding to eradicate mankind is the equivalent of throwing a mountain into that lake. It touches all, no one is spared. Such is that scale - consequences are global. Can't walk way from that wave unscathed. Can't be changed, has to happen and WILL happen - that wave forever alters the lake.

    But as in life, there are loop holes.

    John (Furlong), Sarah and his robotic Protector did change history, Judgment Day was pushed back; 08/29/97 goes by and nothing happens. They gave us seven more years of pre-war life. Judgment Day as seen in T3 happens on July 24th, 2004 (press materials).

    By the way, TX arrived at the very least, 10:55pm on the 23rd as seen on the woman's cell phone clock when the Terminatrix got online after arriving - which read 10:59pm; some time passed, now morphed into the clothing of the woman it has just slain.

    The culling cannot be prevented, but can be postponed. In fact, continued diligence, can be pushed back for decades to come. Who knows, by that point we may have finally reached the stars and the robot take over of Earth won't be as devastating as the first time around.

    This fanboy rage is the equivalent of a guy who had surgery to remove terminal cancer - was a success... then twenty years later is dying from the same cancer. 'But I had surgery!!!' Yeah, you got decades more life you would not have had.

    Seriously consider this...

    If Judgment Day never happens, he will never lead the resistance, and he will never send his father back to be conceived. The very fact the he is ALIVE means that Judgment Day HAS to occur. There is no escaping. He is a paradox, he cannot prevent the end of the world, he can only rise above it and fulfill the inevitable destiny of his own conception.
    - Metatron

    This concept in Western culture bugs the frack out of me; notion that a single touch/push/change will always have the intended momentum. One hero, one big gesture makes it all better - rides off in the sunset. NO!!! There has to have persistence to maintain a particular goal. And even with checks and balances; governments can still turn stupid. Without those eyes, things can and WILL go bad.

    Perfect example of this is "The Butterfly Effect" (2004). I hated that movie, just want to punch Evan (Ashton Kutcher), repeatedly. He has the ability to travel through time within himself; becoming his younger self for a few minutes. He makes changes in the past and was never there to continue to apply pressure. Things go worse with each jump he makes.

    HE NEVER GETS IT! He does more jumps and makes it even more horrible. Then decides to kill himself in the womb so that he can give everybody else a better life; strangling himself with his umbilical cord. Yes, I spoiled it. Man, that still makes me mad; from alternate ending.

    Answer is so simple. How could he NOT see???

    Evan has the ability to travel back in time. Changes he does in the past will effect him - fact. His mother (Melora Walters) loves him, cares and would believe him - fact.

    Go for broke. Hire some folks to do a history of the stock market, sports, winning lotto numbers, then upcoming companies and news stories. Or do the work yourself. Pick the date where to jump; that's the starting point, compile data - take six months to gather particulars. NO hurry - get it right.

    Once done, format into sections that will fit onto a single sheet of paper; widdle away until it covers important, family relevant news and financial. Now take that data, memorize it. Write it down, over and over and over... until that note can be written down - accurately in under a minute. Until the message is embedded in muscle memory. Like the data assembly, no hurry here. Do it right.

    Now Jump; find a sheet and pencil/pen; scribe like a 'muther. Leave that note on the frig, that's it. Doesn't matter if his mom is home or not at that time. She will find it, address it to her, "a note from the future". Big point is to have that evening's sporting scores and next day's news events on the top - immediate proof.

    The mom is the answer, she's the anchor to save him and his girlfriend; continued, applied pressure. A moment later adult Evan will find himself in an altered world. A place where he is wealthy, gets the girl and has the life he's always wanted. The end. How is that not obvious? *deep sigh*

    Back to subject.

    The future is not set. There is no fate but what we make for ourselves.
    - Kyle Reese

    Quite correct.
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    Past Tense - Front Row Apocalypse Part III

    The actions of the Connors and Protector (in T2) adverted Judgment Day. Continued actions would have adverted it once more... fate WE MAKE! There is no conflict.


