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    Talking Warner Bros archive trailers (in QT)

    Inspired by our latest member, WillemJoker (I hope you don't work for WB ), I've finally cracked open the Warner Bros QT trailer archve!

    For months I've thought that the QT files in WB trailer archive are streamers and hence cannot be DLed, but thanks to our new contributor I now can post direct links to all the classics WB & MGM trailers - of course the highest res is only 320x240 pixels. But still, where else can you find the Batman trailers in QT - until of course the SE DVDs come out in god knows when!?

    I'll keep updating this thread in the following days. So watch this space :

    Batman (5MB)
    Batman Returns (7MB)
    Batman Forever - Trailer 1 (10MB) (The 4-minute version!)
    Batman Forever - Trailer 2 (6MB) (The version used in the original Batman Forever website in 1995)
    Batman Forever - Trailer 3 (High-res version posted in FE.)
    Batman & Robin - Trailer 1 (5.4MB)
    Batman & Robin - Trailer 2 (7MB)

    Assassins (7.8MB)
    Blade Runner (Director's Cut) (4.3MB)
    Bullitt (8MB)
    Dirty Harry (7.6MB)
    Fire Down Below (9.1MB)
    Gigi (15.41MB)
    Maltese Falcon (7.6MB)
    Rio Bravo (7.9MB)
    Wizard of Oz (8MB)

    Update: 4 December 2003

    City of Angels - Trailer B (6.8MB)
    Dennis the Menace (5.5MB)
    Free Willy (9.1MB)
    Free Willy 2 (5.3MB)
    Free Willy 3 (4.9MB)
    Neverending Story (4.4MB)
    Neverending Story 2
    Pee-wee's Big Adventure (4MB)
    Something To Talk About (9.5MB)
    Under Siege (5.2MB)
    Under Siege 2 (5MB)

    Update: 9 December 2003

    Absolute Power (7.25MB)
    Chisum (8.4MB)
    The Dirty Dozen (15.7MB)
    The Glimmer Man (8.36MB)
    Menace II Society (7.32MB)
    Rebel Without A Cause (7.02MB)
    Singin' In The Rain (18.7MB)
    To Have And Have Not (7.63MB)

    and slightly-better-quality versions of:
    Eraser - Teaser (5.31MB)
    Space Jam - Teaser (3.54MB)
    Space Jam - Trailer (6.28MB)

    Can't remember if high-res versions of these were posted:
    The Bodyguard (8.91MB)
    The Fugutive (8.86MB)

    Update: 15 December 2003

    The American President (12.7MB)
    Cabaret (7.45MB)
    Chariots Of Fire (6.9MB)
    The Color Purple (3.95MB)
    The Courtship of Eddie's Father (13.3MB)
    Diner (10.5MB)
    Driving Miss Daisy (6.36MB)
    Empire Records (DVD trailer) (10.7MB)
    Flipper and Flippers' New Adventure double-bill re-release trailer (1.14MB)
    JFK Trailer A (5.58MB)
    Kelly's Hero (12.9MB)
    National Velvet (9.39MB)
    Now and Then (7.15MB)
    Pure Country (9.34B)
    Twister Teaser (9.4MB)
    The Wild Bunch (7.68MB)

    and slightly-better-quality versions of:

    American History X (6.24MB)
    Goodfellas (4.32MB)
    Jack Frost (6.44MB)
    The Negotiator (6.83MB)
    A Perfect Murder (6.59MB)
    Rush Hour (6.32MB)
    U.S. Marshals (6.74MB)

    Update: 22 December 2003

    The Amazing Panda Adventure (4.51MB)
    Bringing Up Baby (6.33MB)
    The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Movie (5.55MB)
    Dumb And Dumber - Trailer A
    Gumby The Movie (6.05MB)

    The Nutcracker Prince:
    (hi-res) (6.05MB)
    (low-res) (4.73MB)

    It Takes Two
    Michael - Teaser
    The Philadelphia Story (15.7MB)
    Richie Rich (9.05MB)
    Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (10.6MB)
    Unforgiven (8.31MB)
    You've Got Mail - Trailer B (4MB)

    and slightly-better-quality versions of:

    Blazing Saddles (6.22MB)
    Goodbye, Lover (5.82MB)

    Quest for Camelot:
    Teaser A (never online before) (5.85MB)
    Teaser B (6.08MB)
    Trailer A (6.7MB)
    Trailer B (6.08MB)

    Selena (10.9MB)
    Time To Kill (11.4MB)
    The Wedding Singer (6.22MB)
    Wild America (4.33MB)
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    Might want to check what else is in here after all this time...

    Lethal Weapon
    Lethal Weapon 2

    I know a lot of people have been wanting these. Unfortunatly, they are really bad quality.

    They have parts 3 & 4 and True Romance, but the links aren't agreeing with me. Perchance editman or Matt would fare better, eh?

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    Lethal Weapon 3 (6.95MB)
    Lethal Weapon 4 (6.49MB)

    True Romance on the Warner Bros archive is not a trailer but clips.

    Those Lethal Weapon trailers were already there when we created this list. No idea why they weren't posted - probabaly got lost.

    The trailer of LW4 is no longer online. (That's the teaser posted above.)

    As far as I know, no new classic trailer is added.
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