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    Best Buy - November 20th, 2015


    "Rush - R40 Live" CD/DVD with exclusive keychain flashlight $29.99
    "Rush - R40 Live" CD/BD with exclusive keychain flashlight $34.99

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    Past Tense

    [An earlier version of this PT was originally posted on December 1st, 2011 on JoBlo's "DVD, Blu-Ray & Home Theater Discussion" forum.]

    This week we learn a terrible truth; just as Jessica, Logan and Ben Richards did - there is no haven, especially in Michael Bay's "The Island"...

    The motion picture opened on July 22nd, 2005. It was made with a budget of $122,000,000 (estimated) and grossed over 35 million during its U.S. theatrical run; counting foreign receipts it made $162,949,164. The film opened number four at the box office, the following week it dropped to number seven.

    The feature opened against "Charlie And The Chocolate Factory", "The Devil's Rejects", "Wedding Crashers" and "War Of The Worlds" (remake).

    This did not come with a slipcover, It did however come with a coupon. Save $3.00 on "Saving Private Ryan: D-Day 40th Anniversary Commemorative Edition", "Gladiator: Extended Edition" or "Minority Report" (from November 28th, 2005 to January 31st, 2006). Also save $3.00 on "War Of The Worlds" (remake; from November 22nd, 2005 to January 31st, 2006).

    - - -

    There was a single exclusive. This came from Wal-Mart, a bonus disc in its own case (packed side by side with the movie). This set streeted on December 13th, 2005 and sold for $19.96. The bonus disc has a run time of 21:09 minutes.

    - - - - - - - - - -


    The feature feels like two different movies mashed together. The first half at the facility has such a modern, sci-fi take on the classic, "Logan's Run" (1976). I wish more time had been spent exploring that world.

    It's a fascinating society.

    The residents were told that Earth has nearly died. This and one other spot on the planet is uncontaminated, pathogen-free. There is a lottery to see which one of them will move to The Island.

    Then we find out that's it is 2019; the lottery is a scam, the controlled community is actually filled with clones of clients outside. Which exist for one sole purpose - body parts, non rejectable organs.

    From that point on it becomes an action flick with Lincoln Six Echo (Ewan McGregor) Jordan Two Delta (Scarlett Johansson) being given chase in the real world by private military contractor, Albert Laurent (Djimon Hounsou).

    Hounsou did a good job as the relentless heel.

    The part that got to me was Starkweather Two Delta (Michael Clarke Duncan), a clone from a football player, Jamal Starkweather, who need his donor organs NOW. Seeing Starkweather struggling in operating table as his operation begins - his death...

    That's a fear of mine. Going to a hospital and never coming out. This happened to my dad when I was kid. Well, not LIKE that, but you understand.

    The second half didn't bring anything too new. The hover bike chase was different. But it works and the ending is pretty much as you would expect. Which is not a bad thing. The good guys win and the secret of the cloning facility is exposed to the world.

    Everybody thought the clones were vegetables in a comatose state, not living in a post-apocalyptic construct.

    One of the biggest gripes besides being a Michael Bay film is that "The Island" has a bucket full of product placements. Here.


    And here again.

    I'm not all that bothered by it. AS LONG as it isn't so blatant. Like a character saying, 'Lets find Jordan and Lincoln, but not before finishing our Starbucks delicious mix blended coffee... so good I savor each and every drop. It gives me the bounce I need each day.'

    Yeah, then I would get pissed.

    The Lincoln and Jordan of their day; Logan 5 (Michael York) and Jessica 6 (Jenny Agutter) from "Logan's Run".

    I like this quote...

    Consider the tropical paradise of the island as an allegory for heavenly rewards, and the employees of the facility as allegorical stand-ins for church leaders, and The Island becomes a cautionary tale that we may not actually get what we've been led to expect, and those we entrust with our future welfare may not be as benevolent as they seem.

    Those who allow themselves to be led only by faith (at the expense of reason) may be setting themselves up for a fall, and they don't like being reminded of it. At least that's been my experience.
    - Jenocalypse

    And this...

    The movie never satisfactorily comes full circle, and while the climax satisfies the requirements of the second half of the story, it leaves a few questions unanswered. We wonder, for example, why a manufacturing enterprise so mammoth could have been undertaken in secret. Were government funds involved? We don't need to know the answers to these questions, it's true, but they would have allowed Bay to do what the best science fiction does, and use the future as a way to critique the present.
    - Roger Ebert

    He gave it three stars out of five.

    - - - - - - - - - -


    There was talk before the theatrical release about Scarlett Johansson's breasts. The film's poster, modified the star's already ample cleavage. The newer; larger, digital bosoms almost caused the actress to have a car crash.

    I was driving through Los Angeles and I look up and see the biggest photo of me I have ever seen in my life on a massive ad space. I screamed and slammed on the brakes. I couldn't believe it. It's very strange to see my cleavage the size of a brontosaurus. My breasts were huge. I had long hair and my goodness, I couldn't get past the cleavage.
    - Johansson

    Wanna know something that sucks?

    Johansson was to do a topless scene, but that got pulled for a PG-13 rating. We all lost here, should've been an R, hard R.

    She was willing.

    - - -

    There was a lawsuit over copyright infringement. "The Island" IS a rip-off of 1979 motion picture, "Parts: The Clonus Horror" a.k.a. "Clonus".

    DreamWorks reached a settlement, an unknown amount; terms remain sealed.

    Oh yeah.

    A few years back it got noticed. Footage of the car blowing up on a freeway from "The Island" was recycled (with additional explosions and CGI robots) for Bay's 2011 film, "Transformers: Dark Of The Moon".

    The DVD was re-released with a new wraparound along with a Blu-Ray ($24.99) version (same content) on June 21st, 2011. The DVD sold for $9.97

    There was erroneous data; the re-release is NOT a two disc set, it never was.

    - - - - - - - - - -

    Just Because.

