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    Aniston tops Forbes celebrity list


    Pop princess Britney Spears learned Thursday that fame can be fleeting as she disappeared from this year's Forbes Top 100 Celebrity List after last year's No. 1 spot.

    Replacing her at the top is Jennifer Aniston, one of TV's "Friends" stars, who earned $35 million last year and appeared on more magazine covers than any other celebrity.

    Jennifer "J-Lo" Lopez and Ben Affleck emerged as Hollywood's hottest new power couple, occupying the fifth and seventh spots on the list, with a combined income of $65 million.

    It has not been a good year for Spears, who hit it big in 1999 with "Oops!..I Did it Again." She has had a string of bad press recently, as her much publicized relationship with Justin Timberlake of N'Sync went sour and her movie, "Crossroads," was less than successful.

    She was also photographed flipping off the paparazzi in Mexico after refusing to go on stage in a rain storm, while photos in the New York Post of her smoking also worked to tarnish her good-girl image.

    "Good press or bad press, all press is equal in our eyes," said Peter Kafka, an editor at Forbes, the business magazine that compiled the list, which takes into consideration earnings, press clippings, radio and TV coverage and Web hits.

    "By dollar value, Britney did not have a big album or a big tour, the proponents that usually land celebrities on the list," said Kafka.

    Rappers Eminem and Dr. Dre take the No. 2 slot this year, also earning $35 million, but with nearly 2 million Web hits. Golfer Tiger Woods slipped from No. 2 to No. 3, while earning $78 million -- $9 million more than last year.

    Kafka said Aniston, whose husband, Brad Pitt, did not make the list, was a bit of a surprise.

    "Aniston's marriage may have helped to propel her to 13 covers, but she is still one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood," he said.

    Aniston's female "Friends," Lisa Kudrow (30) and Courteney Cox (41) made the list, but only one male co-star did, Matthew Perry (25).

    Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling catapulted from 34 in 2002 to 15 this year amid anticipation about the latest book in the children's series. Rowling's earnings increased by about $90 million, up from $41.8 million.

    While golfer Woods was by far the most powerful sports celebrity, basketball legend Michael Jordan was 13 with motor racing's Michael Schumacher at 19. Soccer star David Beckham entered the list at 56, but without Spice Girl wife Victoria.

    Rounding out the top ten were movie director Steven Spielberg (4), ex-Beatle Paul McCartney (6), Oprah Winfrey (8), Tom Hanks (9) and The Rolling Stones (10).

    (For the complete Forbes list click here
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