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    Forsaken Halloween #2: Dead Ringers

    One of David Cronenberg's overlooked movies. Jeromy Iron's great in this one. :big grin:

    The trailer came out of the OOP Criterion DVD. Sadly they seemed to use the same source for laserdisc and there's not much I can do about the poor-quality source.

    Seperation can be a painful thing...

    Dead Ringers
    Quicktime Teaser, 19MB
    Dead Ringers (1988)

    Drama / Thriller / Horror
    The Mantle brothers are both doctors - both gynecologists - and identical twins. Everything runs smoothly, until an actress visits their clinic, and the shy brother is the first to fall in love. Will they be able to 'share' her ?
    MPAA Rating: R.

    Cast: Jeremy Irons, Geneviève Bujold, Heidi von Palleske

    Written by: David Cronenberg & Norman Snider, based on the novel 'Twins' by Bari Wood & Jack Geasland

    Produced by: Marc Boyman & David Cronenberg

    Directed by: David Cronenberg

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