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    Best Buy - October 22nd, 2019

    The Lion King (live remake)
    Exclusive steelbook; 4k BD/BD/DC combo $34.99

    Wonder Woman: Bloodlines
    Exclusive figurine; 4k BD/BD/DC combo $29.99

    Charlie's Angels (2000)
    Exclusive steelbook; 4k BD/BD/DC combo $24.99

    Toy Story 4 (available now)
    Exclusive steelbook; 4k BD/BD combo $34.99

    Ratatouille (available now)
    Exclusive steelbook; 4k BD/BD/DC combo $29.99

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    Past Tense - (DO Fear) The Reaper Part I

    [An earlier version of this PT was originally posted on August 1st, 2013 on JoBlo's "DVD, Blu-Ray & Home Theater Discussion" forum.]

    The stupid choice would be hiding in a death trap; closet, bathroom, pantry or even back in the attic. This is your advantage - your adolescent exposure to a litany of horror flicks (good ones and crappy tales). You fled from the devil dogs, getting a good head start as they pulled away the bars from the living room window. You ran into the den with sliding doors that can be locked. Inside, years ago, back when eBay was relatively new, you had bought a replica of Conan's big a$$ sword. Not aluminum on a wooden stock, this was friggin steel on a well crafted hilt, not a toy, not in any imagination. The prize you wanted, hanging on the wall once you got your first promotion. Which wasn't much of a pay rise, but you took pride in the accomplishment. This has serious weight - by Crom, you have a weapon. This is the moment you will tell your grand kids, the moment when in trembling terror, you still had still hindsight. Before turning the corner, before even dashing out - going this direction into the room; you had an epiphany. Dogs! Devil Dogs. Dogs hunt by scent - give them something to go after while you prepare. You had taken as made your hasty bolt, a jar of peanut butter and a nearly empty paper towel roll. You had stuck the tube in, giving it a hard swirl, tossing the thing into a different room down the hall. The last thing you saw before you had shut that door was seeing the drenched roll sticking on the wall. Let them think someone is trying to hid from them in that room. Sword in hand, you crouch down behind your recliner. They're inside, you can hear their enthusiastic breaths as they creep into the desired direction. Heart beating briskly, but you're controlling your breath, slow and deliberate. Show time is coming.

    Bruised, dirty with some streaks of blood, but sill hanging on - week four of "Limited Edition Horror" 2019. So much here, this is a three parter! Man, they had it wrong, so very wrong, ''; this outing we get caught on Death's cross hairs in "The Final Destination [4]"...

    The motion picture opened on August 28th, 2009. It was made with a budget of $43,000,000 (estimated) and grossed over 66 million during its U.S. theatrical run. The film opened number one at the box office, the following week it held its position.

    The feature opened against "Halloween II", "District 9", "Inglourious Basterds" and "G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra".

    This release originally came with a lenticular cardboard slipcover, slightly different from the case's wraparound. The slipcover reads "...In 3D - Includes 2-D Version". It came with two inserts; two pairs of red/blue 3D glasses (cardboard; glasses in a wrapper - mine are still sealed) and a sheet, instructions for the digital copy. It expired on June 4th, 2010.

    The wraparound gives no indication that the film is presented in two editions; the disc is double sided. There is a reason, the initial pressing is a limited edition as announced on the sticker on the wrapping, "Includes 2 Pairs Of 3-D Glasses! Limited Time Only".

    The later more common DVD release is single sided, 2D version.

    - - -

    Man this movie upset me; every Hell was out of place. Oh boy!

    There was a single exclusive from Target, this set streeted on January 5th, 2010 and sold for $16.99. The store offered a mini twenty-eight page comic book. It fits under the slipcover.

    "Final Destination: Spring Break Cancun" told the story of a girl named Carly who's goes to Mexico for spring break and to celebrate her birthday with six friends. Her premonition is seeing the hotel's restaurant blow up from a gas leak during her birthday party. History is repeating, Carly blows her candles and lets her wish be known - she wants them to leave the hotel.

    They walk across the street, a bit confused and witness the explosion.

    The end or rather the end of issue one (with the friends deciding to stay in Mexico for their vacation, Carly is concerned). This was a five part mini-series. I hate when that happens, incomplete. This is not a self-contained story like the comic exclusive Circuit City had for "Final Destination 3" (previous Past Tense entry from Limited Edition Horror 2015, click here.

    This wasn't so much an exclusive than it was a freebie, which I didn't know at the time.

    That comic was published by Zenescope Entertainment back in 2006, issue one (written by Mike Kalvoda, art by Lan Medina). A graphic novel collecting all the issues was released the following year (cover seen above).

    Odder still is that trade paperback included a bonus story, which is the above mentioned exclusive comic for "Final Destination 3".

    The comic book mini-series and graphic novel is named "Final Destination: Spring Break". Don't ask to explain, I can't.

    I do not own the rest of the comic series. But I will say that the cover for issue four is quite nice. That would make a great poster for the inevitable FD6, I welcome it. I really enjoyed part five. Part six hasn't been green lit, but you know it will. As for four... oh man.

    - - - - - - - - - -


    *long deep sigh*

    Part four feels like the filmmakers had a general idea of what the franchise is and slapped together a script accordingly - disregarding the rules and fans.

    See that pix? That's how I felt watching it. My heart sank. What happened? I'm not just talking about being screwed out of extras which went to Blu-Ray (I'll get into that in a few).

    The catastrophe this time around is a car race. A screwdriver gets thrown in the raceway causing a massive accident. That's okay, echoes of the second film, the pileup. Lots of people get killed. College student Nick O'Bannon (Bobby Campo) has the premonition which saves his friends and the people around them. Death circles back, offing the survivors.

    The MAJOR problem is the way the deaths occur. The whole idea is the domino effect. One little thing leads to another one which leads to a bigger event. Better known as a Rube Goldberg. This cause and effect is in very short supply. It's like Death said, 'frack it' and directly causes the big event. That's lazy story telling.

    My other point of contention is collateral damage, lots of it! The Reaper is trying to kill these survivors - just them, not others who's time isn't up. This simple fact is missing here, crapping on franchise canon.

    It's suppose to be surgical precision. The death of those targeted characters here take a **** load of unmarked souls.

    There's a scene were Janet (Haley Webb) and her friend Lori (Shantel VanSanten) are watching a movie at their local mall's theater. Death plots to kill them by causing gigantic explosion in the adjacent room. And does (before Nick gets a second vision).

    That's not how it works.

    The Reaper killed everybody in the audience just to get Janet and Lori. What the hell!!! By the way, Webb (brunette, above) looks a lot like actress Rachel Bilson. *nods* Could be sisters.

    Anyhow, Lori escapes and the scene on the damaged escalator happens.

    She falls to her doom to the exposed machine gears below. She the last person; everybody on the escalator dies! Either crushed into the machinery for fall aside as people rush away from the theater explosion. I couldn't believe it, the unrelated fatalities is massive. You guys broke the rule!

    It goes it goes further in the alternate ending. Still at the mall, after the explosion; Nick has an epiphany, off himself - break the chain. So the guy jump out a widow, killing himself. A little while later Lori and Janet embrace, believing Nick save them. Nope. A car hits a nearby crane which was hoisting up a large A/C unit for the shopping center. The air condition falls, crushing the final Speedway survivors.

    This breaks canon too. You can not succeed in your suicidal attempt unless you're the next to die (in particular order). Nick's time was literally not up yet. Furthermore, those not next to die have effectively - limited immortality. They can't die (no matter what they do or others do to them), until their number comes up in the chain. That's the rule establish in the three previous movies and reinstated in part five (which I'm glad).

    Sure, you can argue that the alternate ending it wasn't in the movie, don't worry about it. The fact is - they filmed it, that ending without concern for the rule, that's important.

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    Past Tense - (DO Fear) The Reaper Part II

    They did add a new rule which is what was done in part five, which was rather clever and huge in its understated implications...

