All I can remember is the opening plot. The movie should be between 2000 and 2011 (pretty sure) and here's what I remember: Young dude is driving peacefully down a city street. Suddenly, when coming to an intersection, out of nowhere, and to the driver's utter surprise, a car flies and spins (as if it had just been hit by an unseen source) - in slow motion - right in front of his car - (flying from right to left)... After a few seconds, he continues to drive but he hears a noise and looks in his side mirror, where he sees another car tumbling in the street towards his car... he slams the brakes and is paralyzed with shock - not understanding what's going on... when a few seconds later, a young woman opens his passenger door and quickly gets in while telling him firmly "DRIVE!" (or something like that)... It starts to get humorous when the driver starts to say things like, "What? NO! I don't know you! Why should I drive you anywhere?" I can't remember anything else... I just know that I really enjoyed the movie and would love to see it again. Thanks.