    Quite sway. Easy on the eyes, yes indeed; Scarlett Johansson as Jordan Two Delta. Who looks so young in that pix.

    Some believe this was the hottest Johansson ever looked. After "The Island" she changed her diet and lost some pounds, among the weight loss were of her breasts. I'm on the fence here.

    Come back here on November 26th, 2015 - Turkey Day! Come for a serving of apocalyptic flavored monkey madness.
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    Target - November 24th, 2015

    Shawn The Sheep: Movie
    Exclusive bonus holiday movie; DVD $14.99; bonus could be for BD $17.99

    - - - - - - - - - -


    "Adele - 25" deluxe edition with 3 exclusive bonus tracks $12.99 (available now)

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    Past Tense - Monkey Madness Part I

    [An earlier version of this PT was originally posted on December 8th, 2011 on JoBlo's "DVD, Blu-Ray & Home Theater Discussion" forum.]

    It's a mad house! Get pawed this week by first remake of "Planet Of The Apes"...

    The Tim Burton motion picture opened on July 27th, 2001. It was made with a budget of $100,000,000 (estimated) and grossed over 362 million during its U.S. theatrical run. The film opened number one at the box office, the following week it dropped to number two.

    The feature opened against "Jurassic Park III", "Legally Blonde", "The Fast And The Furious" and "Shrek".

    This originally was released in 2001 with a foil wrapaound in a common two disc case. In 2003 it was repackaged as a digipack inside a cardboard slipcase. And later still re-re-released back in a standard case, now with a matted wrapaound.

    There were three inserts. The first is a booklet showcasing the content and chapters. The second is a mini ad brochure for other 20th Century Fox DVDs; there were twenty titles shown, special editions and TV sets (including additional POTA titles). The third one...

    I will talk about in a few.

    - - -

    The remake/re-imagining streeted on November 20th, 2001. There was one exclusive and it came from Best Buy, a bonus CD-ROM (inside a printed cardboard sleeve). This limited set sold for $15.99. As I understand, this was sealed with the DVD on the outside of the case.

    I could be wrong, my info is a bit fuzzy. The release came out before I started collecting DVDs, I was still buying laser discs at the time.

    No main menu screen snap; the bonus is for Windows, I'm a Mac user. I had a hard time to accessing the videos since the media folder for them is an invisible. I can't recall how I did it YEARS ago. What I do recall; I copied the disc onto my hard drive and booted OS 9 - from there I used a program to make them... visible.

    Then I had access. The thing is - I only took the interviews and desktops - for some bizarre reason, I don't take the making-of featurettes. So that material is stuck on this disc. *shrug*

    The brief video interviews (less than two minutes each) are with stars; Charlton Heston, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Paul Giamatti, Michael Clarke Duncan, Estella Warren (the role she was born to play) and Mark Wahlberg. Additional interviews with composer Danny Elfman, special makeup effects Rick Baker and director Tim Burton.

    The CD-ROM has a gallery, desktop images, trailer, character bios, making-of featurettes and something called "The Forbidden Zone" (as listed on the back). And most likely an ad from AT&T, you see they sponsored the bonus disc.

    It's a neat addition to the release, but sadly very limiting by it's nature - just Windows. I suppose you could say that all of this material is just a repackaging of the press kit for film critics and newspapers. And I can't say it isn't so. Probably is.

    - - - - - - - - - -


    So that third?

    The final insert, printed on cardstock is an explanation - WTF happened???

    Don't get all smiles, it still doesn't make sense.

    There's a big hole in this official exposition. They don't even know! This movie has the most stupidest ending in quite some time. Timmy thought it would be fun to have an shocking ending for the sake of having a shocking ending. No real thought on how that would occur. Is he gonna pull a Simpsons and say 'a wizard did it'?

    Anyhow, I have my bonus disc (inside the sleeve) in the standard foil case. I tired in the digipack, but it bulked it up, making a bit difficult to insert into the slipcase. I need to get a three disc case for it.

    - - -

    A bit of personal history.

    I originally had the regular release, but rebought the movie to get the digipack (a sale from Best Buy many years ago). The re-release is far more fancy looking. *nods*

    The movie.

    Look, lets not pretend this isn't a cinema turkey. The story is lames as hell with a ending that makes it worse. Just look above.

    All that said, this is a popcorn flick and works, quite well.

    But man, it feels so half-hearted. They had this incomplete screenplay; no middle nor ending. 'Lets make it up as we go.' Yeah.

    What saves the movie for me is the awesome ape make-up, done for real, not CGI. Rick Baker did an magnificent job. The other reason is the performance by Tim Roth the chimpanzee, General Thade (on the cover of the exclusive).

    That is one fracking scary monkey! He's evil. The BEST villains are the ones who do terrible, heinous things, but believe they're doing good. Thade is truly convinced that his actions is saving their world, no matter how high the body count; ape or man.

    What I would've liked is a Thade-like character for the 1974 TV series of the same name. The main antagonist, General Urko (Mark Lenard) was too stupid/goofy, not serious enough. If he had, that would've been badass. It's on DVD, twice over (2001 and again in 2006).

    It's not half bad and does entertain at fourteen episodes. For whatever reason it became obscured in Ape franchise history - do seek it out.

    The TV show takes place over nine hundred years before the events of the first movie. Human are slaves and pets - we can still talk at this point in history, before we reverted into savages. Some have suggested this downgrade is attributed continued/persistent radiation for the nuclear war that took Man from the head of the food chain.

    Well, Estella Warren was nice to look at as Daena. I'll be honest, she doesn't really do it for me.

    I suppose she fits the bill; pretty, but not too pretty.

    I'm not being mean - they needed a human love interest for Davidson and there she is.

    The first incarnation of 'the girl' was just right (original flick [1968])...

    Nova played by Linda Harrison straddled the trope by being hot and not too hot. It's what pops in your head; what an attractive cave girl should look like. A nod to Raquel Welch as the primitive girl in "One Million Year B.C." (1967), but that went a bit over the top.

