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Thread: Browser problem

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    Browser problem

    Has this happened to anyone else, or know what the problem might be?

    (movie-list does not use frames or javascript that would 'trick' the browser)

    "after visiting your site, I often have problems when visiting other sites. when clicking on a link (at a different site) one of movie-lists pages comes up - but the URL of the other is listed in the web browser. This is not a one time occurance, but happens quite regularly. It also happens with ESPNs site. I have to reboot my computer to get things working properly again. I remove ad/spyware on a weekly basis, and do virus checks daily. When I did not visit movie-list for almost two weeks, I didn't have any problems at other sites."

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    This problem sounds like a problem that viruses cause. I had a similar problem before. I was surfing the pages to ML and the forum and the pages would lead back to some other pages and sites i haven't been too.. porn sites would popup too. I found out its a worm on my computer that overwrites website links and redirects them back to whatever random site in the worm.

    But with the other way around, ML has never caused me any problems. I don't use any ad blockers and view ML in full form. Not a single problem other than the occassional server gliches
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    Well, it depends on what other Movie-List pages he sees. Is it a Movie-List 404 error? If so, it might be the problem with the active DNS server he's connected to. That is to say the DNS server replies to the browser with a misleading IP address.

    Or it could be a problem in the cache server he is connected through. It could be returning invalid cache responses!

    For the first assumption, he could try changing his DNS server if he's on a LAN/Broadband. I don't know if it could be done in a dial-up. For the second situation, he could try disabling the connection through a proxy server, if there's any set.
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    its an IE bug and i bet the user has some spyware installed... and also JP ML is full of spyware scripts and banner pop ups from all sorts of companies...

    i know it generates money but these ads are "territorial", you would be surprised what sort of ads i get here in europe thru movie list... porn, casino... etc and even Bonzi and Gator.... i have to click on so many "no" do not install" b4 i can start surfing thru ML

    anyway i am sure one of these ads companies is causing the problem...

    and about this.... well i think this is it .. maybe,aid,114519,00.asp
    IE Update Will Block Some URLs - Responding to a wave of online scams, Microsoft said that it is fixing a flaw in its popular Internet Explorer that makes it easy to mask the real address of a Web page displayed on the browser. Microsoft will soon release a software update for IE that will end that browser's ability to accept Web URLs that hide the address of the Web page being displayed using the "@" symbol. The update will remove a feature that is being exploited in scams that use spoof Web sites to harvest personal information from unsuspecting Internet users, Microsoft said in a note posted on its Web page Tuesday.

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