Some idiots (9 of them) actually filed a Class Action lawsuit 2+ years ago against Subway claiming the footlong sandwiches were not exactly 12 inches.

So now Subway will require their stores to have tape measure on hand to measure the sandwiches.


I hope they disinfect and clean the tape measure every time before letting it touch the sandwich.

How will they determine if the sandwich is 12 inches long?


(a bit NSFW)

My opinion:

Everybody who ever bought a Subway sandwich stood there and watched it being made. If there was any objection as to whether it was long enough, the time to object was right then and there. It isn't as though it came inside a package, invisible until opened up. Failure to object at the point of assembly, followed by eager, gluttonous consumption of the entire product, amounts to a waiver of any and all claims. Case dismissed!