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    Star Wars: Episode III Plot Summary
    click on the link above to read more of the story spoilers!
    Star Wars: Episode III, which is set to start filming in late June of this year. Here's a clip of the spoiler-filled report...

    The synopsis tells us that the film begins a few years after the end of ATTACK OF THE CLONES and is near the conclusion of the "Clone Wars" themselves. Hayden and Natalie are still hitched and Ewan is still at work trying to get to the bottom of who ordered the clones made and if there is a connection to the mysterious Sith. Apparently, Count Dooku (YEAH! SARUMAN IS BACK) is still ****ing the galaxy up hardcore by waging his war all over the Republic, thus scaring and terrorizing the galaxy. This war between the Confederacy of Independent Systems and the Republic has left a wave of destruction that is literally ripping the galaxy asunder leaving destroyed and devastated planets and lives in its wake.

    James Earl Jones reveals a possible Star Wars: Episode III ending!!!

    According to an audio clip and article over at, it seems that James Earl Jones has officially spilled the beans on Star Wars: Episode III! In a recent interview with Jones about Episode II, Jones was asked about his role in the final Star Wars film. Here's what he had to say as reported by

    "When asked about Episode III, James Earl Jones talks about his role being about 5 minutes in length, right after Anakin goes "bionic" and falls into a volcano."

    James Earl Jones talking about his small role in Star Wars: Episode III!

    James Earl Jones speaking about Star Wars: Episode II:: Attack Of The Clones

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    Star Wars episode III

    A real good article on what Episode III shold be called, its on there Star Wars page.Check it out

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