    Not about a single act, but continued diligence - we become titans, masters of our destiny. We become...


    So Say We All!

    - - -

    Another issue many had was with the T- X itself. Man, this stuff is imbecilic.

    Why does it have to be a sexy female?

    Blame Hollywood?

    Not so much. Hot girls can get away with murder. Pretty girls get breaks that normal ones don't. Yeah, it's totally lookism, but that's life. Being attractive will get her access to where she need to be; men will have their guards down and lesser women will be intimidated. Why the frack is that hard to understand? C'mon!

    Lets be honest, things could've been a lot worse. Among the names being considered for the T-X was former WWF wrestler Chyna (Joanie Laurer). She looks like a dude. She was recommended by Arnold Schwarzenegger. I do wonder what kind of portrayal Famke Janssen could've done. She was also a contender. Janssen played the badass henchwoman, Xenia Onatopp in "GoldenEye" (1995).

    And yeah, at one point the role was male. Names at that point were Vin Diesel and Shaquille O'Neal. Like it said, things could be worse. Diesel? Maybe. I still feel Loken did a good job as the Terminatrix, but she doesn't have the same on screen menace that Robert Patrick (T-1000) had in T2. She's wicked and a serious threat, make no mistake about it.

    An odd bit of trivia. Loken played Sable O'Brien on the third season of The WB's "Unhappily Ever After" (1995). Nikki Cox played Tiffany Malloy on same the show. Cox had a bit part in T2, telling the T-1000 that John was in the Galleria Mall. Oh well, back to topic.

    - - -

    The T-X throughout the feature shows zero regard for stealth. She drives super fast, commit excessive damage and murders without any concern who witnesses her spree. Why didn't It care about authorities issuing an all-points bulletin to stop her?

    For crying out loud! This shouldn't even be on the table of complaints. The whole movie is set HOURS away from an Extinction Level Event. SkyNet is coming to its final solution; there's no need for subtlety. The holocaust is today!!!

    - - -

    If the T-X is more advanced than the T-1000 (T2), why does she have an endoskeleton?

    The problem the T-1000 had was that it was limited to mimicking non-complex forms. The T-X can bring future weapons into the past, built into her endoskeleton under the mimetic polyalloy flesh. She is more advanced since it combines the best of both worlds. And her endoskeleton is more sleeker, less bulky - unlike the 800 series (Schwarzenegger). This was an idea I loved and makes sense.

    T-X is designed for extreme combat, driven by a plasma reactor and equipped with onboard weapons. It's arsenal includes nanotechnological transjectors.
    - T-850

    - - -

    How did the T-X control all those police cars during the big chase?

    As seen in T2, the T-1000's nanos can survive outside their main physical collective. When the T-1000 gave foot chase outside of Pescadero State Hospital, it proceeded to climb onto the fleeing car. It had a hook arm separated by a shotgun blast. It stands to reason that chunks of her nano flesh can be severed and sent on a programmed mission to manipulate the car's drive mechanism and power steering. This is also a non-issue.

    Now some may ask, 'if that were true then how would those separated nanos return to their home body?'

    They're NOT!

    The T-X was be destroyed by the Los Angeles nuke. She was sent into the past on a suicide mission. There was never any intent on surviving. Those elements in the police cars and ambulance will vaporize in the blast as will she; in short those fragments were expendable - as she is.

    Lets make this clear...

    SkyNet wasn't the A.I. system we've seen in future from the previous films. It was still being made by the military. The T-X's primary reason to be in 2003 was NOT to seek out John Connor, he had dropped off their radar. It was here to bring about SkyNet's existence, revised history - accelerated their own creation. You could very well say, that the T-X was SkyNet's mother.

