Warning: the following website contains video of dog becoming crocodile's dinner.


It's the owner's fault.

He allowed his dog to torment that poor crocodile for a decade or so.

What does he think it's not going to happen sooner or later?

The crocodile did what it's natural instict told it to do:

protect itself, fight back, and get dinner at the same time.

The owner(s) should be jailed for animal cruelty.

In one of the many online reports about this, the owner was even quoted as saying:

"In the early days she actually had a go at me a couple of times. These days I just throw food out from up the top and no-one is allowed to walk down there."
So he knows it's dangerous for humans (who are bigger than a dog) to go down there near the water where the crocodile lives,

yet he allows his dog to go down there?

Then he also said:

"A little terrier should not do things like that. But should I stop her? I don't know, she got away with it for 10 years."

Sounds to me he is trying to shift the blame of his poor dog's demise on his dog!
What a dumb butt!