this is a real Title....., what.... are they naming movies after software versoins or film aspect

but something will make this movie suck.... a good director just left..... John Frankenheimer
..... to me only the 1st movie mattered, i still hope they get a good director

Neeson is set to play Father Merrin in Exorcist 4:1, the prequel to the original.

"I play Max von Sydow's character from the first Exorcist. Our film will tell how he lost his faith, met the Devil and regained his faith," explains Neeson.

Exorcist 4:1 just lost its director, John Frankenheimer, but Neeson hopes a new one will be in place in a few weeks.

"One of the reasons I signed on is because I wanted to work with Frankenheimer, so it's a real bummer he's not doing it.

"I'm a real trooper, so I'll stay on the project as long as they don't decide to go with Joe Schmo. The film is set to shoot the desert scenes in Morocco and the interiors in either London or Rome."