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    Arrow Madame Sata (indipendent drama)

    Trailer: QuickTime, 3.9MB (240x180)

    ZUBi says: this looks like a very interesting drama & BTW: based on a true story.

    Madame Sata

    Release Date: July 9, 2003 (NY)
    Studio: Wellspring Cinema
    Director: Karim Ainouz
    Screenwriter: Karim Ainouz
    Starring: LŠzaro Ramos, Marcelia Cartaxo, Flavio Bauraqui, Felipe Marques, Emiliano Queiroz, Renata Sorrah, Giovana Barbosa, Ricardo Blat, Guilherme Piva, Marcelo Valle, Floriano Peixoto, Gero Camilo, GlŠucio Gomes, Or„ Figueiredo
    Genre: Drama
    MPAA Rating: Not available
    Official Website:
    Review: Not available
    DVD/VHS: Not available
    Movie Poster: Not available
    Plot Summary: Legendary criminal. Proud homosexual. Cabaret star. Passionate lover. Killer. Devoted father of seven adopted children. Saint or devil? Madame Sat„. Born to slaves in the arid wasteland of Northern Brazil and sold by his mother at the age of 7, he pursued his freedom on the mean streets of Lapa, Rio de Janeiro. Jet-black, six feet tall, 180 pounds of proud muscle in a silk shirt and tight pants, a cutthroat razor in his back pocket. Karim AÔnouz's extraordinary portrait of the triumphs and tragedy of this explosive and paradoxical personality unfolds against the vibrant, sordid background of Lapa: thronging underworld of pimps and whores, of cut-throats, queers and artists, of dark bars and brothels thick with smoke, drenched in sweat and cheap perfume. A world run through with violence and raw desire, where desperate dreams spring from poverty and squalor.

    source: CSoon

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    Re: Madame Sata (indipendent drama)

    "Higher-res" QuickTime trailer, 9.5MB:

    Note: The link works but yet to be verified.

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