Anytime @jacques1400,

I can understand how you feel about wasting your time and money with Best Buy Canada. Before I placed this notice BBYC placed more copies of Dumbo for online preorder so I returned my damaged copy to the store and asked the clerk to reorder a new one (at this time it is sold out). That was a fiasco because I guess their internet went out and they could not order a new one and when it came back on the customer service clerk said it was no longer there and just handed me a store credit card for the amount of the steelbook. Came back home and those little voices I sometime hear told me to look on the web which showed it was still there for online orders; so I ordered my copy it went through and called the customer service number to inform them about my store's incompetence, they apologized and are going to look into the situation.

But for my part I sometime I am as sharp as a spoon and should have just made a new online order and once it went through take the damaged one back but who knew I was going to have so much problem.