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Thread: Best Buy

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    Well went back to Detroit and stopped at two Best Buy locations for the re-release Black Panther 4K SteelBook and neither of them had in store stock of the steelbook. I am wondering what is going at Best Buy's Disney steelbook supplies; especially when they have numerous copies ( 9) of previous Marvel re-releases. I guess I will wait to see if these store get new in store supplies to try again but this is really strange to have that movie that movie out of stock and still have numerous copies of the Terminator: Dark Fate Steelbook. The only answer I have is hoarders and/or scalpers. Maybe that might be the reason the Canadian customs officer asked if the 2 steelbooks I purchased were for myself or if I was planning on selling them.

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    Black Panther is still available online for purchase, to my understanding you should be able to have it shipped to the store in Detroit and simply pick-it up.
    Terminator is a retail wide release, it's obviously not something hoarders would start emptying the shelves for.
    Finally, the reason the customs agent asked you if it was for yourself or to sell them was probably a catch:

    Personal gives you an exemption of up to $200 after 24Hrs., yes, maybe you were not there for 24Hrs but it's not worth the paperwork for low value items.

    If you would have said "to sell", that makes it a commercial shipment, and that's a totally different ball game. Commercial shipments need to go through a "Commercial Border" and they only process paperwork during business hours. That's the last place you want to end up, so might as well leave the SteelBooks at the border and take a loss.

    Been through it for work, and even though I had all the necessary paperwork for the items, got denied entry at "Thousand Islands" because they were not a commercial point of entry, had to drive on the NY side to "Lacolle", leave the shipment there to be processed since it was after hours, and pick it up the next day once processed. Not a lot of fun.

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