    Anyone on the Reaper's list who escaped their destined death can take the life of another, not on the list. That person can murder a civilian (as it were) and take their years - add to their own. Death can't come for them until those years are up. Murder a random person on the street in their 30s, take their remaining life which could be some fifty years. Fifty more years for you. Or be brutal and become an infant serial killer (only healthy tots). Roughly eighty years per baby; off five, you can live to be four hundred. At the century three mark, murder some more infants... continued immortality.

    *raise eyebrow*

    That was a damn cool, new rule for the survivors.

    They guy who discovered it thought he was safe, but found out moment before his death (great twist ending by the way - no, not this rule) that the life he took was pointless, that unlucky fellow was going to die in a couple of days from an unknown existing medical condition.

    What would you do to escape Death's grasps?

    My other issue beyond the crappy dialog (as if a juvenile wrote the script, which it wasn't - it was written by Eric Bress who co-wrote FD2, that was an excellent story; don't know what happened here); the character of George Lanter (Mykelti Williamson), the Speedway security guard. He goes along with the story that Nick tells, Death is coming for them. No amount of disbelief.

    There's that great scene with the second installment where Eugene Dix (Terrence Carson) decides his own fate and grabs Officer Burke's gun and attempts to shoot himself - all the bullets duds. He doesn't want to believe - it's a powerful moment.

    George just goes along with the story, not really thinking how ridicules it sounds. I'm reminded of Roger Ebert's comments on stupid movies. How all the characters must be idiots for the story to work, "The Final Destination" is an example of that. This is the bastard film in the franchise. Shame on the filmmakers. David R. Ellis directed this and was the director for part two, my favorite in the series.

    How did this not get filtered out? And by the way, George's death was a cop out, a redo from the first film. Hint... bus. So I guess it's no surprise this installment is the shortest entry at eighty-two minutes. They didn't have enough of a story for even ninety. And a good chunk of that eighty-two minutes is for end credits. *shakes head*

    I remember when I first learned that Tony Todd wasn't going to reprise his role as William Bludworth here (scheduling conflicts), I was bummed. Now I'm glad he isn't associated with this steaming pile. You have to believe me, I was mad watching this movie. The same way I'm upset with the motion picture, "World War Z" which has NOTHING to do with the novel it's based on. It's an incredible zombie book, a real and total slap in the face to the fans. I lay my blame on Brad Pitt who demanded to be made the central character and for wanting to make a zombie movie to show his kids, a bloodless zombie feature. *shakes head*

    The last punch in the head was to DVD owners. The lack of extras. The DVD only has additional scenes, not the alternate endings (both sucked). The remaining extras were exclusive to Blu-Ray, but as you read above, it's a short movie - all of them could've fit on the disc.

    Missing is the featurette, "Body Count: The Deaths Of The Final Destination". This wasn't Blu native, nope, a twenty-two minute program. The above mention, alternate endings. And an eleven minute montage of animatics, storyboards and various stages of effects work. All of this could have fit on the DVD, all of them! There's no reason for their absence. Their inclusion could've made it more tolerable. I love seeing how effects are done.

    Or even have it on a two disc set with the extras on the second DVD. I hate this studio trend of punishing DVD users with missing bonus features. I'm not impressed with Blu-Ray, just not.

    - - - - - - - - - -


    Back in 2006 a fellow with the moniker BiohazardAmigaVirus posted this in a different message board (misspellings untouched)...

    When i think about movie ideas, i make it a point to say it so heres an idea. Instead of the usual sequel material of unrelated characters escaping death and making references to past movies, they should make a prequel in which teenage Bludworth is the main character and they could explain how he knows so much about death and if he did have a premonition and cheat death, how he managed to escape and do what countless teens over the course of 3 movies have failed to accomplish.
    That post got me thinking, another loophole. So I expanded on his idea, all of which is me mentally jerking-off. Don't worry, you won't have to swallow (hot girls only).

    This is really dependent on you having seen "Final Destination 2" (2003), I'm guessing you have. If not, you really should, a solid horror flick.

    This would explain how he knew about the cheating Death situation and why he only gives clues as to what to do - never a direct answer. Bludworth broke free from the impossible, he doesn't want to be on Death's cross hairs once more.

    Clear Rivers (Ali Larter, far right) took Kimberly Corman (A.J. Cook) and Officer Thomas Burke (Michael Landes) to the funeral house to see Bludworth, she as well as the late Alex Browning were under the impression that he knew more than he was saying. I believe this is genuine. He knows.

    Kimberly begged for his help, Bludworth (Tony Todd) gave in... a little. Saying, stressing that only new life can break the chain. A life that was never suppose to be. Here's the problem. They followed his advice and still everybody died (Kimberly and Burke are pushing up daisies too, FD3 [2006]). There has to be an explanation.

    We know that Kimberly clutched on the notion that the pregnant woman was the key. Saving her and her unborn child was the way to save themselves. It didn't work. Reading the hospital's bulletin board later made her revise her idea. Kill herself, get revived: a new life. It still didn't work. Why not? Because Bludworth left something crucial out. One bit of info that save him from the Reaper.

    Get a tissue, here we go...

    Set in the early 1970s when William Bludworth was a teen, he and his friends escape a major disaster. The premonition from... someone in the group, perhaps his girlfriend. Things follow their usual course, bodies drop. But Bludworth and his girlfriend survive, the last standing.

    The missing bit? The lag time between Death's reappearance to finish off the remaining survivors is a few months (giving time for the victims to be off their guard, false security). It's not say, nine months later...

    Bludworth told Kimberly the truth: only new life can break the chain. A new life, that was never meant to exist. A new life, CREATED by two people who should already be dead.

    This new life is not on Death's list, an anomaly. The solution; reboot the program to accommodate the new entry - chain broken. Fate becomes unknown to the survivors once again, their lives returned.

    What's left is Clear, her situation; after Alex's death (hit on the head by a falling brick) she became obsessed with surviving. She checked herself into the asylum. Death couldn't get to her. She was hyper-sensitive. Looking for ordered chaos everywhere, patterns in cracks and such. Why was she spared?

    Clear wasn't interacting with people, hardly. She locked herself in a padded cell. In the bigger picture; Death's Design wasn't really being screwed with. Clear's existence was nullified - until she left. Had she stayed there, she would still be living, but not much alive.

    A step back. Joy. Some were weird out by the idea that Kim and Thomas as a couple, the age difference. She's roughly nineteen and he's in this thirties. Never saw that as an issue, considering all the crap that happened. This spells a serious bond between the two - Kim killed herself to save him. The scene where he realizes what's she's trying to do was intense. 'Not like this.'

    It's not a big deal as long as both are legal, it's fine. Lighten up, folks. My parents had a big age difference; they were married until my dad passed away.

    The 1970s disaster? I would like to say an avalanche at a winter resort. The idea of blood on white snow is vivid as bodies pile up. Perhaps all of them trapped in the now isolated community - help is coming, but not fast enough for them. As if it would make a difference, they're all marked and cut off.

    Sure, how did Burke and Kim die? Both were killed by a malfunctioning industrial wood chipper; the two separated after the death of the kid (Noel Fisher) from the BBQ at the end of the second feature. She was at a hardware store (Lakeview, NJ) buying a fire extinguisher and ran into Thomas. There was a break failure on a parked Camaro on top of the hill, overlooking the store. It crashed into the front of the business. They ran out the back door, escaping where the woodchipper is located.

    Kim's coat became caught in the machine (which was being serviced), she got pulled in. Burke tired to save her and was pulled in too. The Camaro was previously owned by Even Lewis (David Paetkau), one of the former survivors of the Route 180 pileup - killed outside his apartment by a pull ladder.

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    Past Tense - (DO Fear) The Reaper Part III

    Car's current owner is Roger Gibson (Alf Humphreys); father of the son who was killed during that barbecue, propane explosion. *wink* This is part of the "Final Destination 3" DVD bonus features.

    See that? That's how you do it with nods and excellent continuity. Sway.

    A fire extinguisher? Makes you wonder how many times Death came for Kimberly and Thomas and failed. Officer Burke was reduced to a desk job, probably since nobody wanted to be his partner. Would you?

    - - -

    Another thought popped in my noggin'. Not this - but a prequel to "Return Of The Living Dead" (1985).

    The film establishes the source - Frank (James Karen) says to Freddy (Thom Mathews)...