    A bit of trivia. Harrison had roles in several Apes movies - including this remake.

    "Planet Of The Apes" (1968) - Nova
    "Beneath The Planet Of The Apes" (1970) - Nova
    "Escape From The Planet Of The Apes" (1971) - Postal Letter Carrier (uncredited)
    "Planet Of The Apes" (2001) - [Old Human] Woman In Cart

    Anyhow besides the poor story and crapacular ending - I didn't care for the future technology. Yeah, I get that they were going for a minimalist design, but it looks so cheap. C'mon, the space station Oberon looks just like the Trade Federation station from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (1999).

    Like they ran out money to do any modeling and pulled the prop out of storage; 'good enough'. Plus the shuttle pod feels amateurish, there's no texture to it, like a toy from the 99 Cents Only store, not joking.

    I will give credit to composer Danny Elfman; the score sounds so different, unique - in a good way. Excellent job on a bad movie. I own the CD soundtrack by the way.

    The planet where Apes took place was NOT Earth, but a different planet.

    Why does this place have horses that look like Earth horses?!?

    It's never addressed.
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    Past Tense - Monkey Madness Part II


    The booklets for the regular case and digipack are different. The regular release had a two page insert. The digipack has a three page pull out panel with additional artwork and more information on the special features.

    There was a death in the production. Scenic artist, Paul Trachtenberg died while working on a floor-to-ceiling backdrop. He fell. This happened on October 30th, 2000.

    On a more lighter note...


    Timmy boy wanted a love affair between our astronaut Captain Leo Davidson (Mark Wahlberg) and the chimp, Ari (Helena Bonham Carter). *shakes head* Allegedly there was a 'creative difference' on that subject with the studio, they won. Good. Who the hell wants to see that (minus the freaks)? By the way, Ari was suppose to be an ape princess. Whatever dude.

    You know, this isn't the first time the idea has been dicked around. The last time was in '69. SIXTY-NINE! I so entertain myself.

    There was a make-up test on the first sequel, Beneath The Planet of the Apes (1970). The hybrid child was played by Tom Doran (above pix). It was part of the aborted ending. At one point they didn't want a shocker, the ending was very optimistic; apes and humans living in peace as equals. The bomb did go off, but not the planet killer that was shown in the final film.

    My mind doesn't want to wrap itself around that concept. Ahhhh... ape sex. What does a female chimp's lady business look like? And NO I'm not Googling it (web search or dirty metaphor). Man, you people have your minds in the gutter, don't you?

    - - - - - - - - - -


    In November of 2011 I was at Barnes & Noble, browsing through the sci-fi section. And I found something, something quite intriguing. Did not buy, but once home went online for info.

    The reviews were almost overwhelmingly positive. I have forgotten about this for years until revamping this post. I need pick this up. What am I talking about? I'm speaking of the novel, "Conspiracy Of The Planet Of The Apes".

    After his spacecraft smashes into a dead sea of a seemingly alien planet, a man is separated from his fellow astronauts when a raiding party of intelligent apes attacks them. Captured, he finds himself a prisoner in a world turned upside down, with apes as the rulers and man in its zoos. His only hope is to communicate with a couple of chimpanzees who just might be open minded and compassionate enough to be sympathetic to his cause. But the man called John Landon will discover that intelligent minds, be they ape or man, all fear the unknown, and his destiny is not to become part of this new world... but instead to find himself under the knife of a simian brain surgeon on the Planet Of The Apes.
    - back cover

    *jaw agape*

    This is an official book written by Andrew "Drew" E. C. Gaska, not random fan fiction. The somber continuity tale is published by Archaia Entertainment (272 pages) and came out in August of 2011. Available in softback and hardcover. Add to the mix, the book is beautifully illustrated by over 50 top artists, quite beautiful.

    It fills in the plot hole of how the chimp, Dr. Milo (Sal Mineo) retrieved the sunken Icarus in the Forbidden Zone and made it flight worthy. He had help from Landon (Robert Gunner)! And the events go into the conclusion of Beneath The Planet of the Apes.

    It makes sense, there is an undisclosed amount of time in between Col. George Taylor (Charlton Heston) having ape surgery to remove the bullet in his throat to where he speaks again (healed). That could've been weeks.

    Dr. Milo is the chimpanzee who managed to fix Taylor’s ship and get himself, Cornelius, and Zira back in time to 1973 during the third film, Escape From The Planet Of The Apes, only to meet an untimely demise at a zoo, of all places. His character has begged for extrapolation from the beginning. He was clearly introduced in Escape in order to get Cornelius and Zira back in time, but a science ape of his level of genius must have had a story to tell, not the least of which was how he found Taylor and Landon’s ship, and fixed it up enough to get it back in the air.

    Astronaut John Landon is the guy who gets all the bad breaks. He signed up for a mission that he didn’t really understand, gets ridden by Taylor during a ruthless trek through the desert, is beaten up by apes and lobotomized. His story is going to make it clear just how lucky Taylor was to have found allies in Cornelius and Zira.

    General Ursus, an ape of some power who was important to Beneath The Planet Of The Apes, was absent from the first film. You will find he was involved with aspects of Conspiracy while the cameras were rolling elsewhere in Ape City.

    Chief Marcus was originally supposed to be an integral part of the original movie, but was mostly cut out. The most information fans have had on him to date comes form a movie poster showing the gorilla and saying “This is Marcus. His specialties are violence and torture.” In Conspiracy you will find out that the chief is also a family ape, and a loving and caring father.

    Dr. Galen, the surgeon who fixed Taylor’s throat and argued with Zira in the original film, is a major antagonist, as is Dr. Zaius.
    - Drew Gaska (interview with Horror Comic Book News, 2011)

    This makes the conversation between Dr. Zaius (Maurice Evans) and Taylor after his trial (first film) quite different. Zaius was trying to find out where the another astro-nauts were.

    There was, WAS to have been a second 'what-if' book by the author. Was to have happened in the latter part of 2013. But it didn't happen or rather, not yet. I can hope.

