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    TALK Michael Mann

    ok, i noticed these director TALK threads i make get very little replies, are most ML forums members just casual movie viewers and don't actually care about these aspects of movie making and only care about pop corn flicks? ...anyway, its just my rant coz the USELESS threads in ML completely out number the movie related threads ....

    Date of birth (location)
    5 February 1943
    Chicago, Illinois, USA,%20Michael

    Trade mark
    Often uses art deco buildings for his shoots.

    Uses dramatically colored lighting.

    Ambient music often underscores his films.

    Often portrays criminals as likeable and sympathetic. See Thief (1981) and Heat (1995).

    Has often worked with the following actors and crew: Dennis Farina, Wes Studi, Tom Noonan, film editor Dov Hoenig, and cinematographer Dante Spinotti.

    Often portrays the leader of a group of criminals as a hard-edged loner.

    Often has a scene overlooking a broad horizon of some sort. Neil and Eady staring at the bright L.A. landscape in Heat (1995) is an example of this.

    Speakerphone quote : "Who am I talking to?" Question asked by various characters in his movies when on speakerphone.

    Director Trade : Most of his movies contain a group of people using a speaker phone. The person on the other end always asks, "Who am I talking to?" and one of the others will rattle off a list of names. See Heat (1995) and Manhunter (1986).

    Backgrounds and scenery often include and focus on water. (oceans, rivers, rain)

    .45 caliber 1911 model pistols appear in almost all of his movies: Thief (1981), Miami Vice (1984), L.A. Takedown (1989), Heat (1995), Insider, The (1999), and so on.
    So who is Michael Mann to you?
    Do you like his movies?
    What is your favorite movie that he directed?

    Director of 13 movies,%20Michael
    i like
    Insider, The (1999)

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    American director Michael Mann studied at both the University of Wisconsin and the London International Film School before commencing his career in 1965. Getting his start working on TV commercials, Mann took his rapid-paced, flash-cut approach into documentary filmmaking, producing an award winning short on the 1968 French student riots, Janpuri.

    Mann's fragmented-image technique further manifested itself on such TV detective series of the 1970s as Starsky and Hutch and Vegas, both of which utilized his scripts (though they were directed by others in the standard conventional style of the period). Mann turned out another prizewinning project, the 1979 TV movie The Jericho Mile, before making his big-screen directorial debut with Thief (1981). The story of a professional jewel thief (James Caan) trying to make good, it introduced audiences to Mann's stylish, atmospheric approach to filmmaking, and earned a number of strong reviews.

    Mann next returned to television, acting as executive producer of the popular TV cop series Miami Vice (1984-90). In this capacity, he brought what some considered the "MTV Look" to network television -- a look which favored style over substance and technique over storytelling, in the "short attention span" manner of the MTV cable network. Although Miami Vice was merely a lavish extension of what Mann had been doing since the 1960s, the MTV label stuck, attracting millions of viewers to the series. When it was announced that Mann would produce and direct the 1992 filmization of Last of the Mohicans, purists despaired, complaining that the "youthful" director (who in reality was 49 at the time) would unduly modernize, trivialize and homogenize the story. As it turned out, Last of the Mohicans (based more on the 1936 film version of the James Fennimore Cooper novel than the book itself) contained more pure storytelling and more raw evocative imagery than any previous Mann project, and became known as his finest work to date.

    Three years later, the director earned even greater acclaim with Heat, a nuanced, intelligent crime drama featuring strong performances by Robert De Niro and Al Pacino as men on opposite sides of the law, and a well-written script by Mann himself. Similarly strong reviews followed for Mann in 1999 with The Insider, which he directed, wrote, and produced. Based on a real-life story of a tobacco company research scientist (Russell Crowe) and the ramifications of his decision to disclose industry secrets to the American public on an episode of 60 Minutes, it was a moody, intense affair that many critics touted as one of the year's best films. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide
    From what I've seen Mann is an amazing director helming some of the best acted movies I've ever seen. Heat is a brillaint cop drama and The Insider is one of my favourite films. I haven't seen Manhunter in a while but I seem to remember it being better than the remake, and even last of the Mohecans I remember having some striking visuals.

    The Insider (1999) *****

    Heat (1995) *****

    The Last of the Mohicans (1992)****

    Manhunter (1986) ****half

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    Re: TALK Michael Mann

    So who is Michael Mann to you?

    Miami Vice :big grin:
    (Actually I've neven seen the TV series but somehow it's the first thing that pop in mind... like the Mashmallow Man...)

    Do you like his movies?

    Not a big fan. But I don't mind

    What is your favorite movie that he directed?

    Manhunter (The only Michael Mann movie I have on DVD.)

    Heat (have it on laserdisc) & The Insider (saw it in cinema) are also good.

    Gee... he's not really proliferic is he?...

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    Not many replies, cuz U just start a topic with a directors name and type up a few movies hes made. And a few comments.
    Its just another thread to post ones oppinion in, not any discussion. So its just a movie-related version of all the "get to know eachother" threads. Cuz its really just about reading others oppinions of the directors movies.

    If its TALK or discussion u want, a thread with a more precise subject is a lot better.
    "Should Lucas have given the director chair to someone else for the new Star Wars movies? and who in that case?"

    "Is Ang Lee the right kind of director for a comic book movie like the Hulk? why/why not?"

    "Should there even be a T3, without Cameron? and why?"

    "Did Warren Beatty do a good job of directing Dick Tracy?"

    Things like that could actually lead to some fun discussions.
    / my 5 cents.
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