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    Thumbs up James Bond #25: "Shatterhand" (working title)

    James Bond #25 has been officially announced !!

    The release date will be November 8th, 2019.

    Still no official word on whether Daniel Craig will be back for his 5th outing as James Bond.

    I hope he does decide to return. IMO, he is the Best James Bond since Timothy Dalton.

    Here's a look at the first 24 Bond films, spanning 53 years from 1962-2015.

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    j7wild Guest
    Daniel Craig has confirmed he will be back for Bond 25 and only Bond 25

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    j7wild Guest

    Thumbs down

    They went from Danny Boyle to this guy.

    That tells me Broccoli and Wilson want to be the only ones with creative input so they did anything possible to make it difficult for Boyle so he would quit.

    So they picked this Fukunaga guy, a small time director with very minimal qualification so he can be a YES man and do exactly what Broccoli and Wilson want.

    Skyfall and Spectre and Quantum of Solace, I don't care how many gamillions they earned combined and how many records they broke in the James Bond Films Franchise history were just very marginal.

    I like Craig but his Bond films after Casino Royale were just not very good.


    Even Brosnan had 2 decent Bond films before it all went downhill for him with The World Is Not Enough and Die Another Day.

    Well I guess his guy is a better choice than the other director the Bond producers were looking at:

    a lady named S.J. Clarkson who has no experience directing movies. She has only done TV series episode and she has been hired to direct the next Star Trek film.

    With a female director, Star Trek will truly gone where no man has one before.

    As long as she leaves her personal social justice warrior political agenda and views and feminist interpretation out of the screenplay and movie, it should be okay.

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