    If she had not appeared, SkyNet still would have attacked humanity, but at a later date - perhaps months or longer away. Lost in the film was a subtle subplot. The T-X had infected the internet; cell phones and connections were having intermittent hiccups. Computer problems at work was why Kate's dad, Lieutenant General Robert Brewster (David Andrews) wasn't going to visit Kate and her fiancee (Mark Famiglietti) at the store; wedding gift registry - their price scanner was also malfunctioning.

    The TV news from the Anderson's home...

    Growing concerns over widespread outages in the global digital network have prompted rumors of a new computer super-virus.
    - KTLA anchorman, Larry McCormick

    The End came about since Robert allowed their program (SkyNet Battlefield Management System) to go online to remove the perceived virus. It was through the T-X's internet infection that hasten SkyNet's existence/self awareness. Got it? Good.

    A poor edit.

    This very important plot point should not have been so muted. The first thing the T-X did once arriving in Los Angeles was killing that woman, taking her phone - connecting to the web searching for John's officers and uploading the SkyNet virus (not shown, but implied).

    Needed more gravitas - perhaps various action shots (Michael Bay style) of her standing still (nude in an alley) with modem sounds from her open mouth; a bank clock in the background - showing that forty minutes or so had just passed. Now she's off to continue her mission. That kind of scene would've made the film more smoother.


    Robert Brewster: Okay, what do we got?
    Techie #2: This new computer virus is a tricky bastard. It's infected half the civilian internet as well as secondary military apps - payroll, inventory.
    Robert Brewster: Primary defense nets are still clean?
    Techie #2: Yes. So far the firewalls are holding up. Sir, the Pentagon has proposed we use our A.I. to scan the entire infrastructure. Search and destroy for any hint of the virus.
    Robert Brewster: I know, Tony. But that's like going after a fly with a bazooka.
    Techie #2: Once the connection's made, it should only be a matter of minutes.
    Robert Brewster: During which we've put everything from satellites to missile silos under the control of a single computer system.
    Techie #2: The most intelligent system ever conceived.
    Robert Brewster: I still prefer to keep humans in the loop. I'm not sure SkyNet's is ready.
    Techie #2: Yes sir.


    Robert Brewster: This has to be a mistake. As of 1100 hours, all primary military systems were secure.
    Techie #1: They were. Only the civilian sector was affected. Internet, air traffic, power plants that sort of thing. Then a few minutes ago we got word that guidance computers at Vandenberg crashed.
    Techie #2: We thought it was a communications error. But now it looks like the virus.
    Techie #3: Early Warning in Alaska is down.
    Techie #2: Signals from half our satellites are scrambled beyond recognition.
    Robert Brewster: What about the missile silos, the subs?
    Techie #1: We've lost contact.
    Robert Brewster: Good God, you're saying this country is completely open to attack?
    Techie #3: Theoretically, we could be under attack already.
    Robert Brewster: Who's doing this? A foreign power or some computer hacker in his garage?
    Techie #3: We can't trace the virus, we can't pin it down.
    Techie #1: It's unlike anything we've ever seen before. It keeps growing and changing, like it has a mind of its own.
    Robert Brewster: This can't be happening.

    Quick side trip...

    In the novelization by David Hagburg (from Tor Science Fiction), Cyberdyne Systems did not recover from the Connors - they went bankrupt. The United States Air Force bought them and took over the study, it became the autonomous weapons division of Cyber Research Systems. The new SkyNet project and drones cost the Pentagon $15 billion to make.

    Our fräulein automaton had a second objective; assassinate Connor's high ranking future lieutenants. Only after she discovers that John was nearby that he became the main target.

    So yeah, this version of the timeline is weaker for humanity since some John's officers were killed before they could serve him.

    - - -

    After the first robot fight at the vet; the EMTs find the Protector and try to move him, it is offline for a moment, but he weighs too much. This is a contradiction; in T2 young John help his Metal defender to his feet.

    Not at all; young John gave his hand to help the machine to his feet, but that was a courtesy. The Terminator could get to his feet all by itself, just the illusion of help from a kid - a human courtesy. Something expected, social norms. Such as not wearing women's clothing, social norms.
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    Past Tense - Front Row Apocalypse Part IV

    John's future lieutenants...

