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    Finding Nemo Official Clips (6) & Featurettes (4) QT Links + Interview Videos

    Here are QuickTime links to six film clips and four featurettes from <A HREF=""> Disney's Finding Nemo</A> website.

    <A HREF="">Finding Nemo Clip #1 'Get Back Here' (9.8MB)</A>
    <A HREF="">Finding Nemo Clip #2 'From The Ocean' (6.1MB)</A>
    <A HREF="">Finding Nemo Clip #3 'First Day' (14.1MB)</A>
    <A HREF="">Finding Nemo Clip #4 'Let The Lady Guess' (14.0MB)</A>
    <A HREF="">Finding Nemo Clip #5 'The EAC' (16.3MB)</A>
    <A HREF="">Finding Nemo Clip #6 'Memory Loss' (18.7MB)</A>

    <A HREF="">Finding Nemo Featurette #1 'Create Fish' (53.3MB)</A>
    <A HREF="">Finding Nemo Featurette #2 'Create Water' (46.4MB)</A>
    <A HREF="">Finding Nemo Featurette #3 'Fishy Folk' (49.2MB)</A>
    <A HREF="">Finding Nemo Featurette #4 'Vast Ocean' (44.3MB)</A>

    (Several of these links were previously posted in a thread by sander.brons, in Real and Windows Media format <A HREF="">here</A>).

    Edited to include Interview Video links from <A HREF=""></A> ..

    <A HREF="">Finding Nemo Interview Video - Part 1 ( (45.4MB)</A>
    <A HREF="">Finding Nemo Interview Video - Part 2 ( (40.8MB)</A>
    <A HREF="">Finding Nemo Interview Video - Part 3 ( (48.0MB)</A>

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    Re: Finding Nemo Official Clips (6) & Featurettes (4) QT Links + Interview Videos

    FYI, clips from are actually larger (not necessarily better version) of some of the Featurette from Disney site:

    Interview Video - Part 1 ( = Featurette #3 'Fishy Folk'
    Interview Video - Part 2 ( = Featurette #2 'Create Water'
    Interview Video - Part 3 ( = Featurette #1 'Create Fish'

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