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    Apple iPod TV Spots (QT Links)

    I guess that I'm probably biased as a Mac user, but I find Apple's TV ads consistently entertaining. They've posted three new iPod TV spots .. here are links ..

    <IMG SRC="">

    <A HREF="">Apple - iPod - TV Spots</A>

    <A HREF="">New iPod TV Spot - 15 Sec (2.8MB)</A>
    <A HREF="">New iPod TV Spot - 30 Sec (6.2MB)</A>
    <A HREF="">New iPod TV Spot - 45 Sec (8.8MB)</A>

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    hm, idon't like these spots that much, maybe because of the music
    i read that this week during "freinds" apple will premiere new "rocking spots", maybe i'll like them.
    i also read on that tomorrow apple will announce/release new info about itunes 5 and itunes for windows

    edit: from
    "One series of notes claims that iTunes 4.1 (not iTunes 5) will be arriving tomorrow alongside Quicktime 6.4. The new version of iTunes is said to allow the syncing of voice notes between the iPod and your Mac... suggesting that voice recording would be coming to the iPod."
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