Transformers live action movie?! Sounds good to me, hope they will use the same voices as the original series and movie. This movie could be awesome...

THE TRANSFORMERS have been many things: a toy line, cartoon series, comics, even a theatrical movie. But now Hasbro's robots in disguise are preparing for their greatest role a live-action movie.

Don Murphy (THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN) and Tom DeSanto (X-MEN) are the two gentlemen who have the plan and will be the film's producers. DeSanto is also in the midst of creating a story treatment for the movie, which will serve as the template for the screenplay.

It's not the first time a live-action TRANSFORMERS movie has been attempted. Three years ago director Joseph Kahn (TORQUE) and producer Chris Lee (S.W.A.T.) attempted to assemble a TRANSFORMERS movie for SuperMegaMedia, a production company, but things never got further than the initial planning stages.

Murphy and DeSanto's TRANSFORMERS idea will be shopped around to studios shortly. It's expected that a screenwriter will be hired shortly after that.

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