the film is about a woman who has a husband and a child.

she gets hit by a car and looses her memory
of last few years.
she doesnt remembers about last 7-8 years of her life.goes to her old apartment
where she doesnt find anyone.
finally meets her current husband but doesnt recogize him or their child.
her family tries to help her get her memory back.
then her husband tells her how they met.
They had first when he had hit her by his car and she looses her memory.
so till now her husband had no idea abt her past; which she remebers now , but has forgotten
her husband.

in the end everything becomes all right and they have a happy ending.

I hope the story wasnt too confusing.

The movie was in english and I had seen it on TV abt 8 years ago.It could be a tv movie.