Then there's the audio, not helping either. It is far too low with various snap, pops and clicks, much of it random. As to be expected, the trailer is worn out with serious brightness issues; too dark and too white. Details can't be seen.

Like I wrote earlier, if you do want - get this as cheap as possible. Two bucks or less, won't hurt much.

So three of them?

Yup. Three public domain movies on DVD with new covers.

The first was "Battle Of The Worlds" (1961). I can tell you that finding info on "Battle" is hard. I would say - if you care about crap transfer releases - this is rare. So few information online about it. The second is "Voyage To The Planet Of Prehistoric Women" (1968) which has the second best cover of these "Comic Book Collectors Edition" titles.

Number one and two had covers by Steve Ellis, Medel only did the third.

So the contradictions?

When did these come out? Good question.

Allegedly all three streeted on the same date, February 14th with the same price tag - that's what Amazon claims. The price is mostly constant. But the date for "Battle" isn't. Some websites list it as March 14th, 2017 and not from Dub3, but Polyscope. I can't get a solid answer. I run into both dates in my research.

Checking my calendar as luck would have it - both dates are Tuesdays; the day when new releases come out. I'm gonna go with Amazon since they are an authority in such things.

- - - - - - - - - -


Okay, kind of. Not really.

More "Night" news to report. Since screen snaps would been too small (640 x 356), I did some work - enlarged them. Okay.

Once again a new soundtrack was added to the 1968 film, this time by Bird Peterson.

After two successful Halloween live performances at the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz theater in Austin, Bird has finally released his critically acclaimed version of the classic genre definer Night Of The Living Dead featuring his new original score. Inspired by 80s horror and post-modern classical composers, the "driving synth filled" new soundtrack creates "an ongoing, rising pulse that brings out the natural anxiety of the film". The full soundtrack is also now streaming everywhere and available for sale from Teenage Riot Records.
- official press release

You can view this version on either YouTube (posted by Peterson on his channel on October 8th, 2018) and on Vimeo platforms.

The presentation is eighty-eight minutes long. Yup, it's been edited.

- - -



- - -


* Digital 2.0 Stereo

- - -


The new music is synthwave and I didn't care for it. The thing is so generic, take it away - insert into another movie and repeat, no anchor. Same result. Plus it has high pitches/spikes; call it noise, that's not music. Plus film is dominated by music, not highlighting important moments. Overkill. Was this enjoyed? I suppose this is better than the other redo by Ogden; two composers, Robin Ogden with Dallas Campbell.

You can read about that version with this click.

The soundtrack as you read above can be bought from Teenage Riot Records - this is a digital only album and is $11.99.

I would love to hear Le Matos doing their own synthwave interpretation. I can tell you this, it would not suck.

Sure, if you want to view it with the new music - go to YouTube, type in "Night Of The Living Dead (With New Original Score By Bird Peterson)" in search. Or if you know how, "BFdnliTiidI". It's still there (as of writing).

How the image quality?

This is presented in mostly full screen with black bars on the side. It has a bit wideness to it. The print used is a good one. The audio has a problem; presented in artificial stereo - I don't have a problem with it, that's not the reason - not mixed proper. When the music is played (which is most off the time), it snuffs out the film's foley (sound effects) and even dialog. Making it stick out, badly.

Not joking.

Don't have to take my word for it. Just find it on YouTube and listen for yourself. The mix (as it were) sucks big time. And the new music doesn't make it better. Okay,

- - - - - - - - - -


As far as I can tell, this had an October 8th, 2018 release date; the digital copy. And of course, streaming audio too.

- - -


1. Opening Credits
2. They’re Coming To Get You Barbara
3. Inside The House
4. Two Of Them
5. Burning The Body
6. Things Get Worse
7. The Others
8. From Worse To Worser
9. Fire
10. The Feeding
11. Fear Takes Over
12. The Cellar
13. The Next Day

After watching with the new music, I have no desire to acquire this venture. Pass.

Yup. I feel the same, Tom - "Why?"

Work has begun on the next post. A large entry on yet another remake of the '68 flick - with a modern flair. Didn't think I would like it. But I did, even with its faults. Come back here next Thursday for another undead slice of horror, another multi-parter.