Engineer took his daughter to work at Apple and allowed her to film this video:

The above video, posted a few days prior to the iPhoneX pre-order date, include footage of an unreleased iPhone X with special employee-only QR codes. A notes app was also shown on the iPhone X in the video, which appeared to include codenames of unreleased Apple products. Filming on Apple’s campus is strictly prohibited, so filming an unreleased iPhone X is a definite rule violation.

Now the daughter posts an apology video:

which I am not buying it because she starts the video IMMEDIATELY by talking about how AWESOME and how many LIKES she got from the VLOG she posted that got her Dad fired.

She doesn't seem remorseful that her Dad lost his job.

Maybe when he can no longer afford to pay for the family cellular service including her phone which will be useless with no signal, that's when she will finally realize what she has done.