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    Bad Times At The El Royale (2018)

    The El Royale hotel, located off the beaten path, built right on the California/Nevada border with its main lobby, lounge and restaurant spanning each side of both States and with rooms located in both Nevada and California, was during its heyday in the 1950's the go to place for the wealthy and powerful and famous.

    The movie opens in 1959 with one solitary man checking into one of El Royale's rooms.

    Most folks when they first walk into a hotel room, they make sure that there are plenty of towels, that the TV works, that the bed is not too hard and there are plenty of pillows on it:

    this unidentified person does something completely different, opposite, very strange and unconventional which I will not give away.

    Fast forward 10 years to 1969, the El Royale has lost its luster and most of its rooms have fallen into disarray. Very few people even know it exists and its rooms have not seen any guests in a long time.

    4 strangers arrives at the hotel at almost the same time: a priest, a down and out back up singer dreaming of becoming the next big act in Reno's finest casinos, a traveling vacuum cleaner salesman, and a foul mouthed young woman.

    4 strangers who do not know each other with nothing in common and who will give new meaning to two of the many social etiquettes our parents taught us as soon as we were old enough to understand them:

    1. don't talk to strangers


    2. don't stick your nose in business that doesn't concern you.

    To say any more is to spoil the movie.

    I can say that the first act of the movie where each one of the 4 strangers are introduced with a backstory and a flashback scene is the best part.

    But the 2nd act where the story tries to cohesively bring them together by finding some type of common ground among them is when the story begans to unravel and fall apart.

    Then by the time the 3rd and final act is shown, everything just felt forced, formulaic, convenient and way too clean and tidy.

    We have seen this movie many times before, there is even a genre name for it on IMDB:

    "Group of Strangers meet in a one room setting movies"

    Director Drew Goddard, famous for his directorial debut of the very successful anti-horror comedy Cabin In The Woods and for writing critical hits such as The Martian and Cloverfield, tries to take something that's been done before and elevate it to a different and better level:

    he attempts to do so by evoking narrative and exposition styles borrowed from many similar movies before it but he just can't completely pull it off.

    On IMDB, this movie has received a rating of 7.3 out of 10.0 using the mean average from a total of 381 reviews:

    65 of them gave it a 10 out of 10, calling it: A Must See, Brilliant, Great Movie!, Outstanding, Best I've seen in a long time, Awesome, Wow, They don't make it like this anymore, Best Tarantinosque movie ever, Best Movie of 2018, Favorite film of 2018, etc., etc.

    180 of them gave it an 7 to 9 out of 10 rating with equal praises to boot.

    On Rotten Tomatoes, out of 218 critics who reviewed it, 191 of them gave it a Fresh tomato rating and called it exquisite, audacious, top notch, intriguing, mesmerizing, magnificent, etc., etc.

    This must be the most critically over-hyped movie by both audience and critics I've seen this year and in the past couple of years.

    It's worth a look if you have almost 2 hours and 21 minutes to spare but by the time the ending credits start to roll, you won't even have one memorable scene from it to remember it by.


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    After looking at the reviews, i watched the classic WW2 german movie 'Schindler's List'. Its a must watch
    You can get movie details here :-
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    Bumblebee (2018)

    Another Transformers masterpiece by Michael Bay.

    Unlike the Marvel and DC movies that are being forced down the throats of simple minded moronic movie audience every year with the single sole purpose to separate them from their money, each new entry the same as the previous ones: a banale cacophony of repetitious senseless action set pieces barely glued together to form a movie with no beginnings and no ends;

    Bumblebee is a beautiful movie about human compassion, tolerance toward another race, making personal sacrifices for the greater good of the many and the importance of family.

    Hailee Steinfeld shines as the human heroine of this film who unselfishly risks her life to do what is right and just - for humanity and mankind - and guess what?

    She doesn't possess any stupid, absurd, unrealistic comic books superpowers and she doesn't need them: her powers are her humaneness, her heart and her soul.


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    The director is Travis Knight, not Michael Bay, that's why it's a masterpiece!!!

    I commented on that same thing back when you said Bay made that awesome TV Series you loved (Black Sails?), but he was only a producer.
    Bumblebee has no less than 12 credited producers, Michael Bay is simply one of the bunch, nothing more, nothing less.

    I can't see through walls, but I can kick your ass.