    This would be about Col. Taylor; the missing time where he was kidnapped/separated from Nova (Linda Harrison) in Beneath The Planet Of The Apes.

    What happened to him? And where does Brent (James Franciscus) fit in all of this? I wanna know.

    - - - - - - - - - -

    Easter Eggs.

    A brief look at the feature from a monkey's perspective.

    Disc 1 -> Special Features -> Commentaries -> highlight "Back" press up; highlight ape - ENTER.

    - - -

    Estella Warren first audition video.

    Disc 1 -> Special Features -> Cast & Crew Profiles -> Cast -> Estella Warren -> highlight "Return" press up; highlight 'Play Icon' - ENTER.

    - - -

    Erick Avari first audition video.

    Disc 1 -> Special Features -> Cast & Crew Profiles -> Cast -> Erick Avari -> highlight "Return" press up; highlight 'Play Icon' - ENTER.

    - - -

    Luke Eberl first audition video.

    Disc 1 -> Special Features -> Cast & Crew Profiles -> Cast -> Luke Eberl -> highlight "Return" press up; highlight 'Play Icon' - ENTER.

    - - -

    DVD Production Credits.

    Disc 1 -> Language Selection -> highlight "Resume Film" press right; highlight ape helmet - ENTER.

    - - -

    One last thing before I put this monkey to bed. No, not like that. Pervs.

    There is a great compendium on all the ape movies and the two TV series (live action and cartoon Return To The Planet Of The Apes [1975]). Plus some mention of the then upcoming Tim Burton reboot.

    The book is "Planet Of The Apes Revisited: The Behind-The-Scenes Story Of The Classic Science Fiction Saga" by Joe Russo, Larry Landsman and Edward Gross. The softback was published in 2001 by St. Martin's Griffin, 320 pages. I own this. It's a good read; how things almost went and the hard long road to get the movie made in the first place.

    I do have a complaint - some of the installments are barely mentioned. I wanted more details. Oh well.

    Come back here on December 3rd, 2015 for another statement in collectordom and encounter the beasts that live in the dark below the surface - and not Morlocks.

    And folks, have a good Thanksgiving or at least the best you can - crappy relatives. And good luck, should you venture out - Black Friday, which is more of a Thursday now. I will later today (Wal-Mart).
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    Best Buy - December 1st, 2015 (all of below have been listed before)

    The Daniel Craig Collection
    Exclusive steelbook BD release $19.99

    Exclusive steelbook BD release $9.99

    Casino Royale
    Exclusive steelbook BD release $9.99

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    Past Tense

    [An earlier version of this PT was originally posted on November 17th, 2011 on JoBlo's "DVD, Blu-Ray & Home Theater Discussion" forum.]

    It hurts so deeply to have love lost; worst yet when your partner dies. That depression pit as real and tangible as any physical object. Your friends try to take your mind off the tragedy and set a trip, a girls outing. This week that pit becomes more than metaphor in "The Descent"...

    The motion picture opened on August 4th, 2006 (States). It was made with a budget of £3,500,000 (estimated) and grossed over 57 million during its worldwide run (United Kingdom feature). The film opened number five at the box office (America), the following week it dropped to number seven.

    The feature opened against "Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest", "Monster House", "World Trade Center" and "Talladega Nights: The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby".

    This release originally came with a cardboard slipcover which mirrored the case's wraparound. It also came with a two page booklet showcasing the bonus content. And an ad for D.E.G. (Digital Entertainment Group) - a mini insert saying/asking not to purchase bootlegs - buy the real thing.

    - - -

    This was quite the popular item.

    Nearly all the majors had an exclusive. In the end, bought it three times over. I can't recall if I made my money back on Ebay, selling the extra copies. I probably did not break even. But such is the life of a collector.

    First off - there are zero screen snaps. NONE of these disc bonuses have menus, everyone without exception is auto play. Just so you know. All right...

    The home video release was on December 26th, 2006. Best Buy offered the bonus disc titled "A Special Breed Of Effects And Actors", this has a run time of 11:50 minutes. It sold for $16.99, the set was housed in a two disc DVD case.

    - - -

    Next up was Circuit City, their bonus disc was titled "Creating An Underground World". This too came in a two disc DVD case. And had a run time of 9:57 minutes.

    It should be mentioned that their $16.99 exclusive did not come with a booklet just that D.E.G. note. Whatever.

    - - -

    Lastly on street, Wal-Mart had one of their own. This however came inside it's own DVD case. As with other exclusives from that time; bonus discs were omitted from widescreen editions.

    If you wanted it, you HAD to buy full screen. Frackin' retarded. I did learn much later that there was an exception, Sam's Club sold the set with widescreen.

    This was packed side by side with the movie (as shown above), priced at $18.99. Their featurette was titled "The Fine, Fearless And Feisty" and ran for 9:33 minutes.

    Researching, I discovered that this set is still available on Wal-Mart's website, now for $19.96. Is that full or wide? I read nothing on presentation. I'm gonna guess it's still full.

    - - - - - - - - - -


    This movie registered on mainstream's radar and is known by a good chuck of genre fans. But Marshall (director) had done another horror feature before "The Descent"; the 2002 motion picture, "Dog Soldiers". In short, werewolfs, but none of that "Twilight" bullshit - nasty, mean and oh so very hungry.

    Brief synopsis; British military unit on a training operation in the Highlands of Scotland find themselves targeted by supernatural beasts. Their rival team is slaughtered. Fleeing, they find a cabin in the woods to make their last stand, only to discover that the domicile is the wolves' home.

    There is a deluxe DVD/BD combo released by Scream Factory earlier this year (June 23rd, 2015), $29.93. But there's a catch, the print used for mastering was far less than stellar. In fact many have called it crap. They did the best they could. Why?

    Allegedly the master/original print no longer exists.

    But it's not complete...

    Most of bonus features did not carry over from the last DVD.