    Eight lived in Los Angeles at the time; the T-X's secondary targets. Why did she even try? Wouldn't they all had been killed by the nuclear blast - later that day?

    Yes and no.

    Film's date is July 25th, Summer. Some were out of town at the time, camping trips or family vacations (were kids at the time). Just because they lived in Los Angeles doesn't mean they were actually home that day or weren't in the process of leaving on a trip. They did after all, survive Judgment Day in the previous iteration - August 29th, 1997.

    The T-X was making sure to catch anyone it could for termination. It wasn't going to find everyone of those eight - thinning Connors' herd. In fact we witness her killing two relevants, Jose Barrera (Robert Alonzo) and Bill Anderson (Brian Sites); before the T-X got preoccupied with John.

    An observation; the Andersons.

    At the vet, the Terminatrix IDs John's blood from his bandage on the floor.

    In her Terminator vision, it list priority targets; Elizabeth Anderson and William Anderson. Which means the T-X not only shot Bill, but his sister too. Still finding new stuff.

    Nice touch in killing Barrera; the neon atom in the background (above); the logo of the burger joint. Soon it will smash.

    - - -

    Why does SkyNet send the T-X hours before nuclear annihilation? She has such a short time to complete her mission, killing Conner's lieutenants.


    I'll repeat - primary mission was to hasten Mother's existence. Secondary mission to assassinate the lieutenants. Finding John changed that - he went to the top of the T-X's list. Once gone beyond reasonable pursuit went back to primary goal which is why she was at USAF CRS facility towards the end.

    T-X's actions CAUSED Judgement Day.

    - - -

    Man, there is a catch of folks who don't like the opening future war scene. All those skinless Terminators; randomly firing their plasma guns - shooting at who? 'It made no sense.'

    *dismissive wank*

    That whole moment... was a dream, John's nightmare; we see him waking up below an overpass. The endoskeleton and HKs (Hunter Killer drones) were behaving that way since it was being dreamt up. Dreams don't make sense or are linear. This didn't need any kind of interpretation at all, so frackin' obvious!

    - - -

    Why does the T-X have her DNA analyzer on her tongue (the tasting of blood for positive ID)? Why not her fingers?

    This assassin is in female form, an attractive facade. She can get close to people and take a lick if needed in an intimate fashion; inches from the face or neck. Be super close to her possible target; confirmed - a quick snap, 'terminated'. The reason it's not her fingers is because her polyalloy flesh can not form complex machines such as a DNA analyzer.

    This instrument was place in her mouth for personal access.

    Besides her hands concealed weapons, plasma gun and flame thrower.

    - - -

    Yet another woe is with his age. How old is John Connor? There IS a discrepancy. In T2, John is suppose to be ten years old, but the film revealed he was born in February 1985. Which means the second film took place in the then future of 1995. But timeline as shown in T3; John says he was thirteen when Metal was sent for him (in T2). Later alone with Kate, he talks about their first meeting and kiss in Mike Kryptkey's basement ten years ago. But that smooth was suppose to happen before the events of T2. Huh?

    An answer could be stamped on revised timelines. History keeps changing. But no, the simple truth is that screenwriter Michael Ferris was caught in a corner and said, 'frak it'...

    You know, we finally just decided to heck with that stuff, because there were some unavoidable discrepancies between the age of the character of the second movie and this movie and the first movie. Three years is three years, what's the big deal, right?
    - Ferris

    So there - blame the writer.

    - - -

    At the cemetery the trio enter the mausoleum where Sarah's body is entombed. Protector smashes open her crypt and pulls out her coffin to John's horror. Inside the coffin is a cache of guns and ammo. Why is John surprised? Isn't those weapons for him?

    Yes they were. But the answer is spoken a moment earlier...

    John: I never even knew where she was buried. I hit the road the day she died.