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    Aquaman (2018)

    Another megabudget, noisy, bloated, repetitious, protracted, gigantic CGI overload of a comic book based movie:

    all visual with no substance !!

    By the time the:

    "You have to be King. But I don't want to be King. My home is on land. It's your destiny. Only you can unite the kingdoms. Save Atlantis"

    speech and lecture were repeated for the gazillion times in the first hour of the film, I wanted to strangle someone and throw everything AND the kitchen sink at the screen.


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    Polar (2019 Netflix)


    Was this a bloody and violent movie!!

    Based on a Dark Horse Graphic Novel, it's sort of like a cross between 300, Sin City and Leon: The Professional.

    Then there is the ending which I didn't see coming!!

    I hope they will make a sequel!


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    Vox Lux (2018)

    WARNING: This review contains SPOILERS!!

    Plot Device or plot mechanism,
    is any technique in a narrative used to move the plot forward. A contrived or arbitrary plot device may annoy or confuse the reader, causing a loss of the suspension of disbelief. However a well-crafted plot device, or one that emerges naturally from the setting or characters of the story, may be entirely accepted, or may even be unnoticed by the audience. (source: WIKI)
    The first half of the movie begins with Celeste (Natalie Portman) being born in 1986.

    In 1999 at the age of 13, while she was attending a public school in New York city, a student shoots up the school and in the process, injures her and kills several students including her friends.

    Celeste recovers from her wounds and sings at the memorial service. Her singing gets noticed and with the help of a talent manager (Jude Law), she becomes a rising star.

    The second half of the movie begins 2017, Celeste is now 21 years old:

    she has put her personal tragedy of the school shooting behind her.

    Celeste has become a global pop icon, a celebrity powerhouse, an American icon and she is also seen as a secular deity by millions of her fans worldwide.

    She makes a music video of her latest pop single.

    In it she and the troupe of dancers wear masks.

    In a beach town in Croatia, a group of gunmen wearing the same exact masks shoots 14 beachgoers to death and injure many others.

    The media tries to put a negative spin on Celeste by tying her music to the terrorists.

    Can Celeste deal with the media and again recover from another tragedy and continue to be who she is and the musical pop star she has become and rise above it all?

    Now I don't know what this movie was aiming for!!

    First to use a school shooting as the plot device for the origin of the main character, the movie makers should be ashamed of themselves.

    They could had used something else like maybe someone Celeste loves survives a personal battle against cancer and it inspires her to write songs and sing.

    Then to start the second half of the movie with another mass shooting event just to re-elevate and rebirth her character, that's just unacceptable!!

    E especially in this day and time where almost every week there is a mass shooting occuring in the USA somewhere.

    Furthermore, the movie does not try to convey any solutions or explanations to why these mass shootings are occuring and what we as society can do to prevent them and to stop them from re-occuring.

    The acting and dialogue is also very bland.

    The singing and concert sequences were very unconvincing.

    There were also several scenes where Natalie Portman came across as being bored or distant or just aloof to the whole thing:

    it was as if she showed up on the set for that day of filming just so she can get a paycheck.

    Why did someone as talented and straight headed as Natalie Portman even agreed to make this movie after she read the script is beyond me!

    On the top of the movie poster, it reads:

    "Prepare to be Vowed"
    I was not Vowed one bit. I was bored while at the same time I was puzzled.

    To use such controversial topic as school shooting and mass shooting as the plot device and to not make any effort to explain why such tragedies keep occuring and to not offer solutions, it just makes the entire movie quite pointless.

    It also makes me question whether this film's screenwriters and director and producers have a unhealthy and morbid fascination with mass shootings.

    Sorry, Natalie, you know I have always admired you, your talent, your tenacity ever since you made your critically acclaimed film debut in The Professional when you were just 13 years old:

    in the the past 25 years since that film, you have made many great movies which have showcased your great acting skills and range.

    But this is one time I have to say you dropped the ball with this film.

    Natalie: hopefully your next film Lucy in the Sky where you play an astronaut, loosely based on these events will be better:

    In the meantime I can only give your latest cinematographic appearance an:


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    Gully boy movie I have seen recently. This movie based on the wrapper song. A gully boy want to become a wrapper singer and one day he become a most famous wrapper singer. That is the whole story of this movie.

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