    The first pressing was released on November 5th, 2002 from Artisan Home Entertainment (out of print), $19.99. It came with trailer, commentary by producers David Allen, Brian O'Toole and Christopher Figg as well as a making-of featurette, 19:33 minutes. I bought mine many moons ago from Circuit City in December 2004.

    It came with a single insert, chapter listing.

    Missing from the deluxe is that commentary and featurette. If you want it all, you need both editions - I do. Which by the way has something else.

    The image on the 2002 DVD, though softer was struck from a master print; not HD true, but depending on your desire - a slightly better image then newer release.

    In 2009 the movie was re-released as a limited edition steelbook (also out of print). Did not buy. Why? This for whatever reason(s) presented the movie as bare bones (no insert either). I would've bought if it carried over the last extras. Released from First Look Studios.

    Sorry, I am unable to give you an street date nor price.

    - - - - - - - - - -


    I don't even remember how this came about on my radar back in 2006. Might have been the Deadpit horror podcast. *shrugs*

    Should I? A synopsis?

    Kinda loopy now. Haven't slept, finishing this late. Not about insomnia; I'm a night owl - been that way since I was teen. Wanna wrap this up before going to bed.

    Nah. Horror fans more than likely know this flick. If you haven't - go see it. It's easily found in rental shops (they still exist), pawn shops (a great source in finding good deals) and online marketplaces. Well worth your dollars. *nods*

    It was enjoyed and well earned its spot in my DVD library.

    A sway flick.

    And Juno (Natalie Jackson Mendoza) was quite the badass.

    Okay then. Here you go.

    I'm half assing this.

    - - - - - - - - - -


    The movie is nearly a decade old.

    Confusion over the ending; why did Sarah (Shauna MacDonald) stabbed Juno in the knee?

    The answer OR rather the main reason is subtle at the start, but I'll go into that in a moment.

    During the Crawler attack, Juno accidentally stabs Beth (Alex Reid) in the neck. Rather than trying to help her, she bolts. Leaving her friend to die alone, a meal for the subterranean creatures.

    But not before grasping and removing Juno's necklace.

    Later in the feeding pit, Sarah finds the mortally wounded Beth; barely able to speak.

    Beth says to Sarah: "It was Juno's. Paul gave it to her." The necklace has an engraving, 'Love every day'. It's something her husband always used to say.

    Juno was having an affair with Paul (Oliver Milburn). Before, at the cabin, Juno apologizes to Sarah for not being there when he died: "We all lost something in that accident." After he died, Juno completely cut off all contact with Sarah. Now that comment has a different weight.

    Plus when she walked by (at the cabin), Juno clutches the necklace, not allowing the engraving to be seen.

    Just before the fatal car crash (flashback), Paul was somewhat distant, not playing attention; something was on his mind. It resulted in his death and the death of their daughter, Jessica (Molly Kayll).

    The tally. Juno cheated with Sarah's husband; inadvertently killed her friend's partner and child. Juno was the one who got them into this cave mess in the first place, she picked a location where no help would ever come.

    Juno accidentally killed Beth, but didn't fess up to it when asked - she lied: "watched her die."

    Juno's excursion ended up killing ALL of Sarah friends, her last bastion of sanity. In sort, stabbing Juno and leaving her to die to the horde was karma.

    Her expression after being impaled wasn't that of pain, but sorrow. Watch it. She knows that Sarah now knows.

    There was another reason... because of Juno's actions, Sarah had to kill her BFF (Beth remained when Paul died, helping her through her darkest time) to end her suffering.

    Some food for thought. Sarah knew the way out. She found the chalk arrows (marking the direction they came in) from the pervious doomed expedition, but instead went in the opposite direction... to find Juno. Monsters in the dark be damned, revenge.

    There is a sequel to "The Descent 2" which came out on 2010. The surviving cast reunite and takes place roughly forty-eight hour after the first film. Sarah having to go back into the caves with authorities. As you imagine, things go rather bad. It's a decent flick and done in such away that you could edit the two movies into one and it would still be solid. *nods*

    Indeed. Come back on December 10th, 2015 for a visit to the valley, the Uncanny Valley.
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    Target - December 8th, 2015


    Exclusive bonus disc (DVD) with steelbook; BD/DVD/DC combo $29.99 with $5.00 (Minons) giftcard
    Exclusive BD covers (regular edition), three to pick from $18.99


    Exclusive bonus content (an extra featurette, internet based); BD only $19.99

    Hannibal: The Complete Third Season
    Exclusive collector's book; $15.99 DVD or BD (same price; the ad doesn't say that they're not for both formats)

    Home Alone/Home Alone 2
    Exclusive BD store release double feature with knit hat $14.99

    The Walking Dead: The Complete Fifth Season
    Free Walking Dead Pop figure with purchase; $37.99 DVD or $42.99 BD (the ad doesn't say that they're not for both formats)

    Paw Patrol: Winter Rescues
    Exclusive 2 DVD set with mittens $15.99 (super tiny text, but it's an exclusive)

    - - - - - - - - - -


    "Chris Tomlin - Adore: Christmas" with 2 exclusive bonus tracks $11.99
    "Leann Rimes - Today Is Christmas with 2 exclusive bonus tracks $9.99
    "The Braxtons - Family Christmas" exclusive store release $11.99
    "Idina Menzel - Holiday Wishes" with 2 exclusive bonus tracks $11.99
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    Best Buy - December 8th, 2015


    Exclusive steelbook; BD 3D/BD/DC combo $27.99


    Free minions lunch bag; 3D BD/BD/DVD/DC combo $27.99 or BD/DVD/DC combo $17.99

    Mannheim Steamroller - Live
    Exclusive BD and CD combo $13.99

    - - - - - - - - - -


    "Jadakiss - Top Five Dead Or Alive" with exclusive bonus track $9.99
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    Wal-Mart - December 8th, 2015


    "Minions" exclusive gift set; BD/DVD/DC combo with water bottle $24.96
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    Past Tense

    [An earlier version of this PT was originally posted on December 15th, 2011 on JoBlo's "DVD, Blu-Ray & Home Theater Discussion" forum.]

