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    Angry Why does Dimension/Miramax get the rights to and ruin so many HK movies?

    I was just thinking: When the hell is HERO starring Jet Li ever gonna get released in the UK? Then I was checking around the Net and I found out that Dimension/Miramax is currently holding the US and European rights to the movie. And it won't even be out in America until April '04, this is after it's been delayed twice and that means we have to wait longer here! (Don't believe me? ~

    The same thing is happening to Shaolin Soccer. If you've seen the trailers you'll know its fantastic fun, but how are we going to find out if Dimension/Miramax keep sitting their fat asses on it!

    So OK, you could say "well get it on Region 3 DVD, both movies were out ages ago!", but that's not the point. If you've got the US or UK rights to the movie then hurry up and release them! I don't want to HAVE to import the movies from Hong Kong! Release them NOW!

    Also, what's worse is the total disrespect for Hong Kong movies from Dimension/Miramax AND Columbia-Tristar! Releasing movies with DIFFERENT titles, DIFFERENT NAMES for characters, POOR ENGLISH-ONLY dubbing - no original languages with subtitles, CUT/DELETED scenes - some films have up to 25 MINUTES MISSING! (The Accidental Spy ~ don't buy the R1 version), ABYSMAL picture quality.... this list goes on!

    Check this for proof ~ Daredevil_30's list at ~ (If the link doesn't work look for him on's Friends & Favorites)

    How you Americans put up with it I'll never know! But thank God in the UK we have a shining light for HK movies on DVD with Hong Kong Legends ( ). They are the only DVD distributors who treat HK movies with the respect they deserve. They've brought many deleted and unavaliable movies back to the UK market such as A Chinese Ghost Story, the Once Upon A Time In China Movies, Iron Monkey (1993 Donnie Yen version), Police Story 1,2,3 and soon... Moon Warriors!

    They also back up their movies with incredible picture quality ~ often better than how they were in the movie theatre, all NEW interviews with the cast and crew, TRIBUTES to deceased stars, audio commentaries (if possible and if not, then by their own in house HK expert), deleted scenes (if possible), trailers AND most importantly -

    1) Releasing the films under their ORIGINAL names (Jackie Chan's Black Dragon WAS ALWAYS and IS called Miracles in the UK)
    2) Offering ORIGINAL LANGUAGE audio in 5.1 sound with English subtitles OR English dubbing
    3) Accurate and attractive packaging!

    If you have a PC or Home Theatre system that can play Region 2 PAL DVDs then I RECOMMEND you go to You will not be disappointed!

    I'm thinking though if we can't stop Dimension/Miramax and Columbia-Tristar buying up most of the US and European rights to HK movie output every year, then we should at least demand better extras!

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    Re: Why does Dimension/Miramax get the rights to and ruin so many HK movies?

    Originally posted by water49
    Police Story 1,2,3
    Buzzzzz. Wrong, only 2 Police Story DVDs because of some wierd copyright laws. I agree with the rest though, Hong Kong Legends Rulez!!!

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    Yes they are good - in fact they are releasing a new 2 disc of Iron Monkey - with Cantoese DTS track.

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    If you haven't checked the Miramax website recently, they also added Infernal Affairs and Takeshi Kitano's Zatoichi to the list of movies to be released in the US.

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    (Un)fortunately, Infernal Affairs is being distributed in Australia by another company, so it is on the big screen but only in a few cinemas.

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