    Back in 1969 in Pittsburgh, at the V.A. hospital - there was a chemical spill and all that stuff kinda of leaked down into the morgue. And it made all the dead bodies kind of jump around as though it was alive.

    They closed it all down, see? And the Army shipped all that contaminated dirt and all those dead bodies out. And they kept it a secret.
    Later we see Col. Horace Glover (Jonathan Terry) and his wife Ethel (Cathleen Cordell) in San Diego. The colonel trying after all these years to find those missing canisters, 'Easter Eggs'.

    What grabs my attention is the look of horror in Ethel's face as Horace is talking to Burt Wilson (Clu Gulager) on the phone. I get the impression she knows - as in personal experience.

    What if Horace and Ethel met in THAT V.A. hospital - the first outbreak? Survived, stopped it from spreading and later got married.

    Prequel is their story; how the health center became over run by the dead in '69. How the two made it out and why he was given that position.

    Would make an excellent prequel under the right hands; the same vibe as the '85 feature, a horror/comedy.

    - - -

    Getting closer still to Halloween, a couple more titillating costumes.

    What could that be? "Sexy Movie Clown Character Costume", man that's a toughie. Can't put my finger on it. Drawing a blank... Penny for your thoughts?

    The other is new to me. I like the concept, "Sexy Zombie Hunter" unsure if it comes with decapitated zed head or prop ax. I would like to think so. In a way it reminds me of a Girl Scouts uniform which is probably what they were going for.

    - - - - - - - - - -


    We are now one week away, one week. You should really know what you're gonna watch. Here are five final options.

    "Crawlspace" (2012)
    Australian desert; a joint American/Australian top secret military base, "Pine Gap". Special Forces are sent in after a distress signal is received. The commandos find a woman, Eve who is has amnesia, one of the bases' prisoners. Things get complicated the deeper they go. From a mutant gorilla to inhuman experiments and other survivors who claim the young woman is the real danger. But want her protected, not killed. The reason why is twisted as is the ending. At times, like a live action "Akira" (1988).
    MPI Media Group - 2013 - NR

    Dead Ant (2017)
    "Sonic Grave" was a 1980s one-hit wonder, glam-metal band - still trying to recapture their past glory. The band is on their way to a Coachella substitute music festival, Nochella. Along they way, want some 'inspiration' and buy some peyote at a pit stop in Joshua Tree, California. They are sold a curse hallucinogenic - cursed if they harm any life, even bugs while trippin'; safe if they obey the rule. One of them hurts an ant. The next day the band is terrorized by car sized ants. Still trying to reach the festival - they bring the swam. It is only the power of Rock that saves the day. This movie stand shoulders with "Eurotrip" (2004) having best comedy song ("Scotty Doesn't Know"), here - "Side Boob". The CGI effects are serviceable and the humor works, a horror comedy.
    Cinedigm Entertainment Corp. - 2019 - R

    "Incident At Loch Ness" (2004)
    A mockumentary about finding Nessie. Documentary film maker John Bailey is trying to get feature director Werner Herzog to sign on his vanity project "Enigma Of Loch Ness". Herzog gets sucked in with false pretenses. Bailey's newbie producer, Zak Penn wants to turn the production into a blockbuster... by creating drama. This is mostly a comedy - so much mismanagement that end disastrously when they encounter the creature. Penn hires a Playboy model as their sonar operator for sex appeal and a deluded cryptozoologist as comic relief. The film ends with a major question... was any of it real? Did Penn duped them all? The DVD's extras present the documentary as authentic - participants in character. There is a hidden menu with a ton of covert content on the making and commentaries by the creators and cast. Big concept DVD. Yes, you do get to see the life size creature prop (just the head).
    20th Century Fox Home Entertainment - 2005 - PG-13

    "John Carpenter's The Fog" (1980)
    Antonio Bay, California is about to celebrate their coastal town centennial birthday. What is suppose to be a time of fireworks, revelry and food... turns into a spectral nightmare. The town is engulfed with a dense supernatural mist; murder for those who get in their way. Death to the descendants of the town founders. Men who in 1880 plundered gold and sunk a clipper ship, the Elizabeth Dane. They (leapers) had bought acres in town away from everyone, a sanctuary for themselves. They have returned to the land of the living to enact their revenge. This is more of a visual film than story which is rather thin. The 2005 remake is far worse, stay with the original.
    Shout! Factory - 2013 - R

    "Saturn 3" (1980)
    Distant future - overcrowding, Earth relies on research conducted in remote stations across the solar system. One such remote facility is on the moon Titan around Saturn. The installation is working on hydroponics for sustenance. It is manned Dr. Alex and Major Adam who pushed for the post since the two are secret lovers. Perfect spot to be left alone since research would take years. Better yet, nobody wants the post - they're not disturbed. Things become dangerous when technocrat, Captain Benson arrives with a parcel. He informs them that Adam is being replaced with a machine, large multi-tasking robot, Hector; first of the Demigod series. Benson is busy programming the droid. Bit by bit things are off about Benson. His machine is programmed from his brain - including homicidal urges and desires. Benson isn't the real person, Captain James was murdered. Benson took over his seat. Robot becomes a mirror of the impostor, both human and malevolent automaton are obsessed with Alex - the only woman for billions of miles. Angry his attention are not reciprocated and exposed; Benson and Hector engage in a cat in mouse game for Adam and Alex throughout the base. No cry for help - in shadow lock, under Saturn eclipse; no communication for twenty-two days. A sci-fi vehicle for Farrah Fawcett. Available as special edition DVD/BD combo.
    Shout! Factory LLC - 2013 - R

    - - - - - - - - - -

    Just Because.

    Shantel VanSanten is attractive, great legs. Thought I 'd should share, if you didn't know already. But she couldn't save this motion picture - plot does matter. VanSanten would look great in that Greek Olympia outfit from last Thursday.

    By the way...

    A fellow named MarteLanniStarkgaryen (different message board, 2013) came up with an equally excellent idea for another installment...

    I thought about other deaths in the FD series and thought what if the cast of FD 6 was made up of people who inadvertently caused the deaths of people throughout the series. The Bus Driver that accidently ran over chick in FD1, or the Ambulance Driver from FD4, a Bridge Worker or the Sail Boat Captain from FD5 or the Gymnist who stepped on the screw. What if you put all of those people in one place and they avoid Death. And death comes for them. I'd have to watch each and every FD Movie again to compile a list, but when u think about it they were all working for Death. I think it would be a cool twist.

    On an added note: You could even mix up the death sequences and kill them off in the order in which they killed someone else as opposed to the order in which they died in the "Premonition Disaster" such as the gymnist dying first since FD 5 was a prequel even though maybe she died third on the train, plane, or automobile. It could keep the audience guessing as to WTF was going on for a change.
    Holy crap! That's awesome.

    Still not over, no - one more wickedness is yet to come next Thursday. Word of advice, you should add garlic to your diet, no reason. See you then.

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    Past Tense - Dark Pools Of Ancestral Dread Part I (too Lovecraftian?)

    An additional, brand new L.E. Horror bonus offering! The classic black and white terror which gave an earlier reason to be afraid of the water - "Creature From The Black Lagoon"...

    A frackin' three part entry!!!

    The motion picture opened on February 12th, 1954. No idea on its budget, can't find info. It did gross over $1.3 million during its initial U.S. theatrical run. My data is limited. Don't know what box office ranking it had when it premiered. Say 'thank you', this took hard research and frackin' patience - HOURS.

    The feature opened against "Hell And High Water", "Beachhead", "Phantom Stallion", "Dragon's Gold", "Killers From Space", "The Black Glove", "Highway Dragnet" and "The Great Diamond Robbery".

    This has several DVD iterations and later BD, but we're mostly occupying the DVD side.