    This week we get a shiny horn, slay a disagreeable dragon and get seduced by a water witch in "Beowulf"...

    The motion picture opened on November 18th, 2007. It was made with a budget of $150,000,000 (estimated) and grossed over $82 million during its U.S. theatrical run; counting foreign receipts it made $196,393,745. The film opened number one at the box office, the following week it dropped to number two.

    The feature opened against "Saw IV", "American Gangster", "No Country For Old Men" and "Fred Claus".

    For this post, I'm only covering the "Unrated Director's Cut". There was a theatrical edition which came out that same date. The UDC did not come with any inserts.

    - - -

    This streeted on February 26th, 2008 - there were several exclusives. Bought the DVD twice over, sold the extra copy on Ebay. I think I came close to breaking even.

    Circuit City had two internet based videos; featurettes, "Bringing The Dragon To Life" (26.37mb) and "Channeling The Human Sound Machine" (22.67mb), both of them FLVs. Took awhile for me to figure out how to download (they were not meant for that). *grin* They also had some mobil content; ring tone and wallpaper. This edition sold for $13.99.

    The thing is - you had to be careful or you blew it.

    The web address for bonus content wasn't inside the case. It was on the back of the sticker on the plastic wrapping. I almost threw mine way at the time. I wonder how many people did that.

    "Bringing The Dragon To Life" 4:44 - a look at the creating the dragon from concept art to CGI rendering, key frame animated. "Channeling The Human Sound Machine" 4:03 - a look at the people who create the sound effects, from screams, dragon growls to the wind and surf. Real people making the sounds with their mouths.

    By the way, that Circuit City's exclusive address was still alive back in December of 2011. Long dead now though, yeah - I did check.

    - - -

    FYE/Suncoast had an exclusive steelbook case on that date, $19.99. Image from fellow enthusiast, William Lee.

    I don't have this.

    Unsure if I want to pursue. *shrugs*

    - - -

    Target offered an exclusive mini, twenty-six page comic book which came inside the case. This set sold for $16.99. It retold the opening, up to second attack at the Mead Hall by Grendel.

    A sampler, part of a bigger official comic book adaptation.

    It was released by IDW Publishing; written by Chris Ryall with art by Gabriel Rodriguez. I have this.

    - - -

    Wal-Mart also had their own exclusive that day which I did not pick up. A video game sampler, "Beowulf: The Game" (PC DVD-ROM), based on the movie - packed side by side with the UDC. The two disc set sold for $19.96.

    That exclusive is still available on their website... for $22.14. Look at that.

    - - -

    There was a misprint advertised in Best Buy, a two disc set - there never was. They did offer free 3D trading cards; attached to theatrical DVD ($14.99) and HD-DVD ($29.99) versions. I believe the reason I didn't pick this up (trading cards) was because it wasn't a true exclusive.

    It was a promo set for a larger collection. The same thing happened at Circuit City with one of the seasons of "Heroes", a promo set from Topps. I passed on that too.

    - - - - - - - - - -


    I'll start with something else, a 2008 sci-fi feature, "Outlander". Released by Genius Products, LLC in 2009. Not that widely know.

    This is a re-imagining of the Beowulf tale. Where an alien solider; human-looking, Kainan has crashed landed on Earth. They are at war with another species, the Moorwen. The ship was damaged, our world was the nearest inhabitable planet. A couple of big problems...

    The year is 709 AD, the place is Norway. A series of violent deaths strike the Viking countryside of Herot. Kainan, a foreigner is taken to King Hrothgar to be sentenced for the supposed crimes. But the stranger claims that something else is responsible, a stowaway.

    The bigger problem. This Moorwen is what humans would call a dragon. Haunted by guilt, he leads the primitive to slay the beast, only to find out things are much worse than he thought.

    It's a great flick with good acting, decent special effects and a solid story - recommended.

    - - -

    "Beowulf" is a sway movie. I liked where it went and the virtual actors didn't feel out of place - NOT like "Polar Express" (2004) which...

    Hard to word it; creep me some. Not right, dead eyes. My sentiment is shared by many.

    Anyhow, I do blame myself for not going to see it when it was in theaters, I had the opportunity, but passed.

    - - -

    *sigh* Did you know there is a gaggle of Garys from Fremont who were upset by Angelina Jolie as Grendel's mother? 'In original story she wasn't attractive'.

    It's called artistic license and in this tale, it worked quite well adding a new layer to the story. The ending with Wiglaf (voiced by Sebastian Roché) was nice - the temptation could continue?

    The endless discord about how she has organic high heels (as seen in the poster above) when that kind of footwear didn't exist back then. Ohhhhh and the bitching that they made Jolie's character too hot!

    Then there are more gripers who hated that this was even CGI, that is looks like a video game instead of a movie.

    Why on earth did someone decide to make the film in this terrible style where everything looks not quite live-action, but not fully animated either.
    - LovelyLabrys

    Yeah, that comment is a head scratcher.

    Another issue is with the rating, it's PG-13. Why wasn't this rated R? As in made as an R. It probably got it's rating since it's animated, even with all the gore. Had it been live action, minus the non-nudity; it would've gotten an R for the violence.

    Drifting backwards, standing still.
    - Assemblage 23

    For me, Beowulf is a flawed character. He did bad things in his past and didn't own up to them which later came to bite him in the ass. The consequences of making a deal with a demon.

    - - - - - - - - - -


    When this release first came out there was no slipcover. On September 15th, 2009, the movie was re-released with a lenticular one.

    I have that, acquired from Best Buy. It's two 3D images, the second one is from Beowulf's dream, the demonic Wealthow (voiced by Robin Wright).

    This wasn't an exclusive as it was just something... new.

    - - -

    By the way, what you see in the movie isn't her; the water witch/succubus isn't Jolie.

