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    Talking Your Favourite Arcade Game?

    This is my latest article on my website for sunday 11th january:



    This is probably mankinds deadliest arcade machine yet most brilliant interactive game. Ive played stuff like Police 24/7 and dancemania but nothing has ever tired me out in the arcades more then this devil, yet the punching pads remain to look so innocent and heavenly. I stil have memories of me, my bro and cousins each taking turns on this and then getting back off it a totaly pissed off and sweating anger beast with dead arms! It was kind of funny cuz everytime it was ur turn to get up there on the machine we would take off our jackets as if we were going into a more den real fight with some1.

    All six pads come out and you have to punch them and time it to the lights on the pads. Then when you fight the boss the pads start going alot faster. If you do good enough you get to finish him with a badass combo, which basically means you have like 15 seconds to get 40 hits in, then a cool cinematic of your opponents head blowing up appears!

    Everytime someone mentions arcades, i remember that machine! This actually got me really intrested in the whole Fist Of the North star tv series n stuff aswell which i must say is brilliant. This truely got me back into going to the arcades! This game is definetly a 10 out of 10 for me.

    Thats my favourite...if it aint urs...Whats Yur Flava???
    Feel free to either reply wid ur favourite arcade game by entering a comment on the website or by simply replying here at movie-list either choice is okay with me
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