    Protector says the weapons were placed in the coffin in accordance to her will (more than likely by Enrique Salceda [Castulo Guerra] from T2). John had left town before anyone could contact him about funeral arrangements. He's been on his own since then - Terminator free because he continued to live off the grid.

    The guns were meant for John, but nobody - human or Metal could find to tell him, not a plot hole.

    - - -

    Why is the found RV empty? Where is the owner?

    We see a nearby table has food, coolers and condiments. They could be gone, looking for a missing child. Not so implausible.

    My neighbor has piss poor kids, they should be on leashes. not kidding. When she has to go for groceries, she need somebody there to kept them present - otherwise they will run off in the store, a giant game of hide-and-seek; EVERY TIME without fail. That and they rush towards the candy bins and just eat from them (without paying) like animals with a trough. Harsh?

    I call them abominations. She does NOT discipline them.

    Anyhow, a missing kid would send the adult(s) searching the woods for the child, leaving the RV abandoned. The motor home was locked by the way, Protector snapped it open.

    - - -

    Why not call 9-11 for help and wait (RVers)?

    The SkyNet virus had infected the network; 9-11 doesn't work (Kate trying to call for help while stuck in the back of the pet truck) and this would be an emergency.

    - - -

    How did John, Kate and Protector get inside the Cyber Research Systems facility?

    That was never explained. We can assume some kind of crafty sneakery. Or maybe the Metal knew how to enter from below; tunnel passages. Leave this situation alone, just call it artistic license.

    BUT there is a line of dialog hinting that there was limited public access. When Robert cancels his trip to see his daughter at Bloomingdale's, he says to her...

    Listen, I hate this. I gotta run. Come see me. I promise I won't cancel.
    Kate may very well have guest access (the lobby) and used it to get John and Protector in.

    - - -

    Why are the T-1s at CRS already loaded with ammo (after the T-X reprogrammed them)?

    Actually, they're not. There is a gap of time in between their appearance and staff massacre. She probably loaded them herself - not shown. The same way the aerial HK was attacking; we don't see the T-X use her nanotechnological transjector to reprogram. It happened off screen, not an issue.

    - - -

    I like this quote by a fellow fan, thought I should include it.

    Were the events in T2 deceptive, and Uncle Bob and the T-1000 were sent back not to kill teenage John Conner, but to set in motion a chain of events that postponed the original Judgement Day to reroll the dice with its own future in Rise of the Machines? After all, in the original timeline, Kyle Reese says "their defense grid was smashed... we'd won". If Skynet let everything go to plan, it definitely would have lost. And if it killed John Conner or Sarah Conner, it may have ended up facing a different, less predictable enemy in the field later. Perhaps it simply sought to shape their life trajectories to keep them intact but weakened? Compare the success Skynet enjoys at the end of Rise to its original assumed successes in the T2 continuity: Conner has lost almost all his future lieutenants, he's a PTSD drug addict who gave up on his hacking and combat training for years, robotic and military technology is much more advanced than it was in 1997, Conner is trapped in a 1960s-tech bomb shelter instead of loose in central america, Sarah is already dead by the time J-Day happens, etc.

    If Skynet is indeed complicit in these events, it brings into question whether Connor's Uncle Bob Terminator is really so "reprogrammed". Maybe it's just dropping convenient information the entire time, showing up at key moments, slightly adjusting events to shape Skynet's fortunes for the better?
    - Heapedwrackedhotwithhate

    That is something I never pondered. T2 becomes a disinformation assignment.

    - - -

    The message gets lost in the writing and the sending.
    - Grafton Primary

    Why does the T-X even exist?

    Protector: T-X is designed to terminate other cybernetic organisms.
    John: So she's an anti-Terminator Terminator?

    Towards the end of the war, the resistance has gotten powerful enough to capture whole Terminator factories and reprogrammed them to fight other Metals.

    SkyNet needed a counterbalance and created this model to defend itself. Its impending defeat cause its repurpose.

