Hi folks! There are some Trailers that include interesting and beautiful songs/scores, but I don´t know the names of them! Please could someone tell me, what music is in following Trailers?

- “A Bug´s Life” Trailer (Beginning)
- “Hidalgo” Teaser (when there comes “This Spring”)
- “The Incredibles” Trailer (all included Tracks)
- “Miracle” Trailer (Sung in the background)
- “Return to Neverland” Teaser
- “Return to Neverland” Trailer (Beginning)
- “Americas Heart and Soul” Trailer (the song in the background)
- “The Tigger Movie” Trailer (Beginning, after “Coming only to Theatres February 2000”)
- “National Treasure” Teaser (at the End)
- “King Arthur” Teaser
- “King Arthur” Trailer
- “The Polar Express” Teaser
- “The Passion of the Christ” Trailer
- “Peter Pan (Life Action)” Teaser (near the Beginning)
- “Winged Migration” Trailer (has somebody a link to the music in background?)
- “Pirates of the Caribbean” Teaser

Thanks for any answer!!!
Nice Greets,