Having just completed the IMAX 3-D documentary Ghosts of the Abyss, which explores the wreckage of the Titanic (it is due to open on April 11), director James Cameron is working on a 3-D feature for 20th Century Fox that will be his first since 1997's Titanic, the New York Times reported today (Monday). "We are going to do an experiment with an awful lot of Rupert Murdoch's money," Cameron told the Times. (Murdoch's News Corp owns 20th Century Fox.) The newspaper said that Cameron declined to discuss the nature of the 3-D feature but that, according to industry speculation, it may be either a science fiction or historical drama. Whether it will help revive the 3-D format is also open to speculation. "People are looking for a new way to be stimulated," Exhibitor Relations chief Paul Dergarabedian told the Times, but, he added, the public will only embrace the format "if it is used judiciously."
Neo sez... : WHOA... 3D. The only 3D feature I've ever seen is Jacko's "Captain EO" ... and that was a helluva ride