    Before I get into this. I want to say this wasn't my first choice. I was going to do the bonus entry on the Midnite Movies Double Feature - "Invasion Of The Star Creatures"/"Invasion Of The Bee Girls" release (2004); Best Buy short run exclusive. Did some image work, covering the bases; which required restoration. Did not feel like having to watch. I'm somewhat confident I will enjoy "The Bee Girls" - full film presentation, not the censored cut ('70s T&A sci-fi flick). But... "Star Creatures" is pretty much garbage. Ultra low budget, craptacular mess. There's nothing worse, movie-wise than a film that tries to be funny, but - just isn't. You're wasting everybody's time, even the people who made it. I may do that write up next year, maybe.

    Okay onto the topic.

    Wait - why does Julie Adams' face on that poster look so terrible? She's the hottie in the flick. Yet her poorly drawn head appears to be tacked on the body. Even the strap of her swimsuit appear to merge with her face, like a tendon.

    - - -

    There were several exclusives... but were separated by years. *nods* Lets do this chronologically.

    Setting the stage.

    The initial was attached to the first re-release from September 15th, 2014 ($14.98); the stand alone movie which was a repackaging of the original August 29th, 2000 DVD release - "Classic Monster Collection" ($24.98; shown above right).

    The same disc inside, new - old stock; not new printed art on the same DVD.


    The 2014 title was given an exclusive by Wal-Mart, part of their "Limited Edition: Glow In The Dark Art" 2016 Halloween offerings.

    "Creature" was given a green, glow-in-the-dark slipcover. The DVD sold for $7.96 and was also available on BD for $9.96 with Digital Copy. Both streeted on September 13th, 2016.

    Movie rack photo from a fellow enthusiast, Brad. *nods*

    The reason why you see two Draculas with different covers in that rack; one is the original 1931 film, the other is the 1979 motion picture.

    This Halloween rack was popular and got a second helping for the store's 2017 offering.

    New titles with slips and a few older ones too. The main difference is they have different prices, not uniformed tags. Once again "Creature" sold for $7.96, same slipcover - this would change. Rack photo by myself.

    I've said many times over, Wal-Mart has a long history of adding slipcovers over old stock, pretending to be 'new'. A game they keep playing. Now this can be a great thing for collectors like myself. Just to have for the slip to make our title more complete.

    Not wanting to be left out Best Buy jumped into the lagoon with of their their own that year.

    They released an exclusive Blu-Ray steelbook.

    This streeted on September 12th, 2017. This was one of seven steelbooks with new covers drawn by renowned comic book artist Alex Ross. These included "Creature, "Dracula" ('31), "Frankenstein" (1931), "The Bride Of Frankenstein" (1935), "The Invisible Man" (1933), "The Mummy" (1932) and "The Wolf Man" (1941). All were BD only and sold for $14.99 each.

    Sorry, do not have their weekly ad. And not into Blu-Rays, so naturally I do not own this.

    You might recall, Ross had an earlier Best Buy exclusive with "Flash Gordon" DVD - click here to read, a previous Past Tense.

    Anyhow, the BD presented "Creature" in its original 3D along with the 2D version and came with a Digital Copy; don't ask - don't know when it expired.

    For 2018 Wal-Mart did it again... now as a variant.

    The glow-in-the-dark slip is now orange. With the addition of five dollar Vudu credit, Wal-Mart's streaming service. This streeted on August 8th, 2018 for $9.96. Credits expired on December 31st, '18.

    Now you would think this where it ends. No.

    The store had yet another exclusive; a different slipcover and different glow-in-the-dark particulars. Let me say I do not have the full data. I can only give the price and the month, I apologize. It was beyond my internet mojo. In fact the store's website doesn't not list it.

    This is in-store ONLY.

    Call Britney Spears in mid-September 2019 Wal-Mart did it again. Now with a slipcover which mirrored the original '54 poster. It also came with a Digital Copy which no longer is gained from an insert inside the case. The Vudu code is printed on the sales receipt. Does not say when it expires.

    Save your receipt. Cannot be replaced.
    - receipt

    Why yes, I save the receipt for this write-up. This slip is on top of that 2014 re-release DVD. *shakes head*

    The exclusive sold for $8.96. Glowing premium is three decals (inside the case in a small bag). These drawings include: Bride Of Frankenstein, Gill-Man and the Wolf Man. Can't tell if these are stickers. Not gonna play to find it. Once scanned, put back in.

    Can't say why, but those decals are super grainy - almost like sandpaper (image side).

    The rear of the bag reads, "Universal Classic Monsters" and "Made in Wenzhou, China". As well as "Production Date: 6/19". The bag is re-sealable, just gotta be gentle.

    There were several titles which offered the same exclusives - "The Wolf Man", "Frankenstein" and "Dracula" off the top of my head. These are the original Universal Monster movies.

    - - - - - - - - - -


    Some bits then big fish.

    The iconic design was created by Milicent Patrick, not Bud Westmore (head of Universal's makeup department). It was a different time and she didn't get the credit she deserved, until now. She based the Creature on two, seventeenth-century woodcuts; the "Sea Monk" and the "Sea Bishop". The very first attempt was modeled after Oscar, the Academy Awards statuette. It was disliked and jettison.

    There was no single composer; various score parts were created by Herman Stein (main title music), Hans J. Salter and Henry Mancini with additional music from Universal's stock music library.
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    Past Tense - Dark Pools Of Ancestral Dread Part II

    Stuntmen Ben Chapman and Ricou Browning both played the Gill-Man. Browning for H2O shots, second unit photography. Chapman out of water footage. Chapman in suit (above) with co-star, Julie Adams.

    Oddly nether men meet during the shoot; filmed in different locations. Browning's shots was done in Florida (Wakulla Springs). Chapman's scenes were done in California; the same made-made lagoon where TV's "Gilligan's Island" (1964) was later shot.

    Only in 1974 during movie fan convention in Florida did they finally meet.

    Man, so much money was spent on trying to get a remake off the ground, but has been stuck in development hell... frack me, approaching the fifty year mark. YES, half a century of failed attempts.

    Big names has been attached to various ventures; John Landis, Ivan Reitman, Guillermo del Toro, John Carpenter and Gary Ross. Even having at one point Rick Baker (physical effects legend) do a redesign of the Gill-Man. As I understand, above is a sketch from the Carpenter version. This is abbreviated history, there were other attempts in the '80s.

    Landis commissioned Nigel Kneale to write the screenplay in 1982 set in the present. This had two Gill-Men; one good the other destructive. Both beast were being pursued by the U.S. Navy. Was going to be shoot in 3D, but Universal didn't want any competition with what they believed was going to be their mega summer hit, "Jaws 3D" (1983). Not joking. Though the official talk was on budgetary issues.

    Carpenter in 1992 commissioned Bill Phillips to write his script. Rick Baker was brought in for effects. This for various reasons, got its plug pulled too. One of the reasons - was "Memoirs Of An Invisible Man" ('92), it bombed. It's a solid flick, I enjoyed it. Anyhow, Lagoon was Carpenter's pet project for many years before dropping it.

    In 1995 the project was dusted off with Reitman set to direct his vision. It also failed. That same year Universal wanted Peter Jackson to make it - based on a screenplay by Timothy Harris and Herschel Weingrod. He said no, wanted to focus his efforts on his pet project, "King Kong" - a movie that wouldn't get done until 2005. His original version, written by himself and Fran Walsh (script completed in '96) was very different from what was filmed - in some ways, better. You can read about it; a 2015 Limited Edition Horror entry.

    Ross' ride on the failure carousal happened in late 2001 with him going to produce his interpretation; he and Arthur A. Ross wrote the script. His take was having the Creature not prehistoric, but rather man-made; a pharmaceutical company polluting in the Amazon. It's a mutant, set in the present. No go too.

    In late 2002 del Toro was given the reins for his remake. He wanted to make it, a fan. Though his idea was a personal story told from the Gill-Man's point of view and included a successful romantic liaison. Bestiality? Universal shot him down. The project scraped once more. Del Toro used ideas from the aborted reboot as the basis of "The Shape Of Water" (2017). A film that was nominated and won various Academy Awards in 2018. There was an attempt to salvage the movie; the studio hired Tedi Sarafian to write a new screenplay in 2003, but nothing else came from it.