    Yes, I know it's CGI.

    That's not what I mean. The body shown is actually based on someone ELSE, not the humanitarian.

    Jolie was three months pregnant when she played her role (two days of filming).

    Here are two images of her in the motion capture (MoCap) suit. It's been noted that everyone's CGI counterpart was altered; Ray Winstone who plays Beowulf was made to look as he was in his early twenties and so on.

    So who is it?

    It was an uncredited role by model Rachel Bernstein - Jolie's body double for nude scenes. Huh? Her whole character was nude, covered with moving strategic golden skin.

    In short; Jolie's head on Bernstein's body. I found it very odd that none of the DVD extras cover Jolie in her MoCap suit, nor any stills.

    Perhaps it was done because it wasn't very flattering. And knowing would have broken the illusion - the box office draw of seeing a virtual, almost-nude Jolie.

    So who is Ms. Bernstein? She's a model, actress, producer and make-up artist. You've probably seen pictures of her, she frequent lingerie and club wear; women's clothing catalogs. She's done ads for Reebok, Adidas, Paul Mitchell, Ed Hardy, Nike and True Religion Swimwear to name a few. She's very beautiful. Nicely done Zemeckis.

    And that's it for now. Come back here on December 17th, 2015 for a serial killer, reimagined. Oh noes!!!
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    Target - December 15th, 2015

    Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation
    Exclusive 48 page book with bonus disc (format unknown); BD/DVD/DC combo $17.99

    Ted 2
    Exclusive steelbook; BD/DVD/DC combo $19.99

    Fantastic Four
    Exclusive 26 page book with bonus content (disc?); BD/DVD/DC combo $17.99

    Maze Runner: Scorch Trails
    Exclusive 24 page book with bonus content (disc?); BD/DVD/DC combo $17.99

    - - - - - - - - - -

    CDs available December 18th, 2015

    "Star Wars - The Force Awakens Soundtrack" with exclusive cover and 2 collectible cards $14.99
    "Kidz Bop 30" with 4 exclusive bonus tracks $11.99

    - - -

    CDs available now

    "Alessia Cara - Know-It All" exclusive store release? $11.99
    "Carrie Underwood - Storyteller" with 2 exclusive bonus tracks $11.99
    "Troye Slvan - Blue Neighbourhood" with 2 exclusive bonus tracks $13.99
    "Adele - 25" with 3 exclusive bonus tracks $15.99
    "5 Seconds Of Summer - Sounds Good Feels Good" with 2 exclusive bonus tracks $13.99
    "Don Henly - Cass Country" with 2 exclsuive bonus tracks $11.99
    "Idina Menzel - Holiday Wishes" with 2 exclusive bonus tracks $13.99
    "Luke Bryan - Crash My Party" with 3 exclusive bonus tracks $13.99
    "Halsey - Badlands" exclusive store release $11.99
    "Ellie Goulding - Delirium" with 2 exclusive bonus tracks $17.99
    "Pentatonix" with 2 exclusive bonus tracks $15.99
    "Selena Gomez - Revivial" with 2 exclusive bonus tracks $16.99

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    Best Buy - December 15th, 2015

    Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation
    Exclusive steelbook; BD/DVD/DC combo $17.99

    Mission: Impossible - Ultimate Collection
    Exclusive steelbook; BD/DC combo $39.99

    Ted 2
    Exclusive bonus content (looks like it's CinemaNow based); BD/DVD/DC combo $19.99
    Talking Ted Bear $4.99 with BD movie purchase

    Fantastic Four
    Exclusive steelbook; BD/DC combo $17.99

    Maze Runner: Scorch Trails
    Exclusive steelbook; BD/DVD/DC combo $19.99

    The Maze Runner
    Exclusive steelbook; BD/DVD/DC combo $14.99
    (save $5.00 if both Maze Runner steelbooks are bought together - on the same receipt)

    - - - - - - - - - - -

    CD available now

    "Jadakistop Five - Dead Or Alive" with 1 exclusive bonus track $16.99

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    Wal-Mart - December 15th, 2015

    Ted 2

    "Ted 2" BD/DVD/DC combo exclusive gift set; combo with t-shirt $24.96
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    [An earlier version of this PT was originally posted on December 22nd, 2011 on JoBlo's "DVD, Blu-Ray & Home Theater Discussion" forum.]

    This week we get stalked by someone who has far better game than you can imagine AND the desire for fame in "Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon"...

    The motion picture opened in limited release (seventy-two screens) on March 16th, 2007. It was made with a budget of $800,000 (estimated) and grossed over $69 thousand during its U.S. theatrical run. There are no foreign box office numbers. This bombed, but not as hard as some mega Hollywood features. The film opened at number fifty-three, the following week it dropped to number eighty-five.

    The feature opened against "Dead Silence", "300", "Bridge To Terabithia" and "Ghost Rider".

    This release originally came with an embossed cardboard slipcover which was different from the wraparound; above left is the slipcover. There was an insert, a chapter listing (sixteen of them) - the other side is its poster.

    The mask on the slipcover is actually a flap. Under the flap, image mirrors the DVD case's. Inside that flap is six quotes from the New York Times, Washington Post, Ain't It Cool News, Film Threat, Entertainment Today and the Los Angeles Times praising the film.

    - - -

    There was a single exclusive; bonus disc from Circuit City. It sold for $19.99 and streeted on June 26th, 2007. It came in a two disc case. There is no menu screen, it just plays, 21:50 minutes.

    First 17:30 minutes are trailers and home video ads from Anchor Bay Entertainment; "Phantasm" (1979), "Masters Of Horror: Family" (November 3rd, 2006), "Masters Of Horror: Right To Die" (January 5th, 2007), "Masters Of Horror: The Screwfly Solution" (December 8th, 2006), "H.P. Lovecraft's Re-Animator" (1985), "Dark Corners" (2006), "Phantasm III" (1994), "Masters Of Horror: The Black Cat" (January 19th, 2007) and "Hatchet" (2007).

