Mamoru Oshii, Director of INNOCENCE
This is only the 5th time that an animated film has been screened in competition in the history of Cannes Film Festival. I am very grateful for the film to receive this honor, as this nomination is yet more proof that Japanese animation (Anime) is finally being recognized as a "movie." However, I am not too happy about having to wear a tuxedo, but I know that it's part of my job as a director. Wish us luck."


From the President of Production I.G
Over 1300 titles have been submitted to competition this year, and 18 have made it to the official competition. The 4 animation films that have been nominated in the past are Dumbo (1947), Peter Pan (1953), Fantastic Planet (1973) and Shrek (2001). INNOCENCE will be the 5th title ever in history. It's almost a miracle that a small film like INNOCENCE has even made it despite its high competition rate. Shrek 2 (2004) is also in competition in this year's festival.

Production I.G.
Wow! Hope it get's to this years film festival down here.