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    [Review + Trailer] I-Max: Haunted Castle 3D

    Can say this for all I-Max movies but this sure was an experience to the senses. A great collection of visuals and sound in all aspects, 3D.
    Johnny (Jasper Steverlinck) is a rising muscian which he is invited to his Mother's Castle from your dying wish. But its not what Johnny expects. The Castle comes alive and demons with a spokesman Mephisto appear to scare Johnny. Interested Johnny suppects a strange presents amist.
    Mr. D (The Devil) appears out of the flames of the fireplace and makes Johnny a tantalizing offer. The same offer, Johnny learns, that his mother accepted over twenty years earlier: surrender your soul in exchange for unparalleled fame and fortune. Before Johnny can answer, Mr. D suggests that he accompany Mephisto on a tour of the more “restricted” areas of the castle in order to help solidify his decision.
    The journey is amazing! Moving through the castle is just infact you are right there with the little hairs on the back of your standing on end. Fully computer generated graphics, the environment is very convincing. Johnny walks through the castle and into the depts of Hell (if that) and learns more about how music came to the world. A sort of Hell's organisation that brought music to the world to attract souls to them with offers. Explains in interesting detail with personal relationships that now Hell's new stants is now Rock & Roll which they formed to attract new young souls. After all, it was Hell that brought the spark of life into music. All @ the same time, Johnny's mother is telling Johnny to go away and not be influenced by the temptations. Amazing move of light. All types of musics are played (with Opera being the most tortured souls (backstory there of Mr D. having a relationship with a human girl).
    I know it was all fake, but at times, had to grab the seat since some scenes were intensely adrenaline pumping like... going over a cliff face. Well.. its a massive screen. You can't see it all at once. U need to move your head around.

    A very weird story but an interesting one to that.
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    BTW: theatrical trailer

    direct link (QT medium, 4.7 MB, 352x264, 1:32s)

    khh khhh, this is emberassing quality trailer for IMAX product(s)...

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