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    Exclamation Bring back REAL action movies!!


    I'm getting the hang of this message-posting stuff! I wanna say that I think 2003 has been a poor year for action fans. There's been a lot of disappointment.

    Really bad sequels - Charle's Angels 2, Fast and Furious 2, Bad Boys 2, etc

    Ill thought out comeback movies - Freddy V Jason (in my opinion)

    Ruined/savaged/badly translated comic book movies - Daredevil, Hulk, LXG

    You know what I want to see?...... The real classic action movie!

    Like a Die Hard 4, Eraser 2, True Lies 2 (yes, they're sequels, but excellent examples). That's why man, I miss Bruce Willlis in these roles - haven't you noticed everything he's done recently has stunk? He needs to go back to be John Mc Clane because IT'S what he does best: wisecracks, smirking, taking a beating AND giving one out! Bruce says he doesn't wanna "DO" John Mc Clane any more..... Well looking at your last 5 movies, the public have decided you can't act or "DO" anyone else!

    So enough of my lecture, what kind of action movies do you wanna see comeback?

    For me defintely a Die Hard 4 (this time international!), another The Rock type movie (Michael Bay still has the magic - forgive him for Bad Boys 2!), Eraser 2, True Lies 2 AND all future James Bond movies to be directled by EXPERIENCED action directors like Tony Scott, Ridley Scott, Simon West, John Woo (yes, John Woo!) and maybe Martin Campbell again (P.S. raise the sex and violence to a R, it would be better)

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