    - - -

    Why does the time sphere look different? It radiates lots of heat melting things near it. And why does it have a tiled pattern?

    How many time machines has SkyNet created? And which temporal displacement version did she use? There has to be various versions of the machine from beta to fully operational.
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    Past Tense - Front Row Apocalypse Part V

    How close was SkyNet to defeat at that point? It may have sent the T-X to the nearest functional time machine, NOT the newest model. Newer machines would not have the heat problems, just temporal sphere.

    Finding out or perhaps witnessing the departure; the resistance grab the nearest Metal and sent it back using the same older machine. Not a plot hole. The heat issue IS a major problem since destination point could catch on fire which may result in a Terminator having its flesh burnt off, ruining its camouflage.

    Dialog from the first film backs up the theory...

    Kyle Reese: SkyNet had to wipe out his entire existence.
    Dr. Siberman: Is that when you captured the lab complex and found that... what is it called? The time displacement equipment?
    Kyle Reese: That's right. The Terminator had already gone through. Connor sent me to intercept, and they blew the whole place.
    Dr. Siberman: How are you suppose to get back?
    Kyle Reese: I can't. Nobody goes home. Nobody else comes through. It's just him... and me.

    If what he says is accurate then there is more than one displacement apparatus; used by the T-800, Reese, T-1000, T-800 (reprogrammed), T-X and T-850 (reprogrammed). Above images by Steve Burg, production designer on T2; an abandoned scene, showing the temporal machinery and Reese going back to 1984.

    Looks like they kept the concentric circles design for the time machine in "Terminator Genisys" (2015).

    - - -

    At CRS the T-X reprograms Protector to kill John on sight. Why does T-850 resist his new orders and NOT kill Connor and able to shrug off its new orders after shutting itself down.

    We have seen in T2 that it's hard to reprogram a Terminator. Open the skull port and pull out the neural-net processor. Not an easy task. Then the chip itself is altered - new commands given.

    Granted this would not happen in the Terminator factory, the skull port would be open with cable attached to processor - the port added after programming. I digress; the T-X here did none of these things. It is quite conceivable that she accessed the chip through the T-850 body interface - her reprogramming was more of an add-on than an actual redirection.

    Which is why the T-850 tried to warn John about his imminent danger from it. It had control of him, but not over his root commands. This is how it was able to shut itself down. Restart from the chip, minus the new instructions.

    - - -

    Does John still die by the hands of the same Terminator, that Kate had reprogramed and sent to 2004?

    I don't believe so, he now knows that a T-850 will kill him on July 4th, 2032. He can prevent his own death.

    Or maybe he survived (because of that knowledge) and faked is death so that events would play out as they did.

    Time travel is complicated (above; director James Cameron with effects legend, Stan Winston on the set of T1).

    - - -

    At Crystal Peak, Protector wrestles with the T-X, holding her back from getting to Kate and John. If it could do this, why didn't it do this earlier? Such as the bathroom battle at Cyber Research Systems.


    The T-X is a weaker machine than before. She was damaged by the particle accelerator. After turning off the electromagnet with her arm saw, she has a seizure. And was damaged by the helicopter crash; T-X lost both her legs. Why was this even asked?

    - - -

    The ending...

    By the time SkyNet became self-aware it had spread into millions of computer servers across the planet. Ordinary computers in office buildings, dorm rooms, everywhere. It was software and cyberspace. There was no system core. It could not be shut down. The attack began at 6:18 pm just as he said it would.
    - John Connor

    Now this need to be understood, this isn't an error. A nuclear bast would create an electromagnetic pulse that would knockout anything with a computer chip. So there is no internet for SkyNet to exist once Judgment Day happens. It would be a totally defeating action for the A.I.. True, but...

    What John meant is SkyNet existed on the internet, hours before - CRS gave it total and unified access to the U.S. tactical weapons arsenal. AND a home at secure military sites (which would have shielded computers for it to plan the next wave of misery on Man). It's not a plot hole. It makes sense. Skynet-Internet WAS seeking out CRS's program which is why it was infecting so many random systems including bank ATMs, 9-11 dispatch, television stations and credit card readers.