    2005... Breck Eisner was hired as the new director and writer, a fan too. He began work on his remake. This is where things get very fuzzy. He had spent a lot of money on pre-production, A LOT. Eisner had commissioned Mark McCreery to create a new Gill-Man. McCreery known for physical effects such as the dinos from "Jurassic Park" (1993). The plan was to be faithful to the original. Six months was reported on the redesign. But all of it came crashing down... the infamous 2007 - 2008 Writers Guild Of America strike; so many movies and TV shows went bust because of it. So much trouble - Eisner went on to direct another pet project, the remake of George A. Romero's pre-"28 Days Later" (2002) horror flick, "The Crazies" (2010). The plan was to make this - then return back to "Creature". Hoping to shoot in Manaus, Brazil and on the Amazon River in Peru. It was reported that the boat set, "Rita" was built. After the strike, he continued to work/'tweak' his script. Nope. Dead project. Cursed at this point.

    2009 - Marc Abraham long with Eric Newman AND Gary Ross (again) were set to produce another try. This had a 2010 release date. Rumored that Carl Erik Rinsch was set to direct. Nope once more; project axed in 2011. Abraham produced such films as "The Thing" (2011), "Dawn Of The Dead" remake (2004), "Slither" (2006) and "Children Of Men" (2006) to name a few - a genre producer.

    2012 - Universal hired Dave Kajganich to direct. This was to be called "The Black Lagoon" (original '54 title). It was to have a May 2014 release. Not much else is known other than... it failed too.

    When Universal was pursuing their expanded universe franchise, "Dark Universe" in 2017 - which by the way died when their reboot of "The Mummy" (2017), it flopped. "Bride Of Frankenstein" was going to be their second installment - axed. Commissioned was Will Beall to pen the screenplay based on a story by Jeff Pinkner for "Creature". Produced by Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan. This would once again be set in the Amazon, unknown if it was a period feature. They wanted Scarlett Johansson in the Kay role. Also failed too. This is where it ends... for now.

    All the failed attempts is ripe for a "Creature" documentary on the subject. Would love to see that; video footage, production artwork, built sets and monster suits. And of course story outlines. Man, almost like that pix is mocking them, 'still the BEST!' Cha-cha-cha-chaaaa.

    - - -

    This is something you may want to know - and even a warning.

    Above is the DVD from Nastalgia Family Video; streeted on January 10th, 2017 for $8.99 - "Bud Abbott And Lou Costello Meet The Creature From the Black Lagoon".

    Yeah. Yeah. Okay.

    This is NOT a movie, but rather an episode of NBC's "Colgate Palmolive Hour" (black and white, live TV, variety show) which aired February 21st, 1954. As in a skit (less than ten minutes) towards the end of the program with Abbott and Costello meeting the Gill-Man (Chapman in suit) and the Frankenstein Monster (Glenn Strange in costume; Strange had already played the Frankenstein Monster in three of the franchise sequels). Ahhhhh, hijinks ensues. It was done to promote the film.

    Lets say, much of the humor - overall program is hit and miss (putting it kindly). With the included commercials more interesting than the show.

    The picture quality is watchable, not remastered.

    This really should've been included a bonus in the Legacy Collection release. It's tiny.

    You can buy the DVD on eBay and Amazon if you care.

    - - -

    Should be called to attention.

    There were three films in this franchise; "Creature From The Black Lagoon" (1954), "Revenge Of The Creature" (1955) and "The Creature Walks Among Us" (1956).

    All three with bonus materials can be found in the Complete Legacy Collection DVD set (also on BD) from 2014, came with a slipcover and were remastered.

    - - - - - - - - - -


    An additional sexy Halloween costume.

    Man, I feel old; Gen-Xer. This is now considered a costume; 1980s Aerobics Outfit. Not a joke - this is an actual Halloween costume.

    She's missing leggings that match her skin tone. Plus a sweat band and arm bands too. No high heels, just sneakers. I do wonder what kind purse goes with that outfit, probably a small one... that resembles a tote bag! Now I have Ron Harris style synthwave in my noggin'. To be clear it was synthwave and jazz.

    Man, that's something that should absolutely have a DVD release; the complete series - "The 20 Minute Workout". If you lived in the 80s you know what I'm talking about. For those who didn't...

    It aired real early on Sundays mornings - might as well be soft core porn. Gorgeous women in tight/revealing aerobics outfits doing a workout together (in a white void), married with electronic beating music. It was... hypnotic.

    When I say "white void" I mean that. Everything was white in the background, even the floor. Like they had stepped into the Matrix. Plus the women did their routine on a rotating white disc with a disembodied voice commanding them (Jami Allen). Just go with it. The show ran for two seasons in syndication; half hour, weekly show.

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    Past Tense - Dark Pools Of Ancestral Dread Part III

    Music for season one was created by Shiva. Season two was a collaborate effort, Jermy, King and Ouillet. This was more than likely how I was exposed to synthwave. Unless I'm mistaken, Shiva is Andy Muson. There is no CD soundtrack, that's a shame.

    Here it aired on Channel 5 (KTLA), hell yes, I remember. *wink* A step back. Yes, we're going here.

    Started in 1981 with Harris putting out "Aerobicise: The Beautiful Workout" (96 minutes) on VHS, Beta and laser disc (LD above sold for $29.95).

    It was a hit, added more; "Aerobicise: The Beginners Workout" (113 minutes) and "Aerobicise: The Ultimate Workout" (105 minutes) the following year. Each was successful (released by Paramount Home Video). So much so, Showtime wanted it.

    Not as a program - as filler.

    The in-betweens of short movies or programs, filler in 1982; one routine, then onto the next feature or such. Not new, but edits from those three direct to video releases.

    Harris took it to then next level with the TV series in 1983. The pilot was titled, "Aerobicise" before going with TMW.

    You can find some on YouTube. How many episodes? It's rather fuzzy, about fifty-five programs. There have some been some bootlegs of select episodes out there. At one point there was an eBay seller who had a collection on eleven DVD-Rs.

    Anyhow, there was a 'best of' series compilation (official) which included a making-of featurette released on LD in 1991. The documentary was 47 minutes long; can be found on YT.

    Harris rebooted his concept in '91 - the direct to video title, "New Girls Of Aerobicise" on VHS and LD (sold for $29.95 from Image Entertainment); forty-one minutes. Can only guess, he no longer owned the rights to the name, "The 20 Minute Workout". Back to basics.


    Further research, there was a soundtrack released - vinyl only, "Aerobicise: The Original Music - As Seen On TV". Single disc was put out by Ronco, Inc. in 1983. Run time of 50:25 minutes.

    Now, following thousands of requests, here is an album of the original music as heard in the show. Fourteen different compositions are included - set into three class structures - each progressing in length and tempo. Use the album for working-out, listening or dancing. Its invigorating Warm-Ups through sensual rhythms of the Cool-Downs make it impossible to sit still.
    WARNING: This album my be used for exercising, which depending upon your physical condition may be hazardous to your health. You are therefore warned not to attempt any exercises without consulting your doctor, even with such approval - each exercise should be done in moderation and should not be performed tired or to the point of fatigue or pain. Do not over exert yourself.
    - back side of soundtrack; second quote was in fine print

    Soundtrack has such track names as "One Hand Clapping", "Go For It", "Sweet N' Nasty", "Hot Sox", Skin" and "Hit It". Yeah, they knew what they were making - soft core porn.

    Appears to have been two different covers. The other - same year, reads ":20 Minute Workout", same cover girl and pose. Could be one for Canada and one for America. The series was filmed the Great White North. The back cover has different image stills and an add-on to description...

    Whether you're a beginner or in great physical condition, the 20 Minute Workout is for you... enjoy it.
    Well, this Tangent took a life of its own.

    - - -

    Gill-Man was the inspiration for another water beast movie; "The Monster Of Piedras Blancas" (black and white; 1959) on home video (remastered) from Olive Films, DVD and BD.

    Aquatic fiend is a prehistoric amphibious reptile, Diplovertebron. Sure. But why does this thing have claws for feet? Which are not shown pinching in the movie - more related to crustacean.

    The suit was a mash-up to save money. The feet were taken off casts used for Metaluna Mutant beast from "This Island Earth" (1955). And the hands were from... "The Mole People" (1956), moles. Actor Pete Dunn was the bartender in the film and man in suit. The suit was green colored.