    Last 4:20 is a behind-the-scenes look/preview of "Hatchet" featuring an interview with writer/director Adam Green.

    - - - - - - - - - -


    This may be unknown to some; an intelligent horror flick that plays with tropes, deconstructs them - made anew.

    A mockumentary.

    Serial killer - in the making, Leslie Mancuso ("Leslie Vernon" has a better ring). We follow his training, stalking/picking victims and subsequent murder spree. Above pix, Leslie (Nathan Baesel) interviewed by Taylor Gentry (Angela Goethals).

    He has given permission to local grad school students to record his process and slaying in the town of Glen Echo. Why?

    This takes place in the same universe that Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Chucky and Michael Myers exit... for real. He wants to be standing shoulders with his icons.

    First mass slaying is what will make him - legend.

    I'm not talking about the guys who really worked hard - like J, Fred, Mike. There weren't nobody like them in the early years. We just hit hard and wiped everybody out. And disappeared as soon as we could without ever giving thought about coming back. Those boys lifted it to a whole another level, they made an art form out it. Turned themselves into legends by returning like a curse, over and over again. That was a radical change of philosophy, change the whole business.
    - Eugene

    As original as the first "Scream" was in 1996.

    This was just college project for Taylor and her camera men, Doug (Ben Pace) and Todd (Britain Spellings); seeing how horror tropes actually work - not so much the function of supernatural as it were methodical planning and a lot of cardio.

    From purposely sabotage implements the victims will find to as weapons to faking his own death. All done for a tiny audience. And isolating his "survivor girl", the eyes who tell his tale of carnage.

    Interviews and recording were all fun and they get caught up in his scheme. Like recording his Ahab, Doc Halloran (cameo by Robert Englund); the term used for the doctor/person who is hunting down his obsession, trying to stop a monster. Leslie basically tricked the guy into thinking he after something that is... at least in this moment, nonexistent.

    But as things move closer to the date, it becomes quite deadly. Taylor and crew no longer consider it a joke; Leslie has found his victims and set into motion their deaths. Knowing what they know, the trio try to save the group marked. But realize that this too was planned.

    Quite meta.

    How else will Leslie become well known? He conned them into being active participants. All the while documenting his slaughter for the world to see.

    Spoiled it? No. I'm just scratching the surface, plus the other folks who were in 'the business'. This feature has a bit role by Zelda Rubinstein (librarian); most famously known as Tangina Barrons the psychic from "Poltergeist" films. Sadly this was her last movie. She died in 2010. She went out on a high note. *nods*

    - - - - - - - - - -


    Leslie Vernon gets a mention in another horror flick, Green's sequel "Hatchet II" (2010).

    At one point there was a crowd sourcing effort to make a sequel. But that failed to meet their mark. As it stands co-writer David J. Stieve has written a treatment for the next. When will it happen? That's anyone's guess.

    As I understand it picks up a few years later with Taylor Gentry trying to stop Vernon - the monster she made famous. The new Ahab.

    Who is Eugene?

    As told by the film makers he is Billy from "Black Christmas" (1974). At least from an earlier version of the screenplay. Some fans have speculated the he's a retired Leatherface from "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" (1974) or the Zodiac Killer.

    - - - - - - - - - -


    "H.P. Lovecraft's Re-Animator" (1985).

    Is medical student, Herbert West (Jeffrey Combs) an immortal???

    Once he moved into Dan Cain's home, Cain's girlfriend Megan Halsey (Barbara Crampton) comments on the new roommate's odd behavior. Going as far as asking Dan (Bruce Abbott) if he ever saw Herbert sleeping?

    There is a deleted scene. Yes, I know this isn't canon (OR is it?), but follow me.

    Throughout the movie we see West is obsessed/passionate about his research. He spends most of his awake existence focused on that glowing serum. So much so that he probably doesn't sleep - literally.

    In that deleted moment - which air on television to make up the loss from the nudity and gore; West asks, pleads for Dan's help with an injection, a very diluted reanimate shot - inserted at the base of his skull. He's crashing.

    Dan relents and give him the needle. Herbert has a seizure then returns to his laser-focused self.

    West: Dan... the hypo...
    Dan: God, Herbert. You're actually -
    West: No! No, it's just a weak solution. So I don't have to sleep, just to keep the brain... sharp.
    Dan: No.
    West: Yes. I need it. Please.
    What? It reanimates dead tissue, his flesh is alive and healthy. And we can image he's been shooting up for some time, like an overachieving student taking ADD meds to enhance their learning. So I'm wondering if he realizes; perhaps that stuff builds up in the system, saturating his tissues - making him... more.

    The film ends with West being attacked by Dr. Carl Hill's modified, reanimated cadavers. He sacrifices himself to save his only friend and Meg.

    The character is alive and well for the sequels, "Bride of Re-Animator" (1990) and Beyond Re-Animator (2003).

    Did he just walk off his demise? He might very well be an immortal and not even be unaware of it; shrugging of his survival as dumb luck. He died.

    Something else popped, West wasn't the only one with a reanimate serum. It would've been cool if there a quick mention/reference of Dr. Georges Bonnet (Anton Diffring) from "The Man Who Could Cheat Death" (1959). He was deteriorating, his green fluid kept him alive, but it required a dose every six hours - until an operation could be performed. The transplant of a gland, taken from a living person - someone Bonnet murdered.

    - - - - - - - - - -

    Easter Eggs.

    The film disc has hidden bits; deleted scenes; how Leslie faked his head crush and an early look at his abandoned family farm house.

    Extras -> Screenplay -> highlight "Extras", press right; highlight Blood Mask - ENTER.

    Chapters -> 13-16 -> highlight "13-16", press up; highlight the Scythe - ENTER.

    And there's a stinger in the end credits; death is only the beginning.

    Be back on December 24th, 2015 for a deluge, both water and something quite unexpected. I can tell you there's no human faced dog. That was creepy.
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