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    Are you indie filmmaker?

    Has anyone made any films in the past or lately?

    I'm workin on my fifth right now, in the past i had to make films without bullet hits or shots but my friend helped my make a rig which works extremelly well for basically no budget.

    Does anyone know a cheap way of making a gun look like its shooting? i'm just about to give up.

    How to make compressed gas bullet hits
    This method uses the force of compressed air to blast fake blood from a length of tubing. Simple!

    What you'll need...
    A pump-up insecticide sprayer - Its worth investing in a new one as a used sprayer might have some insecticide in and you don't want to kill yourself off before you get to shoot your movie.
    Garden Hose - You probably need about 2 metres which you might be able to chop off your normal house. Failing that getting a good length to cut up is useful as you can experiment with different lengths for different purposes.
    Fake Blood - For a whole bunch of recipes try Eejit's Guide to Blood. For the example below we used Cardiff Red.
    Gaffer Tape - You would think I have a deal with the company cos I talk about this stuff so much. It is useful though.
    Sponge - You'll need to rip it into little pieces so buy a cheap car sponge.
    Blu-tak - Y'know the putty type stuff used to stick up posters.
    Old Shirt

    Step One - Cut approx. a 2 metre length from your garden hose reel. About an inch up from one end you need to make a hole big enough to put your little finger in. This is where the blood will be ejected from. We used a heated screwdriver to melt through the hose as it was pretty tough. Probably not recommended though as it gave off these awful fumes. Best to do it in a well ventilated place so you don't pass out.

    Step Two - Bung up the end you have made the extra hole in using Blu-Tak. By forcing the blood to fly out of the extra hole instead of the end of the tube it sprays out rather than jets out.

    Step Three - Unscrew the spray nozzle from the insecticide sprayer. Attach the unmodified end of the tube to the empty sprayer. Now to work on your biceps! Give the sprayer about 150 pumps. The first 100 or so should be easy but by the end it should start getting more difficult. All this energy is being stored as pressure and when you push the trigger all the energy will be released at once, blasting the blood out.

    Step Four - Gently pour in about 20ml of your fake blood to the modified end of the hose. You may need to thin the blood mixture with water to make it less 'gloopy' (err...that sounds technical). Bung up the side hole with pieces of sponge. Ideally use red sponge as this will fly out when you trigger the sprayer looking like chunks of flesh. Mmm...nice!

    Step Five - Make a hole in the back of the shirt and feed the tube over the actor's shoulder and down to the area that is going to be 'shot'. Tape the tube in place at the front with the side hole facing forwards.


    Have the actor get down on his knees and get an assistant to hold the sprayer as high as possible for 30 seconds. This allows the blood to run down and prime the tube. The blood should now all be in the last part of the tube held back by the bits of sponge.

    Step Six - The shirt here has been prepared by scoring with a knife. The side hole of the hose should be lined up with the hole in the shirt. Use gaffer tape on the inside of the shirt to close the shirt up.

    Step Seven - Have the assistant who will fire the trigger, out of camera shot on the ground. Here stuntman Stephen demonstrates what the setup would look like if it wasn't concealed underneath the shirt.

    When positioning the camera be careful. The force was so powerful on one of the tests we ended up showering the camera operator with blood. If you are straight on get a good distance away and zoom in.

    Step Eight - Push the trigger!! Ker-BLAM!! Blood flies everywhere. Gore City!

    test shot

    my friend sent me this info over internet from Uk and told me to share it!
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    nice lecture...

    i have made a film for school... just told a story here

    good luck on ur film!
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    I'm actually hoping to make a no-budget short film sometime over the summer. Not some school thing where you just get your friends to half-heartedly jerk around for a day... something that might take a few days to do and can actually get my friends to help me with and be serious about. I have a cool horror idea but I'll have to do some location hunting and basic script work. I'll keep you guys posted. :big grin:



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