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    Talking "Bruce Almighty"

    Ok i just finnished to watch Bruce Allmighty and what can i say
    It is Just B-E-A-utiful to say it with bruce words :-)
    I Like this Movie..(its Goooooood) i like it a Lot... this movie has got really a great acting Jim Carrey in it... it is the Best Acting of Jim since Liar Liar... and it is one of the best when not the best movie of Jim Carrey.
    There was not a minute in the movie when i thought to myself it would be boring or uninteresting...
    This Movir Deserves a 5/5

    What you think about the Movie ??
    Let me hear your comment about this movie and lets talk

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    Jim Carrey wuz funny like always. however, i thought this movie wuz weird. i'm a very religious person so you gotta believe me when i say that it's just my opinion. this movie wuz weird. i just don't like it that much really. but i gotta hand it to jim carrey. he did a good job. he's a great actor. i love all of his movies. i would like this movie the least w/ him.
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    I liked the movie too. I give it 3.5/5 stars mainly for its preachness at the end of the movie. I thought Jim Carrey was fantastic. I really liked some of the gimmicks. The best part though was Morgan Freeman. He played a great God. I really liked the bit about manual labor.
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