    Directed by Irvin Berwick and produced by Jack Kevan both were former Universal Studios men. Which is how they had access to casts.

    I have the DVD; watched last week, enjoyed it. Campy at times and somewhat gory. There are shots of the beast holding, bloody decapitate heads and one shot of it pulling a head off a victim - just off camera.

    Jeanne Carmen as Lucille Sturges is pretty much in the Adams role. No swimsuit scene, just her in lingerie seen from a window. The monster was smitten, that perv.

    - - - - - - - - - -

    Just Because.

    The Gill-Man is my favorite of the Universal monsters. Above, behind-the-scene photo from "Creature From The Black Lagoon" (1954). Story?

    The suit might as well be blind, the guy inside could not see. Towards the finale; Gill-Man had abducted Kay (Adams), took her back to his underwater grotto. He's walking around a corner holding the actress playing unconscious. As I wrote, couldn't see with zero depth perception. Chapman bashing her head on the fake rocks of the cave wall. Just wacked her. She kicked and screamed.

    Above photo taken after the event (pause in shooting), granted presented with some levity. But yeah she got hurt. As I understand from left to right, director Jack Arnold, Ben Chapman in suit, actor Richard Carlson, the studio nurse and co-star Antonio Moreno. With Adams at the center of attention.

    - - - - - - - - - -


    Have two more!

    "Annihilator" (1986)
    Made for NBC TV movie (aired April 7th, 1986). Richard Armour was the editor of a mid-range newspaper in Los Angeles, "The L.A. Guardian". His girlfriend wins a contest for a free trip to Hawaii, due to an obligation he is unable to go. Angela takes her best friend Cindy with her. That vacation uproots Armour's entire existence, plunging him into a cosmic conspiracy. The woman who returned isn't his lover, she's an imitation. She tries to kill him for exposing the ruse. He is victorious, but now is charged with her murder - on the run. Seeking answers, he gets the passenger manifest for Flight 508. Each person could be an impersonator or in serious peril. Flight 508 had disappeared off radar screens for over an hour on route back to L.A. then returned as if nothing had happened. Richard Armour is on the trail of machines, extraterrestrial automatons; "Dynamatars" pursuing a silent global invasion. Think alien Terminators which by the way has Earl Boen in a bit role, known for Dr. Peter Silberman from... "The Terminator" (1984). It was suppose to be a backdoor pilot, failed to get sold. So it exist as a stand alone TV movie of the week. Unlike most person on the run films, this highlights the despair, isolation and paranoia of losing it all - even making risky choices out of emotional vulnerability. Excellent music and visuals accentuate the sci-fi feature, presented like a music video. This was released on home video on VHS only - in France and Australia. But can be found on YouTube.
    CIS-Taft Video - 1986 - NR

    "No Escape" (2015)
    Included since so many have come to the same conclusion - an excellent non-zombie, zombie movie. This is what Zack Snyder's "Dawn Of The Dead" (2004) mashed with "28 Days Later" (2002) would look like without anybody undead or infected. Jack Dwyer has moved his entire family to his work in South-East Asia; living in an upscale hotel. He's an engineer, there to help build a hydroelectric dam. But there was a silent coup by rebels who have intense anti-foreigner feelings - they want a bloody purge. Hours earlier the Prime Minister and his whole cabinet were assassinated. It's the morning; new dawn, the Dwyers become rebel targets. Particularly by their ringleader who view the Dwyers as everything wrong with their country. It is utterly relentless, this guy - his gang will not stop until Jack and his family are slaughtered. Americans in a foreign land, can't speak the language with next to no allies. The carnage on screen is massive and quite brutal.
    Anchor Bay Entertainment - 2015 - R

    A regret, didn't know - until long gone.

    There was a live musical based on the movie at Universal Studios Hollywood. It ran from July 1st, 2009 to March 9th, 2010. Adams attended the premiere. There were four songs "Black Lagoon", "Slay Me", "Prime Evil" and "Strange New Hunger". It was cheesy and campy - looked great. The show was included with the price of admission and ran for roughly twenty-five minutes. And the auditorium had 1,700 seats.

    Whole thing is on YT, type in "Creature From The Black Lagoon: The Musical At Universal Studios Hollywood" in search. Or if you know how, "ZdLJbFyxwV4". It's still there (as of writing), checked. Should've been included in the Legacy Collection.

    Done. But don't think you're safe. Not even close - more shadows stalk you next Thursday.
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    Past Tense - Curse Me, Curse You Part I

    [An earlier version of this PT was originally posted on November 22nd, 2012 on JoBlo's "DVD, Blu-Ray & Home Theater Discussion" forum.]

    From the shadows passing from under the door of the den, you count at least eight devil dogs. They sniff the air and pause for a moment in front of your room. But the scent of that peanut butter stuck in the wall is too much to be ignored, hell hounds... but still dogs. Dogs love peanut butter. They creep and stalk outside the other room. As if consulting each other on how to get their next prey. What was so disturbing was their silence, they're not stupid. They're moving with killer intent. You heard a barely audible growl and their wet breath. They're not even bumping into the furnishings. These things are hunting. Then it happened so sudden. They had made a silent sprint; unknown how many were moving in tandem. They crash into the room. NOW barking! You now hear the place being torn up. They found the sandwich spread. From the sounds it's like they're eating the wall to get at it. Eating the damn wall! Then silence again. They know. Holy crap. They know. This is the moment - you run to the locked door and start poking through with your sword. Pulling and pushing the steel in fevered fashion. Blood and yelps as they were being cut into. The beast had took flight to YOUR room. Blood and more blood. So much adrenaline pumping in your body. They bite and push into the door, but you have the advantage. Then it got worse, much worse. A few of them are biting into the nearby wall, trying to force themselves in. Too many of them... they're not eight. Not now, more had joined in. You can see a small hole starting to form, but you can't stop stabbing the door, keeping them from this entry. The hole gets bigger, frenzy of jagged teeth, snapping pulling on the drywall. That's when you see one of them stick their grotesque head in. It scans the room and sees you, making eye contact. Holy crap, is that thing grinning?! At that very moment a boom is heard, like a horn, but not a horn. The best description is like an air raid siren, one long beat. The devil dogs stop their advance and flee. But that single mongrel, still eye locked on you. It felt like minutes, but were seconds. It pulled out and joined its sinister brood. And that was it. The mist had lifted as if it never happened. Daylight, still morning. Hundred were killed that breakfast, you survived. The news had so many different stories on what had happened. From a natural formed wormhole to an inferno alternate netherworld to regular dogs who were exposed to toxic waste. To judgment day that got canceled. To even aliens. Nobody had real answers. And nobody could answer what that boom was. OR where those hounds disappeared to. The strange thing is your insurance seems to know it was a natural event and paid to have the house fixed. You took the sword, now hangs in your bedroom. From that day on, you locked your bedroom door, behind several latches. That dog. That beast wants a second try. So you live, thinking each morning might be round two.

    Hold your breath, this is the final Limited Edition Horror 2019; this Thursday we rethink about doin' it doggie style with "Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans"...

    The third film in the "Underworld" franchise opened on January 23rd, 2009. It was made with a budget of $35,000,000 (estimated) and grossed $45 million during its U.S. theatrical run. It made its money back with profits when including foreign receipts (twice the domestic gross). The film opened number two at the box office, the following week it dropped to number six. In Japan this was known as "Underworld Begins", it fits.

    The feature opened against "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button", "My Bloody Valentine 3-D" and "Paul Blart: Mall Cop".

    There was no slipcover, nor insert.

    - - -

    This streeted on May 12th, 2009 - there was only one exclusive... maybe?

    Wal-Mart offered a bonus disc; set sold for $22.99. The extra DVD came in its own case and was side packed with the movie. It's has a single featurette, "Rise Of The Lycans: Inside The Castle Walls", a run time is 34:36 minutes.

    Sorry, no screen snap, there is no menu screen, it just plays.

    Checked the Wal-Mart website... nope, that exclusive set is no longer available.

