Hi there. Would you mind sharing your thoughts with us on how you get movie recommendations? Me and some friends are trying working on a project to make it easier for us to find a movie to watch.

There’s a billion lists and recommendation tools out there, but we realized that the movie we end up liking the best were always the ones recommended by our friends and family. They aren’t always available on Friday nights, so we thought, how about all the other friendly faces out there? How can we connect to them? We also all love the feeling when someone comes back and liked a movie we recommended… so we decided to build an app to crack this nut.

Basically we’re going for something along the lines of sending out a request for a movie to watch, right there when you’re in the situation where you need it. Then helpful users can recommend a movie based on what you say you’re looking for.
We haven’t coded anything yet, because we’re trying to figure out what would be the most essential features. If anyone feels like they might be interested in this idea, we’d love to hear your input either in the comments/replies or in this questionnaire.

Let us know what you think! We’re building this service/app to solve our own problem, and we’d love to solve your problems at the same time