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    Thumbs up Spider-man 2 set reports, photos, and more!!!

    Monday, April 14th, 2003 - 03:56 AM PST

    The Amazing Spider-man: Thanks to a slew of news being hurled by Aint It Cool and Superherohype, there is tons of Spider-man sequel news, photos, and set reports from Columbia University floating around the internet right now! Check it out!
    A very interesting set report, posted at SHH, describes a detailed scene that included an excited Tobey Macguire on a payphone:

    "Tobey is the only cast member who seemed to be involved or even around, and the scene I watched being shot twice revolved (literally, the camera panned 360 degrees around him) around him using a pay phone next to Columbia's Kent building. No word on the content of the phone call, but he didn't seem overly angry or excited, so there's no telling (not from the 100 plus feet the crew kept us at), what part this might play in the sequel."

    In another report at SHH, a reader has sent in a detailed run down of everything that went down that day at Columbia:

    - Peter bumps into a guy and he drops his books I believe it was Lizard (he didn't have an arm), and then he notices something and starts running!
    - There also was a scene of him going up some stairs.
    - On the set there was a guy that looked like Tobey (maybe a stunt double?)
    - OH! and Kirsten Dunst was there for a bit but didn't shoot any scenes.
    - After they were done shootin for a bit Tobey sat with a Blonde girl on the stairs (girlfriend?)

    A ton of thumbnailed pictures are online from the day of shooting at FilmMagic!

    In addition to those photos, Aint It Cool scored another hi-res shot of Tobey on set as well as another take on the day of shooting at Columbia University!

    The latest in casting comes from Superherohype as well. Here's what they're reporting as the break down so far:

    Dylan Baker has been cast as Curt Connors.
    Donna Murphy has been cast as Rosalie Octavius.
    Christina Della Rose and Susie Park are unnamed nurses.
    Ted Raimi is back as Hoffman.
    Willem Dafoe is listed as Norman Osborn.
    Cliff Robertson is listed as Uncle Ben.

    In other casting related news, SHH got some great details sent their way about the villainous 'Doc Ock' costume:

    "Doc Ock's costume will more or less consist of a dirty lab coat (to suggest that he's gone crazy and hasn't even changed his clothes), the tentacles come out of the harness from his back rather than his sides, and the end of the tentacles, while having the comic version 3 pronged metal claws, will also have another set of tiny claws in the middle that come out to do things like typing, and more delicate tasks which big claws couldn't do.

    Also, the reports of doc's tentacles being all animatronic is true (obviously since dykstra himself said so, but that said...), although I believe they're more referring to the close-up shots etc. it'd be absurd to think that no cg would be used at all (aka the wide shots)"

    Stay tuned for more on Spider-man 2 by keeping your eyes on our Movie Vault!

    pic set 1
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