    - - -

    I do have a melancholy; the score. The music for T3 is by Marco Beltrami, it's all rights, but feels like it belongs to another movie, not 'The Terminator'. In fact the iconic score isn't cued in until the end credits. What the hell? Composer Brad Fiedel did T1 and T2, he's sorely missing here. I was disappointed and I'm not the only one.

    Okay two of them.

    Early in pre-production the idea was to have Lance Henriksen reprise the role of Detective Vukovich from T1. The character is now in a wheelchair after being shot by the Terminator. That would've been a great little moment, not filler. I would've like to have seen it. But the idea was dropped.

    I did like the Dr. Siberman (Earl Boen) cameo. A good call.

    This was an enjoyable flick (for me), I was very surprised that it didn't pull punches. There isn't the standard Hollywood conclusion where we all frolic down a hill with dandelions as seen in "Little House On The Prairie" (1974 - 1984; NBC). Nope, it ends with nuclear devastation, that's ballsy. That's why T3 is called the "Alien3" (1992) of the Terminator franchise, I agree.

    Some have moaned (slightly) that Arnold Schwarzenegger was starting to look his age as the T-850 model assassin. Shut the frack up! The man was fifty-six when he made it. He looks amazing! And that 56 can beat your ass like he's playing with a Slinky. We should all be as lucky to look like that at his age. 'Nuff said.

    As for the Chief Master Sergeant William Candy deleted scene. Yeah, I'm glad it was axed - too damn goofy and not in a good way.

    Granted, it's not a perfect motion picture; the whole "talk to the hand" humor. That being said, "Terminator 3" IS a valid installment in the franchise and should, IS canon. The naysayers have turned it into a pariah (dancing on effigy they've made it out to be); so boxed - that any story deviation is punched in the groin. T3 is far better than they give credit. And a helluva lot better than its sequel - we can ALL agree on that.

    - - -

    A major plot hole!

    Or is it?

    A Terminator can not self terminate. The detail was given in T2 and repeated here. Yet to destroy the T-X, it pulls out the remaining fuel cell causing it to go critical and blows up - the T-850 self terminated!

    An easy answer is that it became more than its programming. But that's a cop out. There could be a loophole, though.

    Can not self terminate is limited to non-combat. This makes some sense, if a Terminator has access to a resistance base and could take out a huge number of people with a self-sacrifice, it would.

    That's the goal - kill humans!

    The T-850 actions were combat-based and self termination would be an option.
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    Past Tense - Front Row Apocalypse Part VI


    Since were on the topic - wanna see a solid flick about The End; set shortly before nuclear destruction?

    Harry Washello (pre-balding Anthony Edwards) was to have gone on his first date with Julie Peters (Mare Winningham) in Los Angeles, but he misses the rendezvous because of a power failure - his alarm clock didn't go off.

    Harry goes to her place of work (24 hour diner, Johnie's Coffe Shop Restaurant, a real place - no longer in business), hoping that she might still be there. Nope. She's long gone, it's a bit past 4 AM. He's screwed.

    He finds a pay phone nearby, tries to call; tell her he's so very sorry - no answer, just her machine. What is there to do? Squat, he blew it. Go home.





    Harry walks back to pay phone and picks up, maybe it's Julie. It's not.

    From that point forward we are in for a ride. "Miracle Mile" (1988) is NOT an action movie, but a serious 'what if' feature. As echoed by many, it feels like an extended episode of "The Twilight Zone".

    On the other end is an unidentified man wanting to speak to his father; he's crying, quite frantic. He dialed the right number, but wrong area code. He talks to Harry for a moment until realizing he messed up.

    Another man is heard on the line, an argument and a gun shot happens...

    Then the other voice: "Forget everything you just heard and go back to sleep."

