I donít know if this is the correct place for this post-itís of a technical nature, but not site
Are there tutorials on this site(or elsewhere on the web) that will help me do the following:

I have about 3,000 tapes of TV shows/movies/specials(1,000 beta/2,000 VHS/SVHS) going back to 1978
(bought my first Beta deck just for Battlestar Galactica),that I would like to convert to Quick time and/or DVD format. I want to go thru all my tapes and save/record just select TV shows(ones that will probably never be aired again, or be put on DVD-
shows like Max Headroom, Wizards and Warriors, Tales of the Gold Monkey, Loganís
Run, etcÖ) specials that were aired just once, the hour long Network Fall Preview show from the Ď60ís,
unaired pilots(a few are-Munsters, F-Troop, Lost in Space, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea(in color!),
Time Tunnel, Land of the Giants), and of course all the movie trailers and TV spots. Also included in these tapes
are about 300 movie trailers that I had converted from 16mm to VHS. All together itís
probably about 500 hours worth. As these tapes are getting older every day, and becoming more
and more likely to not play very well, I would want to convert these first before moving on to the
next two items.

2) I have 169 laser discs that I would like to rip out the trailers from, and convert to Quick Time,
and or DVD format.

3) I have 330 DVDs that I would like to rip out the trailers from and convert to Quick Time,
and or DVD format.

For all of the above I need to know how to get the signal(s) out of my tape/laser disc/DVD players
into my computer. What hardware/software do I need? And how do I set it up?

My current computer set up:Dell Demension 8100, P4 1.33 Ghz, 20 GB drive, 128 MB RAM.
I think that my sound/video/graphics cards are OK, as I can play .mov and .MPG trailers just fine.
I probably could use a larger drive and more RAM.

Can anyone point me to tutorials on how to do this, or help me with this?

As I find/save/record stuff, Iíd be willing to make it available to this site. I only have a 56K connection,
so I would have to burn stuff to a CD or DVD and mail it to someone who has a high speed connection.

Thanks for any help!