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    It - Chapter Two Exclusives

    Best Buy US for Now, 4K UHD SteelBook, No Street Date Yet

    Best Buy US

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    Sadly I would not hold your breath on seeing a steelbook release from Best Buy Canada. If you recall it was released on Steelbook Blu-ray on Jan 09, 2018 through Sunrise Records which was nice but I do not think we will be seeing the same thing again. It looks like they abandoned their experiment in movie steelbook exclusives; so you better place your online pre-order through Best Buy USA.

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    I really like the ART on this one... I may even double dip and grab the steelbook they released end of August for the first one as the ART on that is much better than the one that was released at Sunrise Records....

    Some time it pays to have parents that retired out to Niagara Falls... They have a postal address across the border in the States and can even do in store P/U for me if required.... should get with the times... I mean it's really easy and fairly inexpensive to order from and have stuff shipped to Canada... BestBuy even has a disclaimer that items purchased from their site are meant to be consumed/watched in the good ole' USA...

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