    Harry hangs up; concerned and scared, not because he was an ear witness to a murder, but because what the guy just told him.

    The man claimed, he was calling from a missile silo, that they were locked-in; fifty minutes to launch. That the other rockets would impact in seventy minutes from now.

    The end of the world.

    He goes into the diner, thinks for a moment then speaks to the people present about what happened outside. They say he was the victim of a prank call. Harry is getting agitated; one of customers, Landa (Denise Crosby), a working late businesswoman decides to calm him down and settle the joke.

    She uses her cell (big, bulky things back then) and calls a political friend in Washington. And another and another and another - what she learns is high ranking politicians have left town; on route or just about to leave for South America. Her friends are puzzled by the out of the blue departures. They're in the dark.

    Not a joke - is happening.

    What would you do if you had less than seventy minutes to live?

    The finale is somber.

    Love is all that matters; kindness and humanity. The fates of the other characters is ambiguous (as it should); they might have gotten out in time.

    Did I spoil it? No.

    You got just sip. A lot more happens - ever growing dread with slices of thick tense moments.

    Man, what sucked for the longest time is how this hidden gem was presented.

    The 1989 laser disc from Image Entertainment ($39.95; CLV) was in full screen. It goes without saying that the VHS release was also full screen too (also released in 1989).

    The later DVD ($14.95) from MGM Home Entertainment in 2003 was also in full screen; as shown above. It had one extra, the trailer, that's it.

    Yes, a bad Photoshop job on the cover. Why are their faces distorted? If it was for some kind of artistic vibe, it failed.

    It took twenty-five years!

    A quarter of a century to get it right.

    The film was re-released in 2015 from the Kino Lorber Corp. with a new transfer on DVD ($19.95) and BD ($29.95) - both with the same extras. Now in its original viewing, widescreen (anamorphic).

    Bonuses: two commentaries, writer/director Steve De Jarnatt; De Jarnatt with cinematographer Theo Van De Sande and production designer Chris Horner.

    A montage of deleted scenes with bloopers.

    New interviews with stars Edwards and Winningham.

    A supporting cast reunion, recorded at Johnie's.

    The alternate ending and trailer.

    Yes, I AM trying to sell it to you, not hiding it.

    Seek it out. It is depressing, dark, character driven - tense flick. If you're into movie music, Tangerine Dream did the soundtrack.

    Okay, one more - not a plot hole, but a missed opportunity.

    As mentioned in Part I, I am still finding new things after all these years; the widescreen/full screen comparisons.

    A proto-Terminator is seen at Cyber Research Systems. We should've witnessed it being all Terminator-like. While it may not be strong, probably made of plastics and aluminum, it's would strong enough to hold and fire a pistol; going places where the T-1s can't.

    I can imagine its movements all lanky, quite robotic.

    Then the two meet; having the proto firing at the T-850 to no effect and Protector grabbing it by the chassis and smashing the weak automaton against a wall. How cool would've that been?

    Sorry, one more; something I hadn't notice before.

    After the General was shot, our heroes go into Brewster's office for his safe.

    There's a quick moment of what's happening outside the building, through his window. There are people running and T-1s mowing them down. Didn't see until researching, sway.

    Tiny details, made me smile.

    Man this took on a life of its own - my longest PT entry. There you go. The next Past Tense will continue Connor's legacy on April 19th, 2018. Yup, another multipart entry. But less than six parts.

    You're welcome.
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    Target - April 10th, 2018

    Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay
    Exclusive steelbook; BD/DVD/DC combo $19.99

    The Greatest Showman
    Exclusive book packaging; BD/DVD/DC combo $19.99
    (save $5.00 with CD soundtrack purchase $11.99; must be on the same receipt; DVD or BD)

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    Best Buy - April 10th, 2018

    The Greatest Showman
    Exclusive steelbook; BD/DVD/DC combo $24.99

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    "Sting & Shaggy - 44/876" with 4 exclusive bonus tracks $13.99

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