    The featurette has teeth - not a fluff piece. It had various production artwork (which I love seeing) and behind-the-scenes moments. And interviews with the cast and crew. Above is art for the vampire soldiers, their armor.

    And the other?

    I'm fuzzy, but would be amiss not to include. I say this since one of the items shown is in fact an exclusive, "Secrets Of The Code" DVD, but it's not listed as one.

    The store sold a gift set of the film, Blu-Ray only with a lycan figurine for $33.99. This could very well be an exclusive.

    - - - - - - - - - -


    I wish more DVDs would have galleries of production artwork. Above is the vampire castle, outside and within. Lately that option as gone by the wayside.

    And when it does happen, it's so limited, you're lucky to get twenty images.

    My cinema collection from the 1990s was in laser discs, hundreds of titles were bought. Many of them special collector's editions. These puppies had huge galleries. It's not uncommon for a title to have over a hundred stills.

    You got the real meat. I remember getting excited about the SE DVD for "Predator" (1987) which came out in 2004. Holy crap, the gallery is only a handful of stills. WTF?

    I was quite glad the bonus disc had several images from the production, such as a sketch of Viktor's armor and some great artwork of the weapons used. Good stuff.

    - - -

    This began as a rant; was talking to a childhood friend (I've known him since it was called Junior High), the dumbing down of society. It started with the talk back section at Ain't It Cool News, they had a regular behind-the-scenes pix, nearly daily. This one was for "John Carpenter's The Thing" (1982). Two commented on lending out their DVDs ("The Thing") to young horror fans (in their twenties).

    Yes, this is off topic - indulge me. You'll understand in few.

    Their statements bugged the hell out of me. Made me mad.

    Borrowed my copy to a younger (20s) "horror fan," who was all about the Resident Evil series. He returned it a couple days later. He said it was, "Too slow," and there was "not enough action" so he couldn't finish it. What the **** is wrong with this little ****? I saw this film when I was ten or so and it kept my rapt attention.
    - The Gmork


    Yeah, I lent my copy to a 20-something at work after admittedly having talked it up a bit... they had the same *bored* reaction.
    - 6000 Little Griglets

    Saw the film when I was nine years old at a drive-in (remember them?), freaked me out. I never thought of it as boring or not enough action. It was just awesome. It was one of the first movies I saw on video when I got my VCR in 1985 (the first belongs to "Timerider: The Adventure Of Lyle Swann" [1982]). It's been a part of my life ever since.

    *sigh* Lack of attention. Why?

    Why can't you sit down and just watch a movie? Must you be multi-tasking? I really like adult film starlet Kayden Kross, she's attractive and smart (being serious, not a flippant remark). But watching her on her former online show... put down the cell and talk to your co-host! You don't need to check, every single second - made me want to scream. She's a social media addict.

    I was a fan of the horror podcast, "DeadPit" with hosts, Uncle Bill and the Creepy Kentuckian (no longer; each got married have different lives). It's from Kentucky (very anti-PC). UB told this story a couple times before. How he showed one of his younger kin "Dawn Of The Dead" (1979). And he thought it was a comedy. That pissed him off as it did I.


    Writing this entry, got curious - did some digging; theatrical stats - motion picture run times, not lengths for unrated versions, strictly theatrical. How most folks saw the movies in the first place.

    "Underworld" - 121 minutes
    "Evolution" - 106 minutes
    "Rise Of The Lycans" - 92 minutes
    "Awakening" - 88 minutes

    Frack me!

    First film came out in 2003, the last in 2012. In the span of nine years we lost thirty-three minutes of story. That's depressing; if it can't catch the attention of people on ADD meds, then it's a box office failure? Holy crap, eighty-eight minutes - that's like a TV movie length. Plot matters!
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    Past Tense - Curse Me, Curse You Part II

    It's something that should captivate you, not something rushed to the finale forsaking all things important. Man, you missed the point, which can be said for so many Hollywood remake. I'm looking at you "RoboCop" (2013). Yes I am.

    Am I talking like an old man? No.

    Things have importance; the glue that binds us. Race, religion, economic background - we all share these silver screen tales. They're the modern fables, teaching us morality and humanity. And what is now served is the lowest common denominator. Yes, it has always existed, but they were peripheral, throwaway fluff. Now it's center stage.

    Look at me doing stupid crap on YouTube and Facebook, don't forget to click 'Like'; hash tag #PleaseNeuterMe.

    - - -

    Okay on to something more mellower.

    Who is hotter Rhona Mitra as Sonja (above left) or Kate Beckinsale as Selene?

    I know Mitra was one of the first physical models to play Lara Croft. The distinction of being the first belongs to Nathalie Cook (she played Lady Croft before the game became famous, circa 1996). Of the all the models, I like Karima Adebibe the best. And I'm not a gamer. *nods* I just like pretty girls.


    Rhona has a nice body, but her face and hands are quite masculine. While Kate overall looks very feminine, from her tush to her head. In a fight who is more believable? Easy, Mitra, hands down. Who looks better doing it, though improbable - Beckinsale. But we're talking about vampires here, so improbability kinda has to take a back seat - Rosa Parks style. Yes, I went there.

    - - -

    This was directed by Patrick Tatopoulos who like Tom Savini was a special effects man. Tatopoulos did creature effects for such films like "Pitch Black" (2000), "Dark City" (1998), "Independence Day" (1996), "I, Robot" (2004), "Van Helsing" (2004) and a ton others.

    Tatopoulos worked on the two pervious "Underworld" films and created the werewolf design used in the franchise. "Rise Of The Lycans" was his directorial debut. He did a good job here. He knows how to shoot effects.

    Enjoyed the movie, a prequel, setting up how this hidden universe came to be. The roots of the war between vampires and werewolves. Especially enjoyed was how much continuity was used. Brought back dead characters and other cast members back for bit part. These things make the film quite gratifying. Love and passion went into this.

    Not disappointed.

    - - - - - - - - - -


    Save this for last; final sexy Halloween costumes.

    This was something I did a record scratch. WTF? The left is... I quote:

    Sexy Triage Trixie Nurse Lingerie Costume Set

    Sexy triage nurse, that's a thing now. Don't get me wrong. On the right woman, like the above - it is smokin' hot. She's gorgeous. It totally works, sway. But this costume is for nines and tens.

    Now, on the right is a costume that's 3D printed. Shown with face paint added (optional). An anatomical, stretch (form fitting) jumpsuit. It like someone thought there's a market for attractive women to showcase their figure, but also be revolting to men at the same time.


    You get this costume, skin tight and quite unappealing.

    Well, this could with some imaginative work be modded into a kick ass, nude undead woman. I'm already thinking of painted props from the 99 Cent Only Store that could be glued or velcroed on. It will take time and patience, plus some loose dollars (on top of the costume price).

    Take one of those plastic brains and cutting it in half or just enough to appear like seeping out, the intestines - painted with nail polish, the one that looks wet even though it's dry. Other thoughts too...

    Get one of those novelty fake big boob prop, usually sold from Spencers Gifts. Cut into one of the breasts, take a chuck out and make the thing look jagged like someone bit into it, taking flesh out. Make it bloody, get some paper towels and paint them red, let it dry and glue them on the breast around the bite - like some skin are still hanging to it.

    Add one of those bag of plastic bones from 99 Cent and break/cut a piece and glue it onto the leg. Like a bit of bone is sticking out. Then go to Goodwill and buy, cheap and thin pants. Cut them up and paint parts red and add that polish too. Glue or stitch them in - to be seen like regular pants on the costume.

    The effect is she's wearing pants with damage, leg bone sticking out, bloody. Topless, skin peeled off and breast bitten into, flesh still draping with her intestines starting to spill out. Believe me, that will stand out in a party. Add some minor face paint to look gray or off-white (dark circles under the eyes). A bit of red on one side of the mouth. The extra mile would be adding creepy contacts, but there are many genuine horror stories of contacts infecting the eyes. Poorly made and do serious, I mean serious damage. I would pass on that.

    And light paint on the hands too. Or better yet, get cheap gray gloves and give it some spots and streaks of red.

    Well... too late for that now. Today is Halloween. Perhaps next year. Just milling some ideas.

    One more - discovered an hour before posting... some folks are printing measles, red marks on their skin as their Halloween costume. WTF? That's messed up.

    - - -

    October 2019 has been about Vincent Prince. Watched several of his flicks I hadn't seen before. Which is saying a lot since I have a bunch of his DVDs. Saw "The Bat" (1959); "Madhouse" (1974); "House On Haunted Hill" (1959), colorized (decent hues); "Cry Of The Banshee" (1970); "Dragonwyck" (1946), "The Mad Magician" (1954), "Tales Of Terror" (1962)...

    And "Vincent Price: The Sinister Image" (1987) - unaired episode of "The Sinister Image" which was a cable access show (in the '80s), interviewed folks who make horror, sci-fi and fantasy feature. It's the extended cut. Price talks about his film and passions (art and cooking). I wish it was longer, fascinating.

    Some of those were titles I hoarded just for October, DVDs bought earlier this year - save for the Halloween season. Don't think I can top it, future Octobers. Even picked up, brand new - "Brigham Young" (1940) - Price had a small role; the story of Mormons coming to Salt Lake City. Price played Joseph Smith, Jr.

    Plus other Halloween flicks (new to me) like, "Murders In The Rue Morgue" (1971), "The Monster Of Piedras Blancas" (1959), "Submerged" (2016) and "The Flesh And The Fiends" (1960; continental version with nudity).

    Okay, things that don't mix well - horror and musicals. You might recall the bonus entry from 2017, "Stage Fright". That was awful; weak plot with weaker still songs. What was the point?

    Streeted on home video on October 1st of this year was "Anna And The Apocalypse" (2017). Saw it on Saturday. Yes. This actually works. The world is being torn apart from the living dead; have some songs and dance. Before you ask, no dancing or singing zombies. Not 100% great, but does work. I enjoyed it. Gland it was rated R and came down dark, like one of their songs...

    "No Such Thing As A Hollywood Ending". The future is unknown and bleak, but that's okay - you're not alone.

    By the way, "Dragonwyck" isn't really horror - more of a gothic drama, cut from the same cloth as "Jane Eyre" (1943) - the Orson Welles version.

    - - - - - - - - - -


    As I wrote, today is Halloween. Far too late for getting a flick. You either have none or already know what you're doing. I'm gonna be watching "Dawn Of The Dead: Extended Mall Hours" bootleg (mixes all the cuts into one - outstanding), a past LEH recommendation. But I wanted to offer, something obscure, something worth the seek. One last 2019 Halloween title...

    "Sole Survivor" (1970)
    Made for CBS TV movie (aired January 9th, 1970). It was like an extended classic episode of "The Twilight Zone". The time is World War II, an American plane has made it's bombing run in North Africa, but is shot down on their way to their base. The bomber crash lands in the Libyan desert. The middle of nowhere, three hundred miles from help with a busted radio - can't be repaired. Providence - a rescue team is coming. Only to discover, they can't be seen and not a rescue, but military investigation. Investigating a seventeen year old derelict... the men discover, they're ghosts. Now it become proving they didn't die over the Mediterranean sea, but on the scorching sands. Deaths because their navigator bailed out - and got rescued; one of men present for the investigation. On DVD as an MOD title, sadly.
    CBS Home Entertainment - 2019 - NR

    - - - - - - - - - -

    Just Because.

    Behind-the-scenes pix of Beckinsale on the set of "Underworld 2", she's adorable. What's that stuff on her shoulder? Shhhhh, we don't talk about that. *wink*

    Back into the dark place from where they came from... until next October. When they get their strength once more to terrify all who have the misfortune of being in their way. Come back here on November 14th for comedy show that is as much loved as it is despised.

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    Jul 2015
    Target - November 5th, 2019

    Hobbs & Shaw
    Exclusive photo book packing; BD/DVD/DC combo $27.99

    Trolls Happy Place Collection
    Exclusive store release $17.99

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    Best Buy - November 5th, 2019

    Hobbs & Shaw
    Exclusive steelbook; 4k BD/BD combo $34.99

    Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark
    Exclusive steelbook; 4k BD/BD/DC combo $29.99

    Exclusive steelbook; 4k BD/BD/DC combo $34.99

    Exclusive steelbook; 4k BD/BD/DC combo $34.99

    Exclusive steelbook; 4k BD/BD/DC combo $34.99

    Big Hero 6
    Exclusive steelbook; 4k BD/BD/DC combo $34.99

    The Princess And The Frog
    Exclusive steelbook; 4k BD/BD/DC combo $34.99

    Dr. Seuss' The Grinch (available now)
    Exclusive steelbook; BD/DVD/DC combo $18.99

    The Santa Clause - 3 Movie Collection
    Exclusive steelbook; BD/DC combo $28.99

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    Target - November 12th, 2019

    The Angry Birds 2 Movie
    Exclusive packaging with activity book; BD/DVD/DC combo $22.99

    The Big Bang Theory: The Twelfth And Final Season
    Exclusive packaging; $29.99

    - - - - - - - - - -

    Available 11/15

    "Frozen II - Soundtrack" exclusive translucent red vinyl $17.99
    "Kidz Bop 40" exclusive temporary tattoos $9.99

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    Best Buy - November 12th, 2019

    Moana (available now)
    Exclusive steelbook; 4k BD/BD/DC combo $34.99

    Tangled (available now)
    Exclusive steelbook; 4k BD/BD/DC combo $34.99

    Zootopia (available now)
    Exclusive steelbook; 4k BD/BD/DC combo $34.99

    Big Hero 6 (available now)
    Exclusive steelbook; 4k BD/BD/DC combo $34.99

    The Princess And The Frog (available now)
    Exclusive steelbook; 4k BD/BD/DC combo $34.99

    The Matrix Trilogy (available now)
    Exclusive steelbook; 4k BD/DC combo $54.99

    The Santa Clause: 3 Movie Collection (available now)
    Exclusive steelbook; BD/DC combo $29.99

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    Past Tense

    This is quite out of the ordinary, a first. What I have here is an update to a previous post. And not a fluffy one.

    This is an update to the PT entry for "Sin City".

    You may recall my comments on the exclusives from Circuit City.

    ...had an a set of (four?) exclusive collectible cards (5 x 7 inches). I do not know if these were packed with the DVD or available at the counter when you bought the movie. Also on the same street and sold for $14.99. I would like to have this. The cards were shrink-wrapped and printed on thick card stock (minimum 45 per store). Was there a fifth card? Allegedly, the last collectible was Benicio Del Toro as Jackie Boy. Did it exist? Sorry, I just don't know.
    I can now answer that.

    Why did it take so long?

    It fell off my radar, repeatedly - newer things took my interest. Then in early August of 2019 it popped again. Except this time, made it center stage. Found. An eBay auction; "Sin City (DVD, 2006) with slip cover and Collector Character Cards". Bought the set for $6.00 with shipping.

    Now my collection is complete. Well - I guess I could get that "Back Alley Poker Pack" box set. Would be nice, but I'm not fidgeting on it.

    No new extras - just a poker set boxed with the "Recut - Extended - Unrated" DVD collection.

    Anyhow, the only good image I could muster at the time was pretty weak.

    As you can see above, it left a lot to be desired from that pix and was incomplete. And yes - there was fifth card.

    My purchase came to me on August 7th. This exclusive streeted at Circuit City on August 16th, 2005. Which means, it took me fourteen years to finally get my set. Wow!

    This was bought for $2.50, the rest was postage.

    Here you go... the FIVE Circuit City collectible (lobby) cards. Sway. The backs of all these are blank.

    Yup, that's it - a rather short entry. BUT I did give my focus on the next entry for "Night Of The Living Dead DVD Retrospective" - a four parter book review. It's a read.

    Next time we go back to the norm. See you here on November 28th, 2019 for a double PT entry. Some love the TV show. Others totally hate it. I'm more in the comfort food group. See you then.

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    "Taylor Swift - Lover" exclusive 2 color vinyl set with digital copy $22.99
    "Taylor Swift - Lover" four different versions; CD, 2 memos, 30 page journal, lyrics with photos and poster sets $15.99 (each) (available now)

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