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    Reloaded Q&A

    SPOILERS !!!!

    Why does Neo fight Agent Smith when he can fly away?

    We all know what a badass Neo became after Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving) "killed" him in the first film. He's nearly omnipotent with the ability to control matter, outrace, stop bullets and fly within the Matrix. So why doesn't he fly away from those hundred Smiths in the "burly brawl"? Because Neo has become a bit arrogant. We see it when he easily takes out three agents in the film's opening. He fights those agents and the Merovingian's (Lambert Wilson) goons to give his friends time to fly away. It's true, he doesn't have to fight Smith, but he did take him down before and wants to see if he still can. He doesn't count on the fact that Smith can now copy himself and eventually realizes he can't win this time. All of the Smiths could have just tried to shoot Neo too. Eventually at least one of them could have wounded him, but they want to get close to Neo to do something else, something we'll get to later.

    Is the Oracle's prophecy a hoax?

    Well, yes and no. The conclusion I've come to is that much like Obi-Wan Kenobi laid that crap on Luke about his father in "Star Wars" and told "the truth from a certain point of view", the Oracle (Gloria Foster)has done the same with Neo, Morpheus and the citizens of Zion. To understand the meaning of this we must first answer another question.

    Who are the Architect and the Oracle?

    When Neo steps through the door of light near "Reloaded's" conclusion he encounters the Architect, the designer of the matrix. The Architect is a program from the machine world who explains to Neo that the Matrix itself is a mathematical equation that is almost flawless. Its flaw lies in the fact that human beings themselves are flawed and often don't accept the program. Many attempts to create the perfect dreamworld for humans to interface with resulted in failure which led to the machines to develop another solution: the Oracle. The Oracle was an intuitive program created to study the human psyche. The machines and the Architect could never understand why human beings could not accept the program of the Matrix even if it was tailored for their lesser minds. Through her studies the Oracle came to the conclusion that 99.9% of humans plugged into the Matrix could accept the program only if they were given a choice, even if they were only aware of the choice on an unconscious level. But the existence of that 00.1% is a threat that the machines were not willing to let grow.

    As Morpheus stated in the original film (and also demonstrated in the Animatrix short the Second Renaissance Parts I & II) , the human race barely survived its initial war with the machines. The machines knew that many humans born plugged into the Matrix would reject the program and eventually find freedom through the aid of humans born in the real world. For the machines to survive they could not let the number of freed human minds grow so a form of control was developed: the Prophecy.

    With the aid of the Oracle's research results, the machines created a hoax to keep mankind in check. The Matrix was an unbalanced mathematical equation that always resulted in the same remainder. This remainder was an anomaly that despite his efforts the Architect could never eliminate from the equation. The machines decided to use this problem to their advantage and place this anomaly or piece of code within a human man born in the Matrix. With this piece of code that human mind would interface with the Matrix differently from others and would develop uncanny God-like abilities. With the help of the Oracle the machines would create the prophecy and the myth of the One: he who possessed this anomalous code. By giving mankind false hope the machines could keep them in check within the Matrix and the real world. The 00.1% of minds that did not accept the Matrix would not grow in number.

    The person chosen to be the "One" would use his power to free human minds from the Matrix and build the free human city in the real world known as Zion. Remember Morpheus explained to Neo in the first film that "a man born inside the Matrix freed the first of them" and could "reshape the Matrix as he saw fit"? Through the guidance of the Oracle the One would eventually make contact with the source: the machine mainframe. The One would them be presented with the choice of returning the code within him to the source so that it can be temporarily disseminated into the Matrix, once again balancing the equation. At this point the machines would attempt to destroy Zion in the real world and allow the One to choose 23 individuals from the Matrix, 16 female, 7 male, to rebuild Zion, free more human minds and begin the cycle again. "After he died, the Oracle prophecized his return," Morpheus told Neo. But little did he know that this has occurred more than once.

    As the Architect reveals to Neo this process has occurred five times before. A human mind is chosen as the one, given extraordinary power to use in the Matrix, the ability to free human minds, build a human refuge in the real world and the choice to return his powers/code to the Matrix so the cycle can start again. What they did not expect was Neo to be different.

    Who or what is Neo?

    What the machines didn't count on is that the intuitive program dubbed by humans as the Oracle would develop an affinity for the human race. Time and time again she has seen the cycle of human freedom and destruction repeated. The machines have played this game five times with an ignorant human race and won each time. But she knows that Neo is different from his predecessors.

    Neo carries a code within him that gives him super abilities within the Matrix. All of his predecessors chose to return this code to the source in order to save the human race. Unlike Neo they were designed to develop an attachment to mankind that would not allow them to turn their back it. But, Neo is an outsider, a loner who has no attachments. Sure, he is close to Morpheus, the man who freed him and the citizens of Zion but he's never been comfortable with his role as a "messiah". There is only one person Neo has developed an attachment to and that's Trinity. She understood and fell in love with Neo before they even met. "I know why you live alone and why night after night you sit alone at your computer," she tells him when they first meet in the original film. She doesn't love this guy because he's "the One" she loves him because she understands him and lived in the Matrix like he did before she was freed.

    When Neo encounters the Architect he is given two choices. Through the door on his right he can return the code he carries within him to the source/machine mainframe. The equation that makes up the Matrix will once again become balanced and the human minds plugged in will be saved. Zion will still be destroyed, but Neo will have the chance to free 23 minds from the Matrix to rebuild it and save the human race. Like Noah's ark these 16 females and 7 males will procreate to survive in the real world. If Neo chooses the door to his left, he will return to the Matrix to save Trinity, but without the code he carries the equation that makes up the Matrix will remain unbalanced causing the dreamworld to decay and eventually shut down. The system will crash killing billions of human minds plugged in and coupled with the destruction of Zion will destroy the entire human race. The machines feel that they will win either way. They'll survive, either continuing to use the human race as batteries or living off of low power reserves. They didn't expect Neo to choose to return to the Matrix unlike his predecessors, because they don't understand his attachment to Trinity. But the Oracle understands and hoped he would make that choice.

    What happened to Neo in the real world?

    When Neo returned to the real world after he saved Trinity he says to her, "Something's different, I can feel them." It appears that some of his abilities from the Matrix have followed him into the real world, but how? Well, just as people like Trinity and Morpheus have the ability to download combat training into their brains, Neo appears to have downloaded some more of the code into his own mind. Its likely that the code within the Matrix and the code that the machines use to communicate and control each other are similar and that Neo can now operate on their level. Unfortunately, it also appears that using these new "powers" weakens Neo and may potentially kill him, hence the coma he falls into. This is probably what the Oracle was counting on. Yes, she lied to Neo and Morpheus about the Prophecy, but did so to put them on the right path so that Neo would choose not to return his abilities to the source. "You've already made the choice," she tells him, "You have to understand why you made it." She knew his encounter and interface with the Architect would change him, for the better.

    check the link for the FULL article =)

    ehhh now i
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