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Michael Mayer (debut)

Keith Bunin
Michael Cunningham

Enrique Chediak (Boiler Room, The Faculty)

Colin Farrell (Bobby Morrow)
Robin Wright Penn (Clare)
Sissy Spacek (Alice Glover)
Dallas Roberts (Jonathan Glover)
Harris Allan
Joshua Close
Wendy Crewson
Ryan Donowho
Matt Frewer
Brian Rhodes
Erik Smith

From the Pulitzer Prize-winning author Michael Cunningham (The Hours), "A HOME AT THE END OF THE WORLD" is a story that chronicles a dozen years in the lives of two best friends who couldn't be more different.

From suburban Cleveland in the 60s, to New York City in the 80s, where they meet an older woman, the film charts a journey of trials, triumphs, loves and losses. Now the question is: can they navigate the unusual triangle they've created and hold their friendship together?

Warner Independent Pictures

Based on:
The novel from author Michael Cunningham

